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  1. I'm still here, but now I have my PC only on the weekends and I haven't really played KSP since, atleast I haven't had an urge to play. I'm studying Aircraft maintenance now, so that is why I'm only home on weekends now. If you want to you have full permission from me to add stuff, I for now until I have more time and a urge play KSP again, won't do any modeling so sorry
  2. Well, I haven't done anything either, I have played a little KSP but really not much. And I have things called exams in 2 weeks (In fact I already had the English exam not long ago) Might do something in summer, if I get motivation.
  3. I have made a video of the tests I have done And I have oppened a Issue on github (Was A bit lazy to turn off my music in the video)
  4. So I just did some more testing, to make sure that its really bugged and I found that 90° off bore doesn't lead, but 120° and above did lead and all missiles above 180° always want to align themselves to horizontal and only then track the target That is just for Radar missiles so far Edit: Heatseekers apear to track behind them even when I set max off bore to 100°
  5. It was set to 90° and that was definetly not exceeded, even on G-A missiles where I had set max bore to 180° it still didn't lead
  6. Why doesn't it lead correctly when max boresight isn't 360? Roll corection is off (What does it do anyways?) and Detonation distance is 20m on that missile (35m blast radius on the warhead) Edit: Putting boresight to 360 did make it lead, but why doesn't lead work when its set below? even the first AA missiles that had like 10° search cone did lead their targers
  7. Well problem is, my missiles do Indeed miss all the time, because they don't lead, in case you know for sure that one of these mods could be conflicting I'll write my modlist: B9 procedural wings, B9 parts, Procedural parts, FAR, KW Rocketery, kerbal foundry, Airplane plus, MK2 and mk3 stockalike expansions, BDarmory Vessel mover, BD modular missiles, Tweakscale, PRE, Procedural fairings. (If anything brakes it I'd expect it being FAR) I've also done a quick demonstration video of stuff not leading.
  8. I've noticed 2 things with Procedural BD missiles Air to Air missiles (AAM) 1. They don't lead the target, not Radar nor HEAT (Just fly directly at it, or only give like 10-20% of the needed lead) 2. Radar missile for some reason always want to go into horizontal flight before they actually go for the target
  9. It should be Moderne Kriegsführung @Murican_Jeb
  10. The M39 should be in the recent update, if Jeb hasn't failed moving it ^^ Possibly
  11. For sure (Note GSH-30-2 is used by Su-25 and GSH-30-2K is used by the Mi-24P) Now doing some basic CFG's and then going to ship them off do @Murican_Jeb to make the CFG's proper and release it
  12. M39, BK-27, ADEN, GSH-30-2K, GSH-30-2, GSH-301, GSH-23, GSH-6-23 (from the left) It surprises me how small the GSH-6-23 is for being a 6 barrel rotary autocannon, not all that much bigger than the GSH-23 GSH-6-30 and DEFA won't be here for now
  13. Question After I add the GSH-6-23 and GSH-6-30, How many of you are going to try make 4 GSH-6-23's on a fighter and fire for longer than 10 seconds at an enemy fighter from 5km away I will repeat this if I won't forget, when i add them And word it a bit better (hint hint the GSH-6-23 fires 10000 rounds per minte, that's 144 rounds per second, and you're supposed to have 4 of these )
  14. I sadly could really do much today because I have a headache almost the entire day...