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  1. Yes, I have the same bug. –°onfirm.
  2. Hi all! Tell me please - landing legs not working now?
  3. Work perfectly - as is should! Interesting - crawls to orbit ?.. Today we will check it out! -
  4. Yes! Exellent ) Instead thousands words - Mk2 lander, for example - I just do not like interface between sections. Not cheat, not magic - and not mechanic - http://enu.kz/repository/2011/AIAA-2011-293.pdf I therefore ask that this really and not complexating for linear engine. But it`s up to you, of cource ! )) Transfering crew to land/cabin. I`m use ladders, but it look ugly ( Integrated ladders look muth better! Wings look perfectly! And the modules themselves seemed to me more a
  5. One part more - OPT J FuelTamk 2m - And OPT stabilizer Type A will not work now as stabilizer ))) - Maybe just me only? If you have littl time - check it, please. 2 @K.Yeon - maybe double Cargo Bay? J and K. And 1.5 long! )) Also interesing both side opening, as J-Experemental Cargo Bay. For OPT Linear Aerospice Rocket engine - maybe a gimbal? Small pitch only gimbal, 1.5-2.5 degree? And for OPT J-61 Advanced TurboRamjet to! ) And anoter one interesing part - - hatches section. If you want make an
  6. Greetes to you and happy new year! ) Two parts - OPT stabilizer Type A and OPT Mk2 Nose Thank`s again!
  7. No, it really. I do not need to read about this story - I saw this story himself, personally. Yes, i read his book - there\'s little truth. Libia, Iraq, Yugoslavia - this countries are also destroyed itself? I could continue the list, by the way - and start with the 1622 And yes, who better knows the history of their country - Cliff or Russians?
  8. Yeah, right - unfortunately. Because America destroyed the Soviet Union. Americans spent a lot of money to develop a pen that could write in zero gravity. Russians just used pencils - no problem!
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