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  1. The most unrealistic thing in "Moonfall" isn't anything about the moon, it's that the SLS is used as a functional manned space launch system.

  2. I remember, years ago I hated this forum's "no politics" rule. But in light of recent events I've realised just how valuable that rule has been this whole time.

  3. If the pyramids were much smaller and lighter, they'd probably be in the British museum right now

  4. So, we ever got half the features we were promised in KSP1. At this point KSP2 should just be renamed "KSP if we stuck to our promises and added all the stuff we said we would".

    We never got clouds, even though they appeared in early promotional art. We never got an outer solar system, even though it was specifically promised in detail and we even saw details on some of the planned planets and moons. We never got multiplayer, even though the devs said they'd be looking into that after seeing how successful multiplayer mods were.

    I'm genuinely upset about this.

  5. Is anyone else kind of annoyed by this?



  6. Exactly. Kind of a shame Zhurong and Perseverance are 1814 km apart, it'd be cool to see them "meet" each other. It's also a shame that I haven't heard any news on a future CNSA Mars mission after this.
  7. Did anyone else here apply for Dearmoon?

  8. Today I tried out KSP on my new laptop for the first time, and goddamn is it working good. I've only slapped on a few mods so far, but already I've managed to build two SSTE (Single-Stage-To-Everywhere) spacecraft elegantly named "Untitled Space Craft" and "Untitled Space Craft 2", and I sent them off on a course for Jool since the planets were already lined up and there was no reason not to.
  9. So if it's called "Carcinization" when animals evolve into crabs, should it be called "Limousinecinization" when animals evolve into lobsters?

  10. Those security features in email password reseting have probably, in all the history of their existence, caused more problems than they've prevented. Seriously, why can't you at least see your password when you've logged in? Idk if everyone knows this problem or if it's just me.

  11. Just a friendly reminder that the Soviet N1 rocket has more flight time than the SLS and James Webb Space telescope combined.

  12. I find it funny that my mother thinks my birthday chocolates are running out so slowly because I'm responsibly rationing them, when it's actually because I often just forget I have any left.

  13. Did everyone enjoy christmas? Sorry I forgot to ask.


    Also, TIL that if you look up "Labeceras" on google images, the second result that appears (the one shown against a blue background) is the one I own. That's kinda cool.

  14. I don't think I've posted in this thread in a very long time so sorry if I'm doing this wrong, but: Is there any way I can calculate how fast a small planet's atmosphere will be lost over geological timescales, and at what rate the planet's surface pressure will decrease? Assuming that it's just barely below the threshold of permanently maintaining an atmosphere of Oxygen and Nitrogen.
  15. I think I'm going to start making a list of "things we got faster than KSP2". I can tell it's going to get pretty long.

  16. By this point, it seems KSP2 will take longer to develop than the first game (considering the time between the start of the first game's development and when we stopped getting worthwhile updates, and the time between the start of 2's development and the new release date). KSP didn't come out as a finished product, so I don't see why KSP2 has to.
  17. If any of you ever wondered how many comets it would take to terraform Mars:


  18. The Thing (2011) is basically just a film adaptation of a very violent game of Among Us

    1. Spaceception


      Never seen it, but I have been binging a lot of Among us lately, so I'll take your word for it :D

  19. Fun Fact: If you own a Tesla and someone else steals it, it becomes an Edison

  20. I wonder what the most useless thing to have a self-destruct button on would be. A microwave? A solar panel? A chair? A fork?

  21. It feels so weird thinking that Pigeons, Mice, Goldfish etc all have natural habitats somewhere in the wild.

  22. So here is my quickly-written list of everything we saw, in order: 1. Simple shiny rocket with some Planetshine-type thing implemented 2. Acceleration-based animations 3. A Duna colony featuring both new modules and advanced terrain 4. Eeloo being lit from Kerbol on one side and some faint light source on the other 5. A yawning animation 6. How rings seem to be made of particles similar to how terrain scatter (trees etc) are generated 7. A planet rotating the wrong way compared to it's rings 8. Explosion 9. Orion drive below a ring system 10. Some kind of cutscene/tutorial animation 11. A Kerbal doing a Fortnite dance 12. A planet that's had a huge chunk blown out of it, the crater of which is now a body of water 13. A base on what I think is Minmus 14. Lots of Kerbal animations 15. A cratered half-flooded planet 16. A greenish spacecraft with a combination of new and retextured parts 17. My reaction after watching point 11 18. The day-night cycle 19. Another Kerbal dancing 20. The space station from the first KSP2 trailer 21. A good-looking asteroid 22. A new icy world I don't recognise at all 23. An icy world with a mountain range along it's equator 24. An orion-drive spaceship that's either in time warp or going ridiculously fast 25.My reaction after seeing [I'm too lazy to come up with a punchline for this one] 26. More explosions
  23. So I tried that, and loaded in the default Ion-powered probe as a test. Problem is, for some reason now every ship except the Ion probe is showing the same error message.
  24. So I thought I installed it correctly, but every time I try to import any .craft file, an error message pops up. I tried uploading .craft files from the Steam workshop files, same thing happens.
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