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  1. I figured out what I did wrong. I had the wings placed so that they were in contact with one another, and not supported due to the weight of what they were carrying causing them to break.
  2. It appears to be when I put the wings together, it bugs out. When I have them each separately tested, they work fine.
  3. It appears to be the wings disconnecting themselves from the fuselage. Testing it with just the fuselage it works fine. Testing with the wings results in them instacolliding with the surface, and then it explodes suddenly, as it says it crashes.
  4. As soon as I spawn in, the aircraft decides to insta-wreck itself, as the wings find themselves flying exploding suddenly, along with the tail assembly. I am using the FAR-version and this occurs.
  5. Hello, gentlemen. This morning, around 15 minutes ago, I saw a military jet fly over my house, that was loud. Obviously USAF these are the choices that remain: 1) C-17 Globemaster III 2) C-5 Galaxy 3) B-1 Lancer 4) F-15 Sadly it was at night, and looked like a star.
  6. The ice moon is where Galactica had her water reserves blown up by 'Boomer' or Number Eight.
  7. Hah, the black square is obviously a radiator.
  8. Hmm... I will be starting an AAR soon, so you can watch me (also a beginner) attempt this game, and fail badly. I will need companies that make certain components, for example weapons, electronics, engines and that such.
  9. So gentlemen, I wish to inquire, who here has at all played Aurora? It is a Space 4x game, and here is the forum: http://aurora2.pentarch.org/index.php I will be starting an interactive AAR soon.
  10. What altitude did it peak at? Also was that cfg editing?
  11. Hehe... Honestly, you should have added a Kerbal Space Program, In Soviet Russia joke. Comrade Rayne, let us spread the revolution!
  12. Alright. Do we have any pictures of their relative position to Kerbin, or any of the other planets?
  13. Eh... can you make weapons for KSP, such as turrets?
  14. Look, there is a slim chance of a 16.1 being released tomorrow, even though I want it a bit. If MSL fails to land, and crashes, will there be a update? No! Look, he has apparently posted pictures of three planets. Gentlemen, of each planet, which we will name A B C what are some possible locations as to these? Inside Kerbin's orbit or outside her orbit?
  15. So gentlemen steam ID? Lord Wasteland
  16. =P Nova. Is that planet at a nearly 90 degree axial tilt, or is that a new moon your on? Also are you gonna watch Curiosity reenter?
  17. A warning, do not use K\'s in front of everything. People will get pissed.
  18. Nice. I want to ask you two questions; 1) Will we ever get the RCS part from the C7 Aerospace Pack for orbital spaceplanes? 2) Will we get an RCS tank with .17 for the 3-manned CM?
  19. How is North Korea doing so well with gold!?
  20. Wow. You are easily stereotyping us. I am warning you, please do not stereotype this anymore. I attempt to help people all the time! And I was born in America, and still consider myself an American.
  21. The one thing I wonder from the Opening Ceremony is, where was the WWII tribute?
  22. Perfect for the U.K. much better than 2008\'s.
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