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  1. Could you make some Cargo versions using the cargo bays, and the upcoming rear ramps? other wise GREAT job and look forward to more in the future!
  2. Due to my nature to spam every planet packs as my pc can handle this will be used
  3. Ive done everything, when i comes to flying so i let MJ automate everything, with only essentials being manual. Although, sense yesterday i no longer trust MJ that much, because it smashed my crewed landing into the surface at a few hundred meters per second on duna. They hardly survived because i deployed the chutes.
  4. Awesome! Hope to see this come out some day soon. Also I would like to see it be compatible with galactic neighborhood so I an "find" a burning desolate star system, while having the stock one available to play around in. Anyway great mod keep up the good work!
  5. What started as a honest task of making a para drop rover... with out the parachute ended in this weird design. Launching on an SRB for test reasons to gain height. then losing control and going into a tail spin, and impacting the ground and 60 m/s (137 MPH). All while the rover survived with a few scratches and broken wheels. (Which can be kerbal fixed) This is what I have created I thought this was an odd invention on my part, and thought maybe it could get a thread going, so what's your weirdest inventions?
  6. Very nice looking planet pack..... couldn't stop laughing when I made the connections between sketti and the actual surface. Anyway, Asclepius was a very good quality pack, looking forward to this!
  7. Planet suggestion #2! A brand new planet pack called Kronkus. Looks fairly well made, but I haven't tried it yet
  8. Walking around a retail store and herd a group of younger kids discussing there diffuclties getting to the mun.
  9. Updated 10 minutes after I downloaded previous version........ Back to downloading more planet packs...
  10. Mabey kerbol plus or the chani pack?
  11. Awesome, cant wait to get started. Also small spelling error on boris system On main page. Keep up the good work!
  12. Awesome, will keep an eye on this mod, and ill also keep an eye out for the dev version should you choose to put it up. Ill definitly be making trips to sarnus should i get my hands on it!
  13. Is there any specific idea when the first planet pack would be ready for release? Because this mod looks like a lot of fun, and there's something oddly satisfying about completing interstellar missions. Also, any chance this will be compatible with kerbal galaxy 2?
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