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  1. who can pass me the craft of the robotic arm? (subassemblie) I dont know how to do it XD
  2. You are doing it very well. PD: My Space Shuttle deploying the CEST (CatEyes Space Telescope).
  3. The current version 1.6 it can not change some parts for example the crew cabin can not switch the name of the space shuttle and it not appears in the craft. I only can switch the name on the wings, why is this?
  4. I've always tried to make the X-15 in-game but is impossible with the current parts. Like this: (very ugly LOL)
  5. dont worry for ISS's astronauts! there will another spacecraft resupply the ISS THE 3th of July. (Pogress Rocket)
  6. Mike, if u want do the launch pad 39A , Google Stree view brings you the opportunity to see it close.
  7. I will make a new video and will eliminate this for solve the problems.