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  1. A couple of years ago, around the time I took a break from games, there was a mod in the works but now I can't for the life of me remember the name of it, or much at all about it really but here goes It was (to my recollection) meant to work with Infernal Robotics It was a script mod that allowed you to set up some pretty advanced scripts for how the servos in IR would run This is all I can remember now. If anyone has the faintest clue which mod I am looking for, please chime in. EDIT: Found it! [WIP][1.6] Infernal Robotics Sequencer (NEXT) 3.0.1
  2. LN400

    Retro Games

    Real life prevents me from really getting back into Ultima 7 but if you want to talk descent into madness, I would "recommend" Ultima 9. Played through it once, regretted it while playing.
  3. Thanks, guys! See, when I left KSP for real life, every new version of KSP was sure to be followed by an update on all these mods, including necrobones' parts mods. I just got so used to that so when I read that necrobones had retired from KSP and the version for these mods were quite old now, I assumed that having these mods working would involve tweaking and or luck. I don't do luck.
  4. My 2 all time favourites: M (by Fritz Lang) The Third Man (by Carol Reed) There are plenty of astonishingly good flicks in lots of different genres but these two are on a shared first.
  5. LN400

    Retro Games

    I haven't played any computer games in a long time now but my all time favourites are Ultima Underworld and Thief 2, alongside the original Monkey Island 1-3. I would also love to return to the world of Text Murphy in Under A Killing Moon and The Pandora Directive (Overseer always crashed on me and I lost faith in it) as well as TIE Fighter.
  6. After a long absence, I finally get a chance to Return to KSP but to my utter dismay and distress, necrobones is no longer active (please correct me if I'm wrong) developing his mods. Have any of the modders considered contacting necrobones for a continuation of his MRS mod, Space Y and others? I mainly remember MRS as one of my quintessential mods back then and the idea of taking up KSP again without it is well… not a cheerful idea. /venting
  7. Replayed one of my all time favs: Thief 2 The Metal Age. A containerload of thanks to the makers of tafferpatcher for letting me replay it on this computer. Also played through one hugely entertaining game: Commandos 2 Men Of Courage. Sadly the series went to hell after that but I am happy we got Commandos 1, 1b and 2.
  8. Ex-Males Ambulate Canine Squaddies The Delightful Conjurer Of Oz
  9. My avatar is one of the most horrifying toys ever coming out of the deepest, darkest pits of hell: A toy monkey banging cymbals together while grinning like a mad.. um.. ape... Why? Because the sheer uglyness of it had me laughing out loud when I saw it and 1, I'm not against laughing out loud, 2, I can appreciate someone making a din for the hell of it and 3, I am a sucker for absurdities and that toy is about the most absurd I have ever seen.
  10. A proper kebab pizza would do it for me right now.
  11. No Feratu: A very, very old Transylvanian Count fights rumours of him having odd eating habits. Bad Tate: Sharon moves to New Zealand to set up her new fast food enterprise. Ride Of The Gorilla: A man and his curse, to live a life as a rodeo gorilla, a life gorillas were never specifically adapted to live.
  12. Been having a look at Pioneer, a free, open source attempt at bringing Elite 2 Frontier type games back. I'd say it is rrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaally early beta (playable so not alpha as far as I could tell), it has a few improvements over E2F and some new ways of doing things I''m not too enthusiastic about but then again, E2F and FFE had me playing for years and years (recently started a new career in FFE) and they did offer what I consider an overall superior gameplay over Pioneer but again, it is still developed and who knows how it will end up in the end.
  13. I'll just add, by having the sats in a lower orbit, you can get away with shorter range antennas for local network which consume less power. Combined with a shorter time on the planet's night side, it means you need fewer/smaller -> cheaper and lighter battery packs, making the overall launch cheaper which is always nice in career mode.
  14. Well, the modules for the Mun (legs, not tracks or wheels on these modules) operation is already orbiting Mun ready to land as soon as the rovers on the ground have found the highest ore concentration. Already on the ground are 2 fuel tanks on legs and a science probe also on legs. They were hooked up using winches and there was no hint of trouble then. I will land the mining modules soon and find out if Mun is generally more Kraken free than Kerbin which apparenly is where Kraken and its mom live.
  15. THe bit I bolded there is a major pain in the neck. I have a contract for a Mun surface base for 12 kerbals, 7000 units of LF, 5000 units of ore and the whole bleedin monstrosity has to be on wheels, as per contract. There is no way I will get that in one piece from Kerbin to Mun even with empty fuel/ore tanks.