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  1. So I have been playing KSP for a year now (mostly making military planes and what not) and now I want to add more plane related mods. What other plane mods should I try installing? Any mods that add more jet engines?
  2. What has happened in Project Odyssey? Haven't been online for a long time. What's gonna happen next?
  3. Maybe because many people did not see the features they want in the releases. Like their very impatient
  4. By how you're describing it, you're doing it the pre 1.0 style gravity turn. Do it slowly like 2-3 degrees at liftoff and slowly tilting until you're about at the 45 degree at 10 km.
  5. Can we see something like Juno in RSS? You said that you would do it.
  6. If Episode 46 is not finished when Operation Gold Strike is finished airing, what should we expect?
  7. When do you think Episode 46 will be released? Like an approximation?
  8. Usually Sandbox since i usually mess around my rockets.
  9. How Long did it take you to make all episodes?
  10. Forgot to put a heatshield. Entered the atmosphere at 3 km/s.
  11. ​When can we expect an Alexandria Episode?
  12. Where is the engine? It looks like it was cheated.
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