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  1. Yeah, USI is absolutely the best implementation for a stock system. The simplicity and really adjustable difficulty settings are exactly what you would want in a stock life support system. (Off-topic, but this may be the first time in my 4 years on the forum I have actually ran out of likes. Yeah, I don't do much here.)
  2. Oh, wow, found this in the comments on the PC Gamer article about the announcement: Now, where have I heard that name before?
  3. Yeah, but it doesn't mention life support anywhere. That doesn't really mean it rules out anything, though, as although it would certainly be an important part of colonies, it would really be its own mechanic, and they're still holding back a lot of details in other areas of the game, such as Multiplayer. You cold also view it as just part of the resources involved in colonies and such, and they don't get that detailed in the article.
  4. What the title says. Some ideas, mostly questions. "Habitats?" In the trailer, we can see several examples of parts that would be unnecessary in regular KSP- namely, the domes at the end and the centrifuges. In the case of the latter, this doesn't just appear on bases, but on ships as well. I don't think these are purely aesthetic, especially since there are a few stacked up in the back of the orbital station/drydock thing in the pre-alpha footage... wouldn't it make more sense just to use the regular modules (there are a few other ones on that particular station) if the centrifuge didn't
  5. I hope that mechjeb will not be stock... and thus one of the oldest arguments in the game is re-ignited... Anyway, Planetshine also. You can see it in some footage and it was mentioned in an interview somewhere. EDIT: I forget the name, but the mod that lets you thrust during time warp
  6. That's just the visuals, not the parts. There's no reason not to expect all the parts shown in the trailer to be in the final game. Especially since some of them can be seen in the pre-alpha gameplay footage too.
  7. I have to say that personally, I think Dtar Theory understands KSP and based off what they've said I trust that they will try to deliver a properly kerbal experience. However... I don't trust Take Two as much. That's where most of my concerns are. (As for multiplayer... they haven't said much about it, so we don't know what to expect. And the multiplayer mods we've seen in the past don't count either, since not only could they be implemented completely differently, but they were never anywhere remotely near a polished experience that we would get from multiplayer being
  8. EVE Smokescreen/RealPlume Modular Kolonization System... ish Extraplanetary Launchpads Would not be surprised to see life support but that's just speculation (Insert interstellar-themed planet mod here) Probably Kopernicus- they mentioned improved nodding ability and I would not be surprised if that included planet modding
  9. So would making floating colonies, if possible EDIT: even better idea, though probably gonna have to resort to mods for this one: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Altitude_Venus_Operational_Concept?wprov=sfla1
  10. I wonder how they'll deal with that... as in, will the game let you launch the Orion Drive from the ground at all? Will it work and just completely destroy the space center or will the game not let you use it there? Conceivably, with enough boosters, you could still use it on an SSTA while only firing it in space...
  11. Just make a reeeeeeeally wide double-fuselaged plane (stratolaunch style) and use both runways at once!
  12. It also had about 4 vertical landing pads as well, right next to the runway.
  13. I dunno, I agree that the navball should be in the center. But that definitely looks like part of the UI that is less finished and more of a placeholder. I'd expect it to change before release. Just swap the time warp thingy with the navball...
  14. Yeah, but it does look like at least some work on graphics has happened here, right? Some of the features there look more polished and relevant to gameplay than just a test UI? Not a developer at all, so I wouldn't really know these things, but parts of that look pretty nice, and I don't think it would be too unrealistic to expect at least some part of this to make it to release. I gotta say I like the staging and center info display section things...
  15. Honestly I think that large moon thing is just perspective and a very cinematic focal length. I think (can't tell for sure of course) that the colony at the end of the cinematic trailer is on that moon. And from there it looks fine.
  16. That bring said, while I'm sure saves can't transfer over no matter what, given that the existing parts seem to be ported over into the new game, I wonder if .craft files could he converted to work with KSP2. Obviously not directly compatible, but with some program maybe possible to automatically reformat the file... Purely speculative, of course. And I suspect this would not be an official tool.
  17. IDK, remember the 1.0 trailer also just showed a crew of 3. Come to think of it, I've never seen all 4 together in any official stuff. Could be wrong on that, though. And yeah... you just can't have KSP without Jeb. He is staying, no doubt.
  18. Trailer appears to show VASIMIR, Nuclear Pulse Drives (AKA Project Orion), and Laser Driven Inertial Confinement Fusion Drives (from Project Daedelus). See Scott Manley twitter thread:
  19. No, not at all. Here are the screenshots from the Steam page: And, on the off-chance this *isn't* gameplay for some odd reason, here are some screenshots from some helpfully labelled clips in the Developer Story trailer: Frankly, that shot of what I assume to be Rask and Rusk is incredible! Why haven't they used that one more already?! EDIT 2: Apparently I missed the part on dismissing the pre-alpha builds. But surely the game would only get better after these builds? What's so bad about those- they look great!
  20. Looks like that's what they're aiming for, too, with all the original parts and solar system showing up.
  21. Direct quote from the website: Bold emphasis mine. Yeah, we're getting the original solar system, just with other solar systems around other stars. And the cinematic trailer and Steam store page clearly show existing planets and moons. This is clearly Jool and Vall:
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