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  1. Or maybe you will need to change your settings or get a modern PC with enough memory to run the game. Tons of mods will of course increase memory usage hugely.
  2. Update to the latest version. 1.2 runs way, way faster on any hardware.
  3. Yay for further optimizations! Smooth gameplay is always appreciated and who would not like gigantic conrstructions anyways? Keep up the good work
  4. I figured I might as well post one of my designs that just happened while I was testing 1.2 early access (so no mods required). I wanted to build a rather huge spaceplane that can bring a station up in orbit... but of course that was not big enough! First I tried making several streches of mk3 bays but I could not quite get those designs go fast enough to make it into orbit. The result was one long mk3 bay for the main station parts and two bays for solar cell arrays etc. additional bits and pieces. Main specs: ~45 tons of payload to LKO 173 parts, 195 tons of weight with n
  5. I would certainly like to see these in the game. Docking ports just feel too temporary for building permanent buildings like stations. Perhaps also strut endpoints which auto-attach when you combine parts with these clamps, kind of like EVA struts or the KIS/KAS attachable struts but more automatic to just skip the EVA bouncing part of the build. Extending or folding out arms that lock parts into place would be even cooler and they would anchor things better.
  6. Thank you for sharing! I tend to feel that the parts selection we have is not enough to be creative... you have pretty much proved that I just have to try harder :-) Awesome contraption!
  7. I have long been wanting to have communotrons that have normal range when deployed and reduced range but still possibility to activate when they are retracted. Then you would not need a separate antenna for the launch and an another one to deploy while in orbit. And it would be rather realistic too, only the gain of the antenna would be improved with the deployment.
  8. Sweet! Looking forward to seeing this in my 1.1 ckan
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