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  1. > So I'd need to strut to the fairing itself. that's exactly the solution for this problem! it's kinda tricky to be done though - if you are interested, you can find a howto for this on youtube : Link the trick is to aim the strut *trough* the fairing to a part of your rocket that is far enough away from the struts origin so that the fairing changes from transparent to opaque when you place the far-end of the strut - in this case, the strut will end at the fairing instead of the distant part (it gets clearer in the video). the remaining struts on your vehicle after jettisoning the fairing are looking weird, i solved this by strutting to a launch escape system on top of my vessel that gets discarded after launch. in the meantime, this would not be necessary anymore for my current save game (i was forced to use joint reinforcement as a workaround for my exploding-as-soon-as-coming-into-physics-range bases), but i still use this solution as i think it's a realistic one. works with vanilla fairings, did not test with fairings from mods though. hth, mafs!
  2. great Job - i don't recognize the Cockpit, from which mod did you take it from?
  3. my fault, thank you for the reminder - in this case i suggest giving the central hub (and maybe the lab) survey-station capability as well - they both have lab functionality so it seems appropriate to me
  4. i second that! it would fit perfectly to the way i plan to deploy the launchpad-package - tricoupler with 3 modules (smelter/recycler/drills/power, storage , workshop/launchpad) and the central hub (=cupola, isn't it?) on top of it. this is going to be cool (this also means that all the kerbals currently on laythe will never travel back home but i won't tell them until they have set up the new base modules)
  5. Congratulations to the latest update Nils, i can't rep you enough for your this mod! i took it as opportunity to install extra planetary launchpads mod, and it seems i have a problem when trying to build ships not on the launchpad but using a survey stick on the ground - the stick does not appear in the menu of the launch pad, i can only select the pad itself. this works like a dream and as intended, but i plan to use it for building small rovers in situ and of course building rovers on top of my base would not be the best idea. my base consists of a smelter, recycler, workshop, launchpad, the necessary tanks for metal, scrap, rocket parts and energy production - am i missing something? in some tutorials i read that a survey station is necessary in order to work with survey sticks, does not the workshop have this function? any help/hint would be appreciated!
  6. mafs

    OPM Tour

    wow, grand tour incl. OPM with USI-LS, a rover to visit all biomes - megalomaniac and very kerbal, i am looking forward to it!
  7. great thread, very interesting - thanks for sharing this!
  8. Thanks a lot for the hint, 'all systems go' for my Vall-Mission!
  9. good news! had several flawless landings now having installed following mods: PBS KIS KAS KerbalEngineer MechJeb Infernal Robotics Hyperedit TweakScale will give you feedback as soon as i can determine the probable cause - thanks for your quick replies, the efforts you put into this are unbelievable!
  10. hmmm - tried again with minimum amount of installed mods and could not reproduce consistently. will try to find out if there is an interference with other mods!
  11. PBS downloaded today, should be the latest version - will make a log file! thank you so much for effort and patience!
  12. Hey Nils, I did not have much time for KSP during the last weeks, just updated to the current version of PBS and tried to parachute-land one of my Base packs (central hub plus 3 modules) on kerbin. unfortunately, i experience behavior similar to the issues that occurred at the 1.0 release version of PBS: invisible modules that only reappear when finally (blind) landed, sometimes I can't switch between modules already hanging on the chutes ( "can't switch between vessel while in flight"- message) or when able to switch, i find that the chutes were cut :-( does anybody experience similar behavior? my base was built and tested with KSP 1.0.5 and PBS 1.0.x, KSP and PBS are updated to current versions. best regards, Martin