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  1. This thread sounds familiar. Just sayin'...
  2. LabPadre, the StarHopper stream guy, is flying a plane over the site right now, and he's streaming it live... ish... (Stream is actually down at the moment, this happened last time too. Maybe it will come back briefly.) Oh, and that Google Earth landing site thing? Here, have some low-res but neat perspective shots of them. Maybe I'll go back and overlay the HiRISE images later, too. Maybe.
  3. Judging by the shape of the explosions in the pre-alpha footage and the fact that these will be launching on top of, not necessarily next to, bases, I'd say yes, they get that. Radiation is also something they've not answered questions about in a suspicious way (and there appears to be a radiation shield part), so that's probably a concern too (I assume the shot of the Daedelus drive in the trailer was just for scale). I don't expect this to make it in, but I wonder if you could have customizable shapes... no everyone wants to use this thing, er, "conventionally"...
  4. Didn't say it does... again, it's an oddly small step. I never claimed this was evidence that SpaceX is any closer to anywhere, I just get excited at neat little details like this. Makes it seem more real. And they have been moving at an incredible pace, so... Also, it's one thing to pick out a bunch of different possible random landing sites. It's another to have been evaluating this long enough that you have it narrowed down to four in the same geographic area [EDIT: 6 in 2 geographic areas, but still-ish]. Still doesn't mean too much, but it does mean a bit more. It's just... some
  5. Holy cow, check this out: THEY HAVE MARS LANDING SITES ALREADY. A post on the NASASpaceFlight forums pointed to this, where someone found newly released MRO imagery labeled as "Candidate Landing Site for SpaceX Starship." Then they found more. The images found show 6 landing sites. I added the numbering, original pictures do not have numbering. There are pairs of images for each site as a stereo pair. Arcadia Planitia area: Landing site 1: 38.083°N, 189.793°E https://www.uahirise.org/ESP_060416_2195 https://www.uahirise.org/ESP_060706_2195 Lan
  6. Oh, so that sounds more like clouds are still in the game then. Gotcha. (minor sarcasm) Bit odd to keep them secret when you can see them (from space) in the already publicly released pre-alpha footage.
  7. The clouds could just be a thing in pre-alpha that was recently cut due to performance or something. It's possible, I guess.
  8. That's kinda what I meant to say there, that you translated the German interview... I'll have to rephrase that a bit, I guess
  9. To be fair, they started working on this long before the 2019 paper, and, well, we don't know how trustworthy that is. It isn't science if you can't replicate results. So we can't really say for 1000% certain that it isn't metastable. And pretty much everything else you're complaining about I'm not really worried about. They get the "feel" of KSP, they get the need for a balance between realism and gameplay, and they are sticking to realistic possible future technologies. Of course not current technology, if we had the technology for interstellar travel then we would have done that or at
  10. Agreed... I think we're all more worried about the publisher at this point. If anyone messes this up, it seems more likely to be them.
  11. Oh, hang on. Just found this: (Translated from a German interview by @nikokespprfan. To be clear, they translated it, they weren't interviewed. I would reword the original sentence but I'm lazy and bad at words so oh well) So, it looks like the answer to the life support question is yes, there will be life support, but it will be more basic and according to another description of this interview "low-maintenance." Given that they say it's different from mods I'm guessing it has to do with those "habitat" parts from earlier.
  12. And since Elon won't do it, the original: And even a timelapse: Although I'm pretty sure these were posted on here when they were taken about a week ago Anyway back to HOLY CRAP FLYING WATER TOWER AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
  13. In all aspects, that was definitely one of the most Kerbal things SpaceX has done yet! I've been following this for MONTHS, it was kind of surreal to see it hovering like that! Echoing the comments above- THAT WAS AWESOME!
  14. Oh, and the Steam page mentions a planet called Charr, which is described as "a heat-blasted world of iron." Sounds a lot like it could be this planet. EDIT: Woops, thought the posts would merge
  15. Don't forget its moon! You can see it above the ship in this picture. Judging by the cinematic trailer it has a blue-ish atmosphere, an icy surface, liquid probably water, and is habitable-ish.
  16. The tanks look similar as well, which support this idea. Pretty sure that's the same 3.75m tank in the middle of the lander, surrounded by 1.25m versions.
  17. Did they have to bury the lower 30m during the 20m hop?
  18. The problem is you could, say, launch your starter orbital colony into LKO, send up a sample resupply, then, say, take the space station to Jool and the game wouldn't know the difference. P.S. another very important gameplay mechanic that KSP has been confirmed to have that will be useful here is burning during time warp. This will allow the autopilot recorder thing here to make adjustments while on rails. The alternative would be to just teleport the craft instantly, but I think this would allow for a much more immersive system with a much more... "alive" feel to it. You'll see
  19. Ah, actually I remember that a bit now. I always found that argument silly since you can turn reentry heating off in the difficulty settings. Here, of course, that doesn't work as well since you cab't turn this off so easily. I still reignited it, though. Oh, and while we're at it #BringBackTheBarn (JK, I was actually on the anti-barn side. Although with a certain rocket company building things next to- not even inside- tents, it may be a bit more realistic now...) Right... because they followed safe reentry practices. I can't remember the last time I forgot solar panels, for exam
  20. The idea of an automatic resupply mission that record the player's actions is pretty interesting, since it would have to (in the sandbox spirit of KSP) go beyond that. The problem is that, well, let's say you have an orbital station and you change the orbit. The exact same flight is not going to be possible. The game would have to be pretty smart to scale the players' actions and repeat the mission. But at the same time, a few of the core game mechanics in KSP2 would help facilitate this, as multiplayer means the game will already be built for multiple vehicles being controlled at the same ti
  21. Oh, wow. I started another argument, didn't I... not dropping this *quite* yet, can't resist, sorry. I guess TWO can play at the "write increasingly longer slightly angry posts at each other about opinions, despite both being valid opinions and there being no chance of actually convincing anyone of anyhting" game. #1: Oh, you're right actually. Found an interview just a minute ago actually confirming that slight axial tilt will in fact be added. They *did* say that they don't want the Kerbol system to feel radically different, so they might only be tweaking that slightly. That shows sugge
  22. They've already said that the Kerbol system is staying the same. I think by the time you get to interstellar travel you should be able to handle axial tilt. You have to have new challenges for experienced players, right?
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