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  1. Back to work, good. Maybe you can finish the Beta now.. You know, Aero that works and isn't broken... massive memory leaks from a "feature" that can't be turned off permanently you have to disable every [snip] launch... Oh and Science Bay destroying entire craft... just because. Oh yeah, fail Aero model...And oh yeah, contracts.. "Explore Duna and test Rhino at 35000m after getting temperatures at 3 locations on Duna" after your first orbit of Kerbin.. Cuz yeah that makes sense, just like testing first stage only rockets at specific altitudes on anything but Kerbin before even unlocking 4th s
  2. You forgot the option "Can't get anywhere because.. 1.0.X Aero model."
  3. Your ....'s broken brah. Your tech tree has random green buttons all over the place.. Well done.
  4. New Aero is trash for rockets. worthless.. But excellent for planes.
  5. Go into your item .cfg files and lower ablator levels of heatshields and lower max-temp of all other items. If you want them to die just send them on a very steep re-entry without parachutes, if they don't explode the lithobraking will certainly do the job.
  6. screw that, give us .90 back. u know, when the game wasn't all about just getting your stuff into orbit but getting your stations, bases and refuelers done?
  7. More insults with little substance.
  8. "and my craft just kisses the surface without losing any speed on reentry. Parts don't even heat up. The problem is hard to reproduce, because it happens totally randomly" - From FAR thread Yeah, I'll go with a worse mod that constantly causes the above issues.. among many, many others.
  9. Well good for you.. If you look through the forums it is clearly becoming less fun for many players because of the aero. Clearly there are terrible design issues. HAHA you are so funny, you had fun this morning. No responses with substance or rebuttal just laughs. hahahaha. And we wonder why nothing has been done to make this Alpha-esque game actually become what was promised to paying customers.
  10. Remember when you could design a rocket, plan a station, base or landing and actually get it done? Seems like those days are gone with the 1.0.X Aero system. It isn't fun anymore as far as rockets go. For planes it is definitely great compared to .90 but the .90 Aero was perfect for rockets. It was still a challenge to get your stuff to space but you could at least get what you wanted into space and move on... It feels more like a chore spending countless hours tweaking and balancing and rigging just to get around the gauntlet of simply getting your stuff up to an apoapsis you want, not to me
  11. New Aero definitely does not work well with MechJeb. MJ is relatively worthless imo as it stands. Inclinations are incoherent, gravity turns don't work when scheduled or Aero just causes complete loss of stability... MJ was the perfect mod for .90, why can't it work for 1.0.2?
  12. Had 180 hrs with .90. As of now Steam says I have 280 total hours.
  13. Update to KAS for 1.0 coming ever?? Can't be that much difference. Been a week and a half..
  14. Title pretty much sums it up. Where did the drag info go from the parachutes?
  15. Is anyone even working to update this mod? I can't imagine it would take much seeing the dozens of others which were 1.0 compatible within hours of the launch... Is there a wall to updating this to 1.0? It's been over a week and this mod is a must for me.
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