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  1. Hi!I ve got a problem...i start a new carrier and when i launch the rocket with the first soyuz pod the kerbal in the low right corner isn t show and i cant go in first person view...any suggestion?i ve many mod install like tweak scale but the config file in dropbox give me error because he can t find file...i also have remote tech real chute tweakable everything and many more....sorry for my bad english
  2. Hi!me too have issue with SRB's...when i go for launch the rocket collapse and jump and everything do strange things...first i tough that was the super hoffman i took but tit do the same even when the acid go down....iv e got ksp 32 bit,tweakable everything,tweak scale,three hand,some coloured stuff on my screen,and many mods...don t know
  3. Hi thanks for the work!i ve got some question,sorry but i don t speak very well english and don t know if i undertand correct...i have install MKS,EPL,the wombat folder and the last regolith and crp but in the MKS karbonite drill description don t list ore....in other MKS drill (the one by bahamuto) instead list Ore...it is well?
  4. ah ok i was make mistake because i read the chute not cut and the ground and can be repack...ok i ll search for that option thanks
  5. Hi first of all thanks for the great mod i really enjoy it!I v got a little problem...the parachute autocut to the ground...i don t set anything and didn t touch nothing in the action group,any idea?i ve got ksp.90 with many mod installed but it autocut also with stock parts...thanks