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  1. I've been enjoying it for a long time, love sarnus I'm just updating all my mods for 1.0.4
  2. I'm an idiot. Sorry. I didn't realise Kopernicus's GameData folder was actually nested inside the top level, as a lot of addons don't have GameData as top level, I assumed.
  3. Downloaded KSP 1.0.4, downloaded OPM, downloaded Kopernicus... My game looks like this (no other mods). http://imgur.com/6KZDVqI
  4. Open your Kerbals inventory, hold G and click and drag the part into it We're going in circles here. My original question: Doesn't anyone remember how the old grab part functionality worked before KIS? KospY, if this functionality has been removed intentionally, can we at least get some kind of tether so that we can RCS around with parts? Thanks
  5. You misunderstand. I know how to attach and detach parts with the Inventory System. My question is, how do I attach a part to my kerbal's back to hike around with it, àla KAS in 0.90
  6. How do I carry items with the new version of KAS? I keep losing my items to space trying to juggle them as they float around (not store in inventory, but attach bigger parts to kerbals like before)
  7. I accessed the ship manifest from IVA via blizzy's toolbar. While a transfer is in process, it's also possible to IVA using the 'C' key, which will remove your controls. So I don't know if there's a way to exit IVA when you initiate a transfer, but certainly all IVA requests should be blocked during transfer to eliminate the bug.
  8. Thanks for looking into it I can confirm that new version is fixed for me. Sorry about not checking that version and trusting AVC before posting.
  9. TST already has functionality for the hard drives, but for the space telescope (only module I've played with so far) I have to use ship manifest and it's quite a laborious job. I'm using the latest version of your mod and admit it happens less frequently than before but still happens. I'll try to get as much info as I can for you and update. So, I was relying on AVC to keep my mods up to date and for some reason it thinks 27.2 is the latest one? Odd. I'll let you know how I get on with 1.0.4 thanks.
  10. Don't know if this is a known issue, but if I crew transfer in IVA or enter IVA while my crew are being transferred my camera will break and I will lose control of my craft until I exit the game. Perhaps a quick fix for this would be to disable/quit IVA while transfers are in progress? Anyway, good luck and good work.
  11. Not sure if this is a known bug or not but my ForScience keeps doing useless crew reports and temperature readings etc worth 0 Science when I'm on the runway or launchpad. My cutoff is set to 2. Also, could you add functionality to auto-transfer science to capsule from Tarsier Space Tech? Thanks for the mod, it's great!
  12. Yeah that dependencies problem is a big issue, is there a quick way to make empty nodes cost 0 science? I could accept that. EDIT - Well, on hindsight, your tree is robust enough to have required:any on most nodes, so it's kinda ok. Commence new game and let's OPENTREE!
  13. I didn't notice there was CTT support, that solved the initial problem of mod integration. There are no unsupported mods now. But what do you suggest I do about the hundreds of empty nodes on CTT? (I understand that's not your mod, so ignore this if you don't have any suggestions) Thanks.
  14. Conceptually, this is one of the best trees I've ever seen. I love your idea of the multiple roots as I prefer to start with jets. I use a lot of mods and career though, so I can't use this one just yet. The catch all approach is nice but feels hacky to me. Please patch UKS