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  1. Have you tried starting the game with the 32bit binary instead of the 64bit binary? Also, please check out this thread:
  2. When I start the game, the loading screen takes about 10 minutes to finish. These are the folders where the loading procedure gets REALLY SLOW: /Flags /PartsList/SimpleIcons /Strategies/Icons and finally "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" This issue only happens after 1.1 update. It happens in both 32bit and 64bit versions. After the loading is complete, the game runs as expected.
  3. I'd rather have the 1.0 drag settings than 1.01 for the sake of gliding shuttles to land. Drag in 1.0 was perfect in my opinion. Drag in 1.01 sucks. IMO.
  4. I bet most of the players on that 17k were old players who were coming back to play the updated version of KSP. Some of it may be related to pewdiepie, but most of them are old players.
  5. What I want changed: 1-fix the center of mass of capsules with heatshields 2-fix the parachutes not burning up if open during reentry heat. 3-add robotic arms (huehue)
  6. I think I'm the oldest member. I mean, it's been almost a month already.
  7. Also, too much gimbal during ascent will make you dance like a ballerina. The SAS needs a rebalance, I think.
  8. You can turn camera shake off. If your rockets flip over, you're doing something wrong. Maybe this thing was OK in the old version, but now it is not. You have to learn about aerodynamics again.
  9. The plane controls are just perfect. Much better than before. But the issue with the capsule going backwards is really sad.
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