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  1. Mods: (not sure if any of these are relevant except maybe the docking_port_alignment_indicator, but I am playing a modded game, so it's possible something is causing trouble) toolbar (by Schreiber) ATM B9 Chatterer MKS/OKS/Umbra Docking port alignment indicator KAX module manager KWRocketry IR mechjeb2 procedural dynamics procedural fairings ship manifest stage recovery station science stockbugfixmodules TAC life support interstellar extended Issue is, however, a repeat of the very same problem I had before without the majority of these mods, but I cannot say which ones for sure, except IR, interstellar, ship manifest, station science, and stage recovery, so they do not seem to be the root of the problem. I am not convinced this is a mod problem. Problem: I had a station already in orbit around the Mun that included 2 docking ports. I docked capsules to each without incident, and undocked one of them and flew it away without incident. Then I docked a lander there for refueling before a Mun landing, but when I select "undock" on the relevant clamp-o-tron, nothing happens; the ship continues to be treated as part of the station. It rotates with the station, all parts and parachutes continue to appear in staging, etc. I cannot select undock again. If I return to KSC or save/reload, the problem persists -- I can select undock again, but the same issue occurs. Interestingly, when I opened the save file to see if it could shed any light on the problem with a mismatched pair of docking ID's or some such, I found that while the functional docking port (the one from which I can detach a capsule) is correctly designated as docker and dockee, the malfunctioning pair has the line "state = docked (same vessel)" on the stationside port instead of listing it as a docker. It would appear as if the lander has somehow lost its identity as a separate vessel. ETA: Note -- in case it is interesting to anyone, the problem was reproducible. I backed out to an earlier save where the station existed, but the ship I docked did not. I created a similar ship, flew it out to rendezvous, and docked, and the same issue occurred.
  2. If you are using the really, really long range antennas on the active vessel, they have a very narrow angle; if the ship is not far out of the kerbin SOI and you target the planet, but the satellites are off to the side, then the cone may be too narrow to hit the satellites there. You might want to see about either relaying around minmus (smaller, so orbits will be smaller) or using an intermediate antenna that has a wider cone until the ship is further out.