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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    Done for today with this swash project. It's not polished and needs some tweaking, as well as a way to get rid of the wobbles (which are surprisingly weak considering the flimsyness of it) If anyone are interested in looking at it for improvements, then please feel free https://kerbalx.com/LN400/Swash-Assembly-1
  2. IR Sub-mod Heli Swashplate

    My IR prototype swash is working... as long as the rotor hub with the blade grips aren't involved (d'oh) but on its own, it works. Collective lowers and raises the swash as it should and the cyclic tilts the plate where it should. The problem I can't seem to work around is the connection between the upper swash and the blade grips. The way I'm doing it now is: Have the entire assembly rest on a Proc Fairings Interstage, using the top node for the rotor rotation motor. The swash assembly is connected to the interstage base. Bottom to top: Interstage base for a "disconnected" rotor drive on top. 4 servos for collective pushing and pulling a -> thrust plate where the cyclic servos are attached. They (one of them really) connects with the lower swash. On their own, this works. Powerless rotator Upper swash with linkages to blade grips. Top node: Rotor drive and hub Powerless pitch rotators with blade grips and control arms. Problem was as soon as I connected the upper swash with the control arms, the upper swash no longer tilted and the swash rotator snapped. The swash seems to work as long as the lower and upper assemblies are disconnected. As soon as they connect, all hell breaks loose. One test successfully had the rotor hub drive the upper swash but that was with no tilt. Collective has been the easy part so far. Cyclic not so much.
  3. Since I'm attempting to build a working swashplate using IR/tweakscale and seeing the challenges coming from the limitations in the game mechanics (not being allowed to have more than one node/attachment path for one), I was wondering if it would be something for a thrifty modeller/mod to create a tweakabe swashplate in its entirety as one part. Points to consider when modelling/creating the part: The part could use IR tech/code for pushrods/servos. The swash needs to be able to tilt around the main mast with no/minimal lateral movement so the rotation points need to be on a plane halving the swash, precisely. Awareness of cross-coupling of inputs so to avoid those. The part could perhaps be KOS friendly but not dependent on KOS. Tweakscale should work with the part. A couple of different designs: 4 servos sharing collective/cyclic duties (perhaps KOS is necessary) or 4 servos for cyclic and another 4 for collective. 3 for cyclic is possible but I would think not without KOS to do the necessary mixing. Tail rotor assembly would also be something since it too has a "collective" (no "cyclic" though). Alternatively one could use a variable speed motor for the tail but for the sake of detail madness, a fully fledged tail would be sweet. Not sure if it is possible to have a "collar" part around a mast or if the mast would need to be in 2 pieces, one below and one aboe the swashplate assembly. Mad dream or doable?
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    Attempting to build a fully working helicopter swashplate using IR and tweakscale. So close but no cigar just yet, collective works but the 2 swash discs are hard to keep tilting together as one. I need to find a freewheeling bearing/unpowered rotator that follows the swash tilt and it would be a step towards success.
  5. Perhaps I'm blind as a bat but weren't there a freewheeling rotatron? I can't seem to find it. Has it been thrown out, was it all my imagination or is it still there hiding?
  6. Issue: KSP v 1.3, latest PF. Other mods: Problem is the auto shape feature or rather to disable it. Once in a while, I can disable it to customise the shape but mostly the button does nothing leaving the fairings locked to too short to cover the cargo (most of the time). Any idea how I can get the customisation back?
  7. Thanks again, guys. Greatly appreciated. Been testing Boing 2 D and so far it has been really nice. Docile but not sluggish, takes off and lands almost hands off, tiny inputs to keep it on course and altitude but nothing more than one would expect from an actual plane, I guess. I think this is my keeper for those long trips.
  8. Notepad mod?

    I was wondering if there is, or can be made, a mod that adds regular typing papers as overlays on the KSC main screen/VAB/SPH/Mission Control where the player can type in any character from the keyboard, edit, delete, add etc, any text the player would want/need. Purpose: - Most missions are (I assume for most or all) player defined, that is not contractual. The number of missions that are needed/wanted in the future can add up and this mod can be f help keeping track of those planned missions, their progress etc. Physical pen and paper is absolutely a possibility but it would be a bit more tidy to have those papers in virtual form on the monitor, in the game. - Design notes: How well did the design meet the expectations/demands? Take notes. - In-game finds of all sorts the player wants to keep record of. - Maths formulas for the builds/missions. - Anything else one would want to write down.
  9. Thanks tons for your help guys. FINALLY came up with something that flies rather well even without SAS. https://kerbalx.com/LN400/Boing-2-D
  10. Mucho gracias. I'm off now but will test and report back as soon as I get back to KSP.
  11. I've just about had it with planes in this game. Several totally different designs, playing with CoM, CoL and CoT, control throw, angles, torque, and all planes fly like grand pianos in a hurricane. Anyone have a craft file for stock 1.3 they are happy with, and want to share so I can have a look at how it's supposed to be done?
  12. Who else makes music?

    I used to play for about 30 years until I stopped doing it. Mostly punk (UK82 style mixed with Dead Kennedys mostly) but enjoyed playing a wide spectrum of styles. Now the guitar is a great dust collector. Still humming away on new ideas that never will be anything. Tricks and old dogs and all that.
  13. Further testing reveals a consistent roll, tiiiiny but there, to the left. A single tap on the trim is too much and it starts rolling to the right. Zeroing out the trim and the left roll is back. Both engines matched up, aero overlay shows nothing peculiar. Makes me wonder if there is a connection with the ever present left veering on the runway during takeoff. (On a flip side, found out one can stow away sience stuff inside the empty fuselage section under "structure". No need for the cargo bay then and 50 kg shaved off. Plane rebalanced and shows up fine in the hangar. If only it would show up that nice in the air too...)
  14. Thanks for the replies, guys. - Low wings: I tried high wings but then the plane would hardly respond at all. Another idea of the low wings is to fit retractable gear once I have the tech. Low wings allows the gear further out. - Mission is science gathering and scouting. Currently it flies well at around 90m/s for more than 6 hours at around 2000m for a range of around 160 km out. Faster and the lift becomes too great for SAS and level flight. - Thanks heaps for the tip on limit authority. I'll have to play around with it more. Btw, the 2 pair of ailerons are really 1 pair of ailerons/spoilers and one pair of reversed spoilers with no other job.
  15. I have this aircraft Boing (not a pun on Boeing but a description of my landing techique yessiree) and it has a nice turn rate which is probably the only good thing I can say about it right now. Using KER I have adjusted the wings so that torque is between 0 and 0.01 (full fuel/empty). My issues are -With SAS off, adjusting pitch is on and off to the extreme. Either nothing happens or it pitches up/down waaay too much. - Roll is equally troublesome with either nothing happening or it banks rapidly and continues to roll long after I have let go of the keys, making straight and level flight a dream and landings a wild fantasy. What I would love to have, is a plane that keeps reasonably straight and level, one that reacts less violently, less sluggishly, more consistent with key presses, than what I have now. Pics http://tinypic.com/r/2lndbgh/9 http://tinypic.com/r/vhu62b/9 http://tinypic.com/r/30ib9xc/9 Craft file (Modular Rocket System (MRS) dependent) can be uploaded if one can recommend a decent, free file hosting site that doesn't leave me with headaches and stomach ulcers. EDIT: Craft file https://nofile.io/f/AtSad7nsPGW/Boing+I+G.craft (again, MRS dependent).