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  1. yeah, that'll work. thanks
  2. quick question - Does anyone know if this mod works with 1.11? I mean, I may get around to checking myself sooner or later (and will reply when I do) but I'm just checking now before I start just adding mods and running into possible incompatibilities. Though, I'm not using Kerbalism, so I should be okay...
  3. I found a link for the 1.2.2 pdf by EdJaws that was like an off-line list of all the vanilla key bindings, but the link to the pdf was a google drive. So that doesn't exist anymore... I'm wondering of anyone has an auxiliary copy of the pdf they can post in the thread or something. If there's a newer one that's been spread around, even better. I'll take links to threads that do have an active link to a keybinds pdf as well.
  4. Ok, so I have KSP 1.4.5 and [MOIST! UWT] v1.5 says it's for KSP 1.5.1 on Spacedock, but the changelog description says it works for 1.4.2. My question is do I install [MOIST! UWT] version 1.5 or version 1.4?
  5. Oh no, that's quite alright. I didn't mean to sound pushy, I know you're doing this project with your free time without charge - a (for lack of a better term) labor of love as it were. I"m no THAT experienced modding, but I was going to try to make some kind of patch where the theater and flight school gave you scouts, medics, geologists, etc if you had USI-LS and MKS/OKS installed. I actually have no idea what the Civilian Population system would give you if you didn't have a life support mod installed and would be more than willing to help you out in any way I can. Again, sorry if
  6. Help I didn't want to put help in the title, but I could use some. Primarily in reading the error logs and output logs to weed out the problem. Yeah, logs, plural. I've been wrestling with this for 2 months and I'm at wits' end. I need expert advice. The crux of it is that I can't even get the game to start (I got it to play in mid-December). In all honestly, I'm your typical mod-happy nimrod. I do know that a few of my mods must not be playing nicely together. I know enough to know that MM can't string them together properly. I've also been here long enough to know that just describ
  7. I've been a fan of this mod since the 0.9 days, really looking forward to playing it in 1.3.1. So grateful that you've picked it up, Pamynx. Just a quick question though - where do I find the part .cfg files for ndMovieTheater and ndflightschool? I feel like they should be either in science with the university or in the utility folder. I can't find it in either one and I'm making sure that I'm not bugging out on my end and opening the zip wrong or something.
  8. I don't know it it's something I did, but there's something wrong with the support configs - so says Module manager. Basically, I keep getting the "more than one pass specifier on a node" error on a lot of the support files. I also put in a list of my mods below. Like, if there's some sort of obvious conflict, let me know about it, but... note to self: when you try to put an output log in a spoiler, it crashes the page so I'm just gonna post the output log in a new post. I know this is annoying, I'm sorry, but my computer is not letting me put everything up at once
  9. Yeah, I had the same problem with the CKAN install as well, and it also was fixed with manual install I took a look at the CKAN/Downloads folder - turns out that choosing KSP Interstellar in CKAN promps the installation of Interstellar Light 0.90. At least, that's what I found when I looked through there. I checked to make sure I hadn't checked Interstellar light by mistake. I didn't; CKAN just has teh wrong file listed under KSP Interstellar.
  10. Also, for anyone wanting to use TweakScale at the same time as B9 Aerospace pack, Donziboy2 put up a good tip here [/helpful] ...I just hope it still works, 'cause I wanna use Interstellar with B9.
  11. It's not necessaily a mod, but these guys were talking about a sort of sanity mod here. It looks abandoned, but I wanted to talk to the OP and try to continue the mod myself utilizing this dude's calculations.
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