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  1. Hello been a while. saw the jetwing parachute missing texture. found current release 2.0.8 missing jetwing2.mbm file
  2. Hello Really enjoy your mods. Their the only times I posted. Found a small error with the FLM450 It has the same fuel quantity as the FLM900. Looking at the configs I saw the capacityFactor for the FLM450 is at .5 not .25 Just to let you know. Thanks again for these mods
  3. Hello just testing the ATV seat. Having a problem with it. When boarded the kerbals are upside down with respect to the chair ahh photo not showing hope it works now ok third try
  4. just johnny

    [DEVTHREAD] Deep Space Exploration Vessels

    Hello possible error with the FLM-100. I assume its to have 100 units of resources. But it says 1,011