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  1. after i see the cinematic trailer it was realy cool to see the new spacesutes, but after install the DLC i was disapointet becouse all kerbals had that orange elite spacesuit, so the blue non-elite spacesuite is missing here the cool trailer again: at this point i prefer to have a spacesuite for each proffession (pilot engeneer scientist tourist) a simple icon on the helmet to identify in eva will be nice, atm its needed a texture replacer mod, but at least a mod support for the coat hanger will be awsome
  2. after we got RemoteTech, InfernalRobotics, PreciseManousers, Kerbal Engeneer, etc as vanilla what i think its nice, i suggest: ScanSat: some dishes sensors scanners to identify biomes altitutes anomalies, so that we can find the new cool breaking ground stuff with our sats and probes via kerbnet. TransferWindow || Alarm Clock: the last missing HUD help thats missing is a transfer window calculator so to find the sweat spot to fly to duna, i think a timer will be the best choice, to you can fly to duna in 241days and the window stays open for 3 days, like that. maybe require astronout complex lvl 2 and research center lvl 2 to unlock
  3. Hi there, my suggestion is to add the module ProbeControlPoint to the MK2 Command Pod from Making History, but you get the MK3 pod that have one very late and its a 2.5m part, to have one earlier and smaler will be nice. for a 1m part i suggest a seperate "command" module that have 1 seat fits nicly underneath the MK1 pod only for the ProbeControlPoint, so we have a ProbeControlPoint for every size.
  4. it uses the vanilla texture variation, it adds simple the colors to the rightclick menu of the fuel conduct, the zip includes the textures the cfg and the localization, (module manager needed) it works with the making history dlc, i not testet if it works without what i can do (edit) yes it works
  5. I want to improve my old biosuites with paraglider textures, a support from texture replacer will be realy nice
  6. where i can find the stock spacesuit cfg dds and mu and the coat hanger of the crewlist?
  7. an there is a bug there you have the Island runway and boomerang launshpad will connect to the Relais Network the the Relais antenna ga-2 even if you disable additional groundstations and disable choose different launsh sites
  8. thats not that whati mean, this mod words slightly different, i want to add alternative spacesuits to the stock way to Change suites
  9. I Need help, i want to make a mod for ksp 1.4.2 to Change Spacesuit by click on the coat hanger icon in the astronout complex or the crew to make it realy simpe to Change. i have issues to find the stock spacesuit textures or a cfg to add some, like the historial spacesuit who have time and fun to help?
  10. can we get a hotfix for the broken landing legs? i have a duna transfer window in 68 kerbin days and i need working landing legs maybe ist just missing breakingForce and breakingTorque in the config but im not sure
  11. ok i didnt know that, now i compressed the png files by ~40% from 36.5MB so 14.8MB do you think a dds file will be smaler for memory?
  12. i have a problem, i convert the png files from my suites to dds DXT2 but the helmet1 2 3 4 5 doesnt work
  13. download open ckan -> file -> import from .ckan if the ckan release will be complete there is an update in ckan to v. 0.5.5