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  1. Hello been a while. saw the jetwing parachute missing texture. found current release 2.0.8 missing jetwing2.mbm file
  2. Hello Really enjoy your mods. Their the only times I posted. Found a small error with the FLM450 It has the same fuel quantity as the FLM900. Looking at the configs I saw the capacityFactor for the FLM450 is at .5 not .25 Just to let you know. Thanks again for these mods
  3. Hello just testing the ATV seat. Having a problem with it. When boarded the kerbals are upside down with respect to the chair ahh photo not showing hope it works now ok third try
  4. Hello possible error with the FLM-100. I assume its to have 100 units of resources. But it says 1,011