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  1. The fairing just don't seen right this way...
  2. In picture 9, you can see a radial drogue chute in the parts list. And it can't just be a re-textured normal radial parachute, the normal one is further down the list. - - - Updated - - - wait, is that the next countdown image? I can already see the 9.
  3. Yes, that would appear to be the case. I get the feeling that we'll be using these a lot more often with the new aero. Also, stock mk3 plane?
  4. And no. They just confirmed that the ROUND-8 will not have xenon. They will have a new xenon tank, though. - - - Updated - - - Sorry, labhouse.
  5. The ROUND-8 is staying, service modules, new songs, intakes, and heat shields? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
  6. Huh. I can't put it on imgur right now, I'm too busy, but maybe this will work: - - - Updated - - - oops. Try this link for now. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ykj7o6ndqifx5q/output_MozcKs.gif?dl=0
  7. No, since it's a countdown and yesterday was 11, this probably only means 10. Just a guess. - - - Updated - - - ...But we may be counting down to something. 1.0 release, maybe? Not until they bring back the ROUND-8 they don't!
  8. - - - Updated - - - Woops. Didn't work. How about this? - - - Updated - - - Yesssssss!
  9. Join the revolution! Get the avatar! SAVE THE ROUND-8!!!
  10. Very nice, Zucal. This is the best Dragon V2 replica I've seen so far!
  11. All I did was download the picture from someone else who had it. Then i set it as default.
  12. True! HAH! The user below me has been on the forum longer than me (aka more than 3 days ago)
  13. Instead of removing it, why not make a clone of it, re-texture it, and fill it with xenon? I would also like the KSPX ion tank, and maybe the engine too.
  14. Alright, here I go. This one uses the ROUND-8 (please keep it, Squad!) I offset and rotated the tiny radial rockomax engines into the mk1 command pod to get nice retrorockets. - - - Updated - - - oh... um, I guess I'll have to host those pics some other way. oops.
  15. This is such a neat thread. I'll add my techniques as soon as I figure out how IMG tags work. I'm new to the forums.
  16. I still don't see why they can't just put the KSPX ion parts in, instead of getting rid of a very useful part. And if they wanted to, maybe a different toroidal fuel tank part with xenon. But PLEASE keep the liquid fuel ones!
  17. TOROIDAL FUEL TANKS AS XENON STORAGE? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! why can't you guys just add the KSPX ion parts? The toroidal fuel tank is so useful!
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