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  1. dunno what changed, but the problem seems to have resolved itself.
  2. I havent tried world stabilizer yet, and even single debris parts are doing it.. the ksp.log is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1tdx7k5yewi771r/KSP.log?dl=0
  3. My crafts upon reloading (from the space center) spawn above the surface about 100ft, enough to cause damage. doesnt seem to matter if its on a mountain or hill, small or large craft. I've also removed all mods and reloaded and the same thing happens.. I've only tested on kerbin thus far.
  4. I had ship manifest installed improperly. Figured it out
  5. So i'm doing a rescue mission and when i right click the command pod to transfer it says "transfer interrupted" then nothing happens. I have limited resources and need to get them back to kerbin asap. I've tried rotating who was in the ship to do the rotation and tried to use ship manifest to do the transfer but then it wont let me close any windows since the transfer is in progress, yet still nothing happens. My only thought is that the pod doesnt have a hatch on the bottom to connect to the crew cabins door to allow the transfer but i cant remember ever having this issue before.. Image wont post so here's the link http://imgur.com/8nV1aiD
  6. While not an expert, I'd reason that achieving a kerbin orbit then doing the plane change may be more efficient since you're farther from the celestial body and thereby more efficient. Assuming you're not on a modded install, i'd land as close as possible (making sure to have much more dV than necessary) then hover to the stranded craft. You could hten theoritcally use a claw either on the bottom or the top and carefully claw for the refuel. On a safer note, the rover with a claw would most likely be the most save you could be since it wouldnt really matter how far away you landed depending on the time you watned to drive over.
  7. [quote name='Alshain']The flight computer is completely broken in 1.0.5. It can't even hold rotation accurately, let alone a burn of the correct length. I've had it get stuck many times now burning until my fuel was gone and I can't stop it. The only option for playing with RemoteTech now is to disable signal delay and fly manually it would seem. Make no mistake about the title of this thread, this mod is NOT 1.0.5 compatible.[/QUOTE] I've had some issue before with the engines. If you're using the flight computer you def want to make sure you either have a stable connection to ensure you can take over if needed, OR make sure that it's pointed directly at the maneuver node when the burn begins if you dont have signal. If you timewarp too much the ship will point incorrectly and the computer doesnt compensate for it and will spin wildly till the fuel runs out. I havent had the same trouble you are with the holding rotation since it seems to work fine for me on that front.
  8. I think it'd also be cool to have it whisper the drafted viewer for their desired profession & .... i also agree and wish they'd be implemented as rescue missions and a toggle for the draft costs since i enjoy the contracts but not the draft costs.
  9. Has there been a release/update for remote tech? I'm having the same problem where I tell things to transmit and nothing happens. The report/science/samples are removed but nothing is transferred and i can promptly do the science again. Big fan of the mod but as above, this seems to happen with anything i try and transmit be it from the processing lab, mun, orbit and doesnt matter the type of data. I've gone through the checklist of making sure i have power & a good connection but nothing.
  10. Hello, I believe my kerbals may be going on strike on my space station since, when I load it, the escape vessel meant to bring them back in an emergency falls to pieces. (Images below) This is a carreer mode with no reverts/quicksaves and now i'm debating on the viability of it since this isnt an issue where something was forgotten or ill planned but a game bug i think. Unfortunately i have tac life support installed so there is limited time and the only remedy is to rotate eva crews every 6hr game time since the station can only hold 2 scientists without the escape vessel attached. Firstly there are two different views of the station http://postimg.org/image/a3yt8zr0f/ http://postimg.org/image/ucm6upqbj/ Next this sequence of things happens: http://postimg.org/image/v5ysnbwcf/ http://postimg.org/image/q4relyovz/ Notice the parachutes falling off and the separation from both the clampotron & service bay http://postimg.org/image/5btlbalq7/ Finally the flight logs: http://postimg.org/image/kpiokzxbz/
  11. The issue had occurred in 64bit alone though. I'll play some tonight with 32bit and see what happens. Just unchecking the launcher part that says "play 64bit" switches it correct? also why have that the default setting if its so useless? lol (not expecting an answer just rambling). And no i didnt move/delete any files prior to the error beginning.
  12. KSP version: (WindowsPlayer) Steam BETA (Was running 64bit according to the launcher. Switched to 32bit, still same bug) What happens: Unable to return to science center upon achieving orbit/building ship Mods/Addons: None, just downloaded yesterday Steps to replicate: 1) Go into tech tree and purchase heavy rocketry 2) Go into ship building From top->bottom parts are: Probodobodyne OKTO w/ one photo voltaic panel on top Advanced Inline Stabilizer w/ 4 RV-105 RCS Thruster packs z-1k Rechargable battery pack SC-9001 Science Jr Mobile Processing Lab w/ 1 Comms DTS-M1 & 2 Stratus-V roundified monoprop tanks Rocko max X200-16 fuel tank Rockomax "poodle" liquid engine Stack decoupler Rocko Max X200-32 fuel tank Rocko max "skipper liquid engine 4 radial decouplers w/ 4 S1 SRB-KD25k solid fuel boosters 3) Add a scientist and an engineer to the mobile processing unit there are two paths to a similar bug: the first path(every time): 4a) Proceed to launch with the staging from bottom to top in sequential order with the skipper firing after the 4 solid boosters 5a) Achieve orbit, orient craft such that the solar panel faces the sun, run a couple samples, and beam data to planet. Result of path (a): Unable to return to space center, unable to save/exit/load, can still control craft as usual Error states "No target" when clicking the return button. The second path(less frequent): 4b) Leave hangar 5b) attempt to enter any buildings, use menus, or exit/save 6b) nothing responds with left click, right click menu appears though "enter" button does not respond. Can enter the Mission control, though upon clicking exit the mission control screen remains and nothing responds. Fixes/Workarounds: None so far https://vid.me/z2Fl