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  1. I think at this point, it's not so much "mulch hitting the impeller" as much as "detonating C4 encased within an enclosure of fresh fecal matter and isocyanides." This chapter was especially good.
  2. Rest in peace among the stars, Ornie. Also, I'm not 100% sure why this happened, but a song from one of my other favorite games came to mind here.
  3. Hey, I was just making a silly joke! Don't try to make me feel guilty.
  4. Come on KSK, I leave you to write unattended for almost 7 weeks, and two chapters is all you can pull together!?! How dare you! [/s] But seriously, first casualty of the story. I guess its a miracle that it took that long. NASA wasn't so lucky.
  5. The words I just uttered would get the forum mods angry at me if I repeated them.
  6. Oh lordy. This ain't good. Unlike the writing, as always.
  7. And thus was born KSP. The last two chapters in particular gave me chills. What was already one of my favorite stories of all time is rapidly becoming a contender for the favorite.
  8. I hadn't read any of First Flight since mid-April, so I just read through the whole thing again over the last week or so. Just keeps getting better. Can't wait until I can get it in hardback.
  9. Nothing solid yet, but Computer Engineering is what has my interest at the moment.
  10. I'm currently a high school junior (11th grade) and headed for college in a few years, though I haven't quite decided where. Top picks are Georgia Tech and University of Alabama.
  11. The best I've been able to achieve is 1469.0 m/s (though I didn't get it screenshotted), despite several tries and drastic methods to reduce weight/drag. ~1500m/s seems to be the maximum that can be eked out of the stock Whiplash turbojet. At the needed altitude (~20k) and these speeds, it's thrust is negligible.
  12. I will be shocked if anyone makes it to mach 28 on an atmospheric engine.
  13. My fastest design has achieved 1376.8 m/s, after babying it faster and faster for a good 15 minutes until it finally gave in to the heat. Quite a bit short of the 0.24 records, but I guess it makes a good enough starting point here in 1.0.4.
  14. I'm currently doing my own 1.0.2 testing, but using minimal mods (only IR, for its free-spinning bearing). No success with flight yet, but I am making non-insignificant amounts of thrust. (Maybe I can crack this, due to the fact that I never did this in 0.90 or prior, so i am not stuck in a previous way of turboprop thinking )
  15. Presenting the new FFX-1 "Scythe": -Must be in 1.0.2 Yes -Stock aerodynamics Yes -All Mods allowed with the exception of tweakscale Only parts mod in use is BDArmory -Must be a completely custom aircraft(no stock planes, no downloaded from elsewhere planes, no copies of real life planes, etc... Build it yourself from the ground up) Brand new Fire Aerospace design -Only one entry per person I am indeed an individual, not a collective hivemind -Must use BD armory In use -under 15 tons 14.0t without weapons -under 45,000 dollars not including weapons 41,460 -must have 6+ mounting hard points 8 weapon mounts, 2 for droptanks -must have at least 1 countermeasure pod 2 -must have at least one main gun(any caliber) and at least 300 rounds of ammunition per gun(stored internally) 2 fixed Vulcans, with 1300 ammo total (650 per gun) -Must have at least 250 gallons of fuel per engine stored internally 1,160gal total (580 per engine) -Must have the ability to utilize detachable external fuel tanks that can be jettisoned while inflight without damaging the aircraft 2 mounts ready between fuselage and weapon mounts, but tanks sold separately -must be able to go 300m/s under 1,000 meters and 500m/s between 5,000 and 8,000 meters Can go 500m/s at 520m and still accelerating -Must be able to take off at speeds under 100 m/s and before passing the control tower on the KSC main runway Takeoff possible at 70-80m/s and long before control tower -Must be able to roll and climb vertically immediately after liftoff(so it can perform combat take offs) She'll do it easily -Must be able to perform short/unimproved runway takeoff and landing(island airstrip off the coast of main KSC) Capable -Must be able to perform agile high speed and high G maneuvers In testing, could pull 5G constant and 10G peak -Must be sturdy so it doesn't break apart during high G flight or from barely being hit Survives 30+ G tipstalls without any flex. If it can do that, it will survive a lot -must look cool(this is a fighter jet after all) I think it looks cool as <kerbin underworld> Download Here