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  1. Any body know where i can find a XV craft or it's brothers (or sister) it looked really cool. If there isnt a craft file for it then is there any other craft that i can download that looks similar to the XV series?
  2. The lastest Demo i think that came out has less parts then the other released demo therefore. So, try watching videos and experimenting with your ships.. Good Luck -Djslime6764
  3. 8/10 Line goes through a circle but doesnt appear to go through.....Then its shows on the other side..... Science
  4. Okay........Please dont just comment this...WHen you post, tell me if you entering or not.
  5. Not really a sentence but so he could finally find the pokeballs and teleporter that teleported him to the...
  6. I peacefully find another hill and build a CIty surround by walls .Cubinators hill.
  7. Basically you make a story that's at least a sentence... Then you have to base it on a genre or a anime or show etc. Don't contiue on the genre Ex. Anime to Anime to Anime Go like Cartoon to book to Music It can made up of anything The whole story will be added on to daily So lets start off. A kid named Erin hated giants..He lived in a society surround by the sea... Robots eventually came around and..... You resume from there......It is similar to the 3 word story but this is a bit longer..... This is based off of their idea....
  8. Umm. does landing a kerbal onto KSC with only 2 wings and a ion engine count?
  9. 4 entrys.......Hyperedit is like....Mother of all gods.......
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