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  1. Unless I am misunderstanding something, radiation protection is averaged out. Unless the storm cellar is specifically exempt from this?
  2. 72 rads in an hour is a huge deal. That's about twice the amount of time you could expect to fire a single NERVA over the course of a mission to another planet. 36 RADS? Isn't that basically most of your kerbal's effective operating time gone and done with? Won't this make it completely infeasible to send missions to other planets? Why is there not better shielding on it? Maybe have shielding as something that can be added to radioactive parts so that you can pay a weight tax to avoid making it impossible to play the game with lifetime radiation on?
  3. His complaint in this scenario is pretty well justified, if the dependency is messing with other parts of the game. Regardless I love your work, and I'll be sorry to see you go if you do leave.
  4. Hey all, so I've been playing out this mod right now on my Linux install. I've also been playing with Beyond Home on my Windows install. I was messing around with the settings and realized that it would be awesome to marry the two. I have some basic config modification skills, but most of the stuff that (I think) would be necessary to have complete Kerbalism implementation into BH is beyond me, would anyone be able to help me with this?
  5. Ok so the whole story is thus: I recently started a new campaign using Gameslinx's Beyond Home planet pack. I accepted 3 separate contracts, one to make a station around Rhode, one for its closest moon Lua, and one for the baby moon Armstrong. I also needed to dock two craft for another contract, and needed to kick off space tourism. (I am using contract packs, too) So first I launched a station core for Rhode, and then accepted another contract to add more space to it for more kerbals. I sent a second habitation module, basically a downsized version of the station core. Upon this was a newly hired pilot (which just about bankrupted me because I didn't check the price tag) and the tourist. I docked, completing two contracts (the milestone one, and the habitation expansion one) and then waited the four hours that the tourist wanted to be up there for. At this point I launched an unmanned reentry vehicle designed to return the tourist and my fresh pilot. I forgot solar panels. I also did not include a docking port, thinking to Eva transfer. I was close to rendezvousing with the station before I ran out of power, and I was on a path that would eventually drag me back to the ground, with a periapsis 8km below the atmosphere. So I undocked the newly installed habitation module with the goal of rendezvousing before that could happen, my hope being to transfer a kerbal over and restore engine power. Long(er) story short, by the time I successfully intercepted it, both craft were plunging into Rhode's upper atmosphere, and upon realizing that all of my machinations were wasted thanks to tourists being unable to EVA, I basically ragequit, resetting my save 27 minutes.
  6. So I just spent almost two hours planning and launching an elaborate 3 contract mission, that ran into one bug and then had to be reverted completely when I realized that tourists cannot EVA. So yeah I'm a little upset right now.
  7. Thanks! Might want to update the front download link, it took me to Unless I don't understand something?
  8. So I just rediscovered this mod (last time I used it was like 3-4 years ago) and I'm a little disappointed to see the anti grav motors instantly switching off instantly every time I activate them. I looked in the bug reports and saw it was already reported but if possible I'd like to fix it myself so I can start messing around with them. Does anyone know where I might be able to find the section of the code that governs turning on/off?
  9. I spent way too much time launching a space probe using stock engines and fuel tanks in Real Solar System. 6 tons to orbit required a 1.1 million fund launcher.
  10. Hey @Booots! Newbie here trying to learn modding. So I've got some experience in C#, and will be learning more this summer. Do you need/could you use an assistant in any capacity?
  11. Hey guys, thanks for the advice. While my RAM is *somewhat* stressed, the main issue is that this laptop has an iGPU. Looking at the resource manager while playing has shown that to most consistently be at 100%. I can and probably will still upgrade the RAM in my laptop for mobility, but yeah. GPU cannot be upgraded, I've checked. Since I'm going to need a desktop at some point anyways I figured I might as well get one this summer, and if I'm going to do that, might as well go big.
  12. Hey all. I've had the game for awhile but never really gotten into it due to having computers that just aren't good enough. I recently upgraded my laptop and found it can actually run KSP and I've been obsessed since. I've got a problem, though. I want to get into modding and I find myself having crashes due to running out of memory. Looking at performance in task manager shows I don't have a good enough anything to run the game well, and I'm looking at getting a new desktop. Unfortunately I've never been one for shopping and I don't really know where to start. I figured other KSP players would have a good idea of what I'd probably be looking at that can run KSP well but isn't over 1.5k, can anyone help me?