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  1. ~Departure Party and Mohole (not) in one!~ Hello everyone!! Finally we came to our launch windows and departured the first vessels! The first one to leave is the Duna fleet, consisting of Ike Explorer Ike Relay (BIG relay probe) Ike Ore Scanner and Relay (carrying two relay probes) Duna Explorer Ike Explorer Ike Ore Scanner and Relay (BIG relay) Ike Relay (carrying two relay probes) Duna Explorer Second to depart is the the Moho fleet! This only consists of two vessels: Moho Explorer and Moho Ore Scanner and Relay Since the Moho vessels will be the first to arrive, we will be starting at moho first! And circulizing around moho costed me quite a bit of deltaV.... luckily, I packed a bunch! The MoOS-RY got even more so no problemo! And I got immediately in a polar orbit, great! Deorbiting the Explorer For the first time in Kerbal History, I landed on Moho! Hopping to the biomes This was the moment I realised... I'M an IDIOT! I didn't add an ore container so my ore drills wouldn't work... So I launched a replacement part but meanwhile I had to do some capturing at Duna But the part arrived! And the exploration continues! I explored 4 biomes so far on Moho (and global low space): Highlands, Midlands, Minor Craters and South Eastern Lowlands More of Moho to come in the next episode! I'm really curious if you guys would like to see more other stuff, like ship buildings etc. Let me know! Greetings and happy kabooms! Ferdoni
  2. ~KSR Mission~ Hello everyone! In this short episode just a quick report of the recovery of the Science from Mun and Minmus! And yes, KSR stands for Kerbin Science Recovery, how original? First is the tank stage decoupled Then a way back is plotted! Getting away... Just a quick moon assist to slow down even more Little bit of manoeuvring got me 1.8 kilometres away from the KSS! And there she is! Docked! (also with the cargo shuttle attached) Because the shuttle doesnt have a science container, the science has to be transferred by hand Sadly the shuttle is already manned by Jeb, Bill, Bob and Valentina so the unlucky kerbal has to wait for a while Decoupled! going to lower orbit Thanks to quicksafe i found out that a kind of steep descent works best Coming in for the KSC! My thanks goes out to mechjeb and quicksafe for this beautiful approach Last bit of thrust to get some speed Touchdown! And there they are! four brave kerbals to recover the first science from outer Kerbin! Valentina has the honour Yeahh!!! 860 science from the Kerbin system!!! Some cool medals for the crew, not that much tho and that concludes this short (sorry) episode! Greetings! Ferdoni
  3. Thanks! hopefully I will get some more time to do some more episodes how did you know?... but you forgot one question 6) how high can you junp out of pure joy?
  4. lets leave the thermometers out of this fight gentleman
  5. ~KHASE~ Hello fellow Kerbonautistics! In the last part we covered the last exploration of Mun and Minmus. Now we're going to do the last part on kerbin! First of all we launched some spacecraft: The KeGS , another Gravity Scanner, but for Kerbin. And what's in here?... Oh yeah!! a flyable rocketplane! It is named KHASE. Named after his mission: Kerbin High Atmosphere and Space Exploration. It will Explore the Atmospheric fluid data of all the biomes on Kerbin and low space data. After some burns and exploration the last stage is ditched. To get from equatorial orbit to polar orbit, I performed a gravity assist from mun... And what a beauty of a gravity assist it became!!! Oh don't show off you vain thing! Performing a little correction burn back in Kerbin's SOI Entering the atmosphere was quite an odd feeling And doing polar science! Polar orbits are ideal for this stuff! Last biome, deserts, covered!!!! 33 science... 3 science experiments on 11 biomes A fiery re-entry Yes... this is backwards... coming in like a twisted dung But landed safely! (thanks quicksafe for this^^) Now a rescue mission will pick it up and extract the data! And yes, this plane will do the job Grabbed him!... backwards And took it back to KSC Put him down on the runway Luckily it had some RCS over so it could roll back to a parking spot And BAM!!! The KHASENP whas launched And where does KHASENP stand for you ask? ... well, Kerbin High Atmosphere and Space Explorer but Not a Plane Heading for KSC Another fiery reentry! Aaand.... Touchdown! Time to pick up some science! Milking KHASE And roving to KHASENP Oh that juicy science! Time to pass it on! And the last mission is underway on Kerbin, the Gravity Scanner, scanning every biome And also this one was downed near the KSC, intentionally of course And flew the grabbing plane to it and back to KSC A brave kerbal stood on the wing to pass on the science And all the science gathered! And look at this!!!! Yes.... 526 science!!!!! All the science on Kerbin gathered and in one place!!!! :)))) Look at the content below for science overview of Kerbin In the next part we will recover the science from Mun and Minmus and look further in the solar system! Greetz Ferdoni
  6. ~From Mun to Minmus with love~ hey everyone! Okay, so we left Mun 90% explored in the last part.. how about 100% for Mun AND Minmus in this part? Okay, so I sent my Mun/Minmus Gravity Scanner to get every biome, due to the nuclear propulsion, I could go everywhere easily Getting every biome... And there you have the gravity data of all 17 biomes! Back again to the Mun Space Station! Wow!! 215 data! all the Mun data Okay! time to go onwards to Minmus! The engine/fuel stage is ditched... ...And a fresh new tanker comes in Onwards to Minmus! Both the MuSS and the MM Gravity Scanner are going Departing literally 2 minutes behind each other There it is! The biggest ice cream in the known universe! Decoupling the MM Explorer. Because it has 2200 deltaV, is can do 6 biomes at one time on minmus. Given that Minmus only has 9 biomes, it didn't took long for me to complete this mission Just some nice shots here for you guys to enjoy And the MM Gravity Scanner just collected all the 9 biomes! It has 2000 deltaV left from Mun so it was also done quickly And there we are already docked to the Station! Transferrering sweet science! And here you go! Can you see it?... Ohhh yes you can!!! 334 science!!!! That means 215 + 119 science data... Mun and Minmus 100% explored!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that? :0 See content below to see the calculation of Minmus science In the next episode we will look further to Kerbin And maybe launch some crafts for Eve, our lovely harsh mistress XD Stay tuned! Kreetings, Ferdoni
  7. will do just one small steps at the time, but greats steps for kerbalkind ^^ minmus for example will be done in one afternoon, that makes the kerbin system almost explored
  8. thanks man, i saw all the work going on on this forum and i thought, "hey, nobody tried this before" eve is going to be a tough mistress tough
  9. ~Onwards to Mun!~ Hello everyone!! Took me a week to make another episode due to some small holiday stuff Onwards to Mun! The Mun Space Station and the Mun-Minmus Explorer are both in a eqatorial orbit around Mun. The MM Explorer is able to explore around 2 or 3 biomes (depending on how far away the landing sites are from each other) Considering that the Mun has 17 biomes, there is a lot of work to do! But it's done with thanks to Mechjeb See the content below for a total of Mun science expirements I landed on every biome possible, doing the EVA and Gravity scans just above the surface, and the rest while on the surface On board I had an scientist to restore the Mystery Goo and the Materials bay. It gave me 11 data per Biome, considering I had done the 5 space low and 6 biome experiments at this point, i had 71 science (66 + 5) To get the Space High gravity scans, i launched a small new probe with around 6000 deltaV, the Mun Gravity Scanner or MuGS Because of his awful lot of deltaV, it could just go everywhere i wanted, not requiring efficient manoeuvring The rest of the Biomes did go very well and gave me beautiful shots! To do the last 3 biomes, poles, polar lowlands and polar crater, I did a burn to give me a polar orbit Perfect! I can strongly promote a visit to the Mun's poles! just how beautiful.. On the Mun Space Station there is a science container to easily collect all the data And there we are! last science gathered! Look at this! 193 science data!!! That means 193/215 = 90% explored!!!! If you see the total Mun expirements you can see that the total 'landed' and 'space low (including global science)' science data is 192. This is because I "accidently did a gravity experiment above the Mun's midlands. So the MuGS only has to cover 16 instead of 17 biomes In the next part we will do the last Mun expirements and go on to Minmus!! Maybe we will cover the last Kerbin experiments, but only if i have the time Stay tuned!! Kreetz Ferdoni
  10. wauw, really epic and tracic...
  11. thanks! well I'd like to show everyone how you could do this and the best way to explore every biome. in all episodes i try to show something extra like for fun or interesting. well... a couple of weeks for sure... maybe in the range of 2-3 months
  12. Hello everyone!! This morning a very sad accident occured. During an eva test on the launch pad, a kerbal fell of the stairs and exploded... This gave me the question: What is the most tragic kerbal death you caused?
  13. scott manley and very, very many kabooms...
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