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  1. Just finished reading Saturn Run yesterday, I'd highly recommend it for anyone who likes the "first contact" sub-genre.


    Also, this is a rather random thought but I think the directional arrow (the thing that looks like a -> ) is probably a universal symbol across the universe. Think about it, any species that has to hunt, defend themselves or fight among themselves will probably invent the spear and arrow before the industrial era, and the arrow shape is derived from those.

  2. The most unrealistic thing about D&D is that a "long rest" lasts 8 hours instead of 5

  3. In light of very recent events I've been thinking, what if KSP had it's own version of the Far Lands? Like, some special thing a thousand light years from Kerbol that required a ton of dedication to reach? That'd be a cool feature.

  4. Cartilage is just boneless bone

    1. Fraston


      You aren’t wrong.

  5. In Orwell's 1984, everyone would probably just assume that the Thought Police and the Ministry of Truth are the ones responsible for the Mandela Effect.

  6. The sucky thing about living in Australia is, whenever a cool event is happening live in America I can't see it because it's the middle of the night

    1. Spaceception


      I've tried to watch a particularly late launch once (can't remember which), and I was exhausted the next morning.

      Was it a suprise to hear how SN4 made an unplanned flight the other day?

    2. ChrisSpace


      Nah, the starship protos have had a few screwups already.

    3. Spaceception


      Yeah, I figured. But we were also getting really close to a hop this time.

  7. Fun fact: With the money it spends on a single F-35 fighter jet, the US Military could provide an entire homeless shelter with an F-35 fighter jet.

  8. I think I'll try to go through the game at first in career mode just to progress through it as it's meant to be done, then when that gets too tedious I'll switch to sandbox and explore all the other features.
  9. On one hand, Glumo is a gas giant so you shouldn't really be able to "go there". On the other hand, that hasn't stopped people from landing on Jool before. In the end it'll probably be a matter of whichever one is closest.
  10. How about a small number of hand-crafted caves generated like easter eggs rather than as a terrain element?
  11. Something like this would be ideal. Animated alien wildlife which can interact with kerbals and vessels in some very basic ways, like a simpler (and less dangerous) version of what you find in Subnautica. It would take a lot of effort since each inhabited world would need at least a couple dozen unique species for it to feel truly immersive, though.
  12. Toothpaste bottles will say literally anything on them except the word "toothpaste"

  13. Moons are basically just the domesticated equivalent of dwarf planets

  14. Fun fact: When the JWST is launched, it will be able to see so far into space that it will be able to image galaxies that formed before it was originally scheduled to launch.

  15. Okay so let's list the pros of each one: The Moon . Short enough distance for real-time communication . Shorter travel time . Lower Dv requirements . Helium-3 . Lower gravity makes construction easier . Earth in the sky Mars . Gravity is probably better for the human body . More land area . Easier to terraform . More resources . Two easily-accessible asteroids . Safer from Earth In conclusion I'd choose "all of the above"
  16. Has anyone else noticed that hermit crabs are the only other animals that normally wear clothes

  17. Fun fact: Poland is the largest country mentioned by name in this sentence.

  18. Geology is just boneless Paleontology

  19. I wonder, how fast do you think a simple freshly-baked unicellular biosphere could "speedrun" into evolving a technological species? Two billion years? One billion? Half a billion?

  20. Since it's visibly distinct from the other stars in the sky, the International Space Station has probably been incorporated into North Sentinel Island's mythology

  21. We live in a society where it's socially unacceptable NOT to support groups of people who perform acts of blatant terrorism. Does this irritate anyone else?

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