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  1. Love the texture on the ballast tank...reminds me of the float things underneath pontoon boats. Thank you for contributing to this awesome game!
  2. This is turning out fantastic, keep up the great work man!
  3. Well, you'd defiantly be the easiest rover of the Mun to find! How does it handle low gravity, and does the rear hatch work?
  4. Nothing to add really other then I'm running the latest dev version on 1.2.2 and haven't had any issues, glad to see this one up and doing great things. Thank you for the work everyone is doing to make it happen, especially magico and the playtesters, et al.
  5. Might be referring to the IVA radar altimeter, but I could be wrong.
  6. I humbly and respectfully vote for a basic features release. I appreciate your work magico13, and will wait as long as you need to take to make this great mod what you need it to be. Thanks again mate!
  7. Very, very cool. Looking forward to making a mess doing great things with these!
  8. No worries. Excellent mod, worth the wait. Good job and good luck to the developers.
  9. I do have a beard, although it's going a bit grey now. Don't drink as much as I used too, but I'm generally well behaved in that respect (well house trained my wife would say.) I'm not mad mate. I DO have this excellent rocket I just designed I'd like you to test fly, though,'s perfectly safe! Trust me, I'm a Kerbal Engineer!
  10. Not on topic really at all, but does the Russian side of the equation have an FAA like regulatory agency and if so, how independent and powerful is it, as compared to our FAA?
  11. So, the phonons (phoni?) being easier to setup and trap are going to help quantum information processing research. I understand that to mean that this helps bring quantum computer applications a little closer? I see that as being a really good thing, especially if I can run KSP on one of those rigs at some point :-)
  12. I learned to asparagus early on in .90 when I first started playing, and go pretty ridiculous with it,...there were tanks feeding in to tanks which in turn fed in to tanks and so on. It was ugly. I eventually decided to clean things up and rarely if ever even use the yellow fuel line thingies anymore. I'm not saying asparagus style setups are bad, but the way I was using them was sad and not the least bit elegant.