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  1. Yes. Yes I am sure Starship SN1 is going to come together very quickly. Yes I know this is a 6 month window, and it assumes they don't run into any big problems on the way there (which they will), but if they think they can have a ship ready to fly in a month then things are going to have to be assembled quite quickly. I'm sure it won't actually fly in march, they'll have to sort through all the issues that pop up first, but they are expecting to have it assembled by then. Can't wait for this thing to fly in... well, based off of StarHopper, September or so. *ominous mu
  2. Well... SpaceX is already the cheapest, so they can afford a 178% upcharge with little to no impact on customers. It's getting worryingly close to a monopoly. Fortunately, other launch providers are closing in SpaceX prices and soon they will have better competition. Ariane 6, Vulcan, H3, and New Glenn are specifically trying to compete with the Falcon 9 and Heavy. Unfortunately, they usually seem to be trying to undercut the $50M launch price SpaceX seems to charge for the Falcon 9. SpaceX could easily lower it to $40M or even $30M and still make money. Even less fortunately, S
  3. Someone noticed something... interesting from that presentation that was taken private on YouTube earlier today (screenshot from jpo234 on NSF forums, brightened by me). I felt it was worth mentioning here because what: Just at the beginning, as the intro faded away, this rendering was found, hidden behind the fade: It looks like cargo Starship being used for the Artemis program, with a more conventional crewed lander accompanying it. Not saying this isn't a good idea or even that this plan is surprising- there is no way NASA would be easily convinced that Starship would be
  4. Kinda looks like they're making it into a proper VAB... don't think the're gonna stack it out in the open anymore.
  5. That suggests that they're farther along with SN1 than it looks... those didn't appear until pretty late with Mk.1... I've heard speculation that part of the changes in their construction method involves outfitting all the pieces *before* welding them together, avoiding the elaborate scaffolding and all that in Mk.1 (see pics of Elon *inside* Starship tanks). So, individual parts are worked on in the tents that sprung up, and welding them together should take a lot less time. By the time we actually see the rocket take shape out in the open, it may already be practically finished.
  6. I assume you meant *isn't metastable, right? Also, given that this is, what, the third or fourth completely unconfirmed discovery, I'm not sure if it's really "pretty clear." But yeah, I'm not getting my hopes up. Even if it is metastable, mass production would be... uh, difficult.
  7. Cool, wonder how long it's gonna be until this thread turns into another argument over KSP2 (Seriously though, for real life purposes, metallic hydrogen would be really cool to have please)
  8. 60 satellites per launch helps with costs, too. Less launches. Although still a lot of course.
  9. *glances at uncrewed Soviet/Russian probes* AAAAAAH WHY do you have to make these things look like that?! What's wrong with just a mannequin?
  10. It would melt More accurately, I'm guessing the Nitrogen would sublimate and the water ice would melt, but eventually (or immediately, not sure if the atmosphere would be enough) the lack of a magnetosphere would strip away the nitrogen atmosphere and start evaporating the water Or something like that IDK but it wouldn't end well for Pluto
  11. That reminds me of another cool one- this. Triton lander that uses nitrogen ice to refuel and "hop" long distances, able to cover the entire moon with all it sa diverse features. The team specifically mentions Pluto as a possible follow-up since it's icy, too. In fact, we need more landers in general! It's kind of sad to think that- counting Earth- we've only landed on 5 of the solar system's "worlds" (planets, dwarf planets, large moons), and even then only 3 of those with some kind of moving landers to see more than just one small part of the surface (hopefully we'll get Titan sq
  12. 2.5 years is also a pretty long Mars transfer time, it may take some extra dV but 2.5 years is by no means the fastest possible Mars transfer. You can get there in 6 months with current technology... granted, it varies a bit for crewed missions depending on whose proposal you pay attention to, but the point remains.
  13. Starship 100% because again it just enables so much- pretty much every mission yoiu could list here would benefit from it. Besides it's just cool as heck- the first proper "spaceship" by scifi standards! Though that kind feels like cheating, since it's not a specific mission and it's kind of just an "all of the above" option (besides people have said it already), so I'm going to say something new: a giant space telescope (>10m) specifically to characterize exoplanet systems by taking direct images of the whole system. I wanna see exoplanets really badly, and honestly I think people don
  14. And as if SpaceX isn't having a busy enough week: Another road closure in Boca Chica. What are they up to this time? I mean, probably just moving something to the launch site, but what? A new bit of launch pad? A second "bopper" test?
  15. There were a couple of pictures of the trunk while it was still on the recovery ship and it was still missing that part, so I think it's the latter.
  16. OH WOW YOU'RE RIGHT I didn't notice him almost directly mentioning KSP the first time! That's awesome! I still really want to see video of Elon playing KSP sometime. Just pair up with some YouTuber and talk about SpaceX while Elon builds a a Starship replica in the background.
  17. Farewell B1046 2018-2020 First Block 5 booster First Block 5 booster to fly twice First booster of any kind to fly 3 times First booster to fly from all 3 SpaceX launch pads Launched first Bangladeshi satellite Last test of the Crew Dragon capsule before crew 4 flights... 100% successful That was quite the show.
  18. Wait, I thought the header tanks were suppose to use the nosecone as a bulkhead? Did the design change again?
  19. Not sure why I have't posted here. Used to do train simulation all them time. Railfanning (basically U.S. English "trainspotting") too. I'll probably come back to it at some point. I do have a YouTube channel on this stuff though: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh_WpWDsSX_y1eHSpE9VMsQ? (Honestly it just serves to practice video editing and apparently graphic design most of the time- I don't interact with the community much. I am STILL happy with that logo though, it's kind of a shame I've only used it on 2 videos. Just don't have enough time or interest to film or edit more things.
  20. Oh right I had video Uh... here's the NG-12 launch but a whole month after the launch (I was busy. And... it's not much to look at Some idiot left autofocus on)
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