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  1. No, steam page is already up. https://store.steampowered.com/app/954850/Kerbal_Space_Program_2/
  2. EVE and possibly some Scatterer features are definitely in the footage we have so far. As for chatterer, I must say I haven't even heard that one in a while. Not sure that's as common, and we obviously can't tell if it's in the game using screenshots.
  3. Is... is that a Soyuz in the top left of the first picture? But yeah, judging by the trailer we can build all of these!
  4. The developer trailer contains actual "in-game alpha footage," so we do know some about what it looks like.
  5. I still can't think of anything to say here other than "what" and "wow," so I didn't post already... (That came out of completely nowhere, by the way!) (Also you may have killed the forum) (Still unsure on having a new developer and adding interstellar travel, but I will most definitely see for myself when this comes out!) Just... ...
  6. It's not "real," though, there's the artist's name in the corner...
  7. The roof of a building that I think is supposed to be their equivalent of basically an airport terminal but for space tourism. Like, where you board the spaceplane thing (and where it lands, I think?). Anyway, it has been there for a while. It's been featured in most of the the pictures I've seen of Spaceport America so far. Sounds like it's coming along just as slow as... well, Virgin Galactic is.
  8. Debatable, I'd say they're black. It's a real gray area, though.
  9. That... that still looks pretty sleek and futuristic to me, just sayin'. But of course as cool as the thing looks (coolest looking real space suit yet IMO), that's not the important part. Orange is my favorite color. So I guess I have to agree, lol.
  10. Thrust is way, way too small. Much easier to use larger sources of energy, even in the form of photons- now we're getting into solar sail territory. Or, it you want more concentrated power, lasers from the ground (so you don't have to carry their tremendous weight). See project Starshot. Still hard, though.
  11. *Sees thread earlier today* Oh... I saw this news somewhere else. That's pretty sad news. Rockets aren't safe, especially possibly nuclear ones. *Checks back on thread later because the forum is classifying it as a "hot" thread and there's 3 page argument on extremely basic physics and conservation of mass/energy* ... I'm just gonna leave now...
  12. What the? They just won an air force contract like a week ago. Wow. I kinda heard that Cantrell never really got along with... well, anyone... and I guess that may have something to do with it. But I don't know the details. And they always did act like they were farther ahead then they actually were. Remember when they said they were 100% confident that they would launch to orbit in Summer of 2018, specifically mentioning that they were sure there wouldn't be delays like other launch companies? (EDIT: That's in the article: )
  13. You laugh now, but the following picture is no joke an option that was seriously considered during the Constellation program days:
  14. Somehow the original thread, years ago, was merged with the Blue Origin and Orion/SLS threads somehow, confusing everyone including the moderators. They weren't able to separate the thread, so after a short period of time where nobody was allowed to make new treads on the topic while the mods tried to figure out what happened, new threads had to be created. Or the old thread fell over trying to land on a barge.
  15. Raptor engines are loud. If 3 of them at once don't stop this, 7 might, and 31 definitely will. In all seriousness, though, while I have optimism in SpaceX, a backup plan never hurt anyone. SLS is fine IMO. But SLS and full, proper, crewed Starship really shouldn't overlap much...
  16. So.. did you just, like, not realize this for three months? Congratulations / happy birthday anyway, though!
  17. They might not need anything at all to keep it pointing down. With all the batteries and such at the bottom of the rocket, it might be able to flip itself and remain stable.
  18. I'm just wondering how they're gonna protect the engines.
  19. Bit o' spin on the payload there, assuming that's intentional...
  20. Unmanned rockets controlled manually and remotely by pilots. Bam. Sport.
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