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  1. i tested now pods mod and new parts of mod called "lebeau space industries" this mod is really awesome,did a small moon trip today.just look at that sexy pod some cool iva screenshots
  2. hands down,one of the best pods mod ever made for ksp! just tested some of the stuff,this mod is amazing. thank you sir for your hard work.
  3. how you all doing people?hope you having a great weekend! i didn't played ksp for more than 2 weeks or so..finally had some free time and more important the motivation to play ksp again! so i decided to continue where i stopped last time,took my ship that i build with epl station from the orbit of neidon to jool-going for bop landing. 2 warp drives in action orbiting joolbop landing-i really wanted to visit the kraken at bop,but because my 3.2 scale system the "anomaly" disappeared for some reason valentina is happy and that's all that matters!
  4. fgs pretty pretty please will you list all the add ons your using to build your amazing spaceships , i'm truly awed by the skills you have at making them an very very envious

  5. got more rocket parts to my station and today i build new interstellar ship with 2 warp drive engines and 4 reactors and alot of energy,good amount of delta v,main engine powered with uranium and tungsten.. this ship going to jool-going for bop landing,the lander that i got for this ship is ideal for bop,and i never went to bop!b9 parts are awesome docked with the station,than got the lander small humble lander- ideal for bop great view from the pod
  6. i was derping with jump beacons mod and finally got it to work on 1.0.5,than i managed to put epl/oks station in the orbit of thahmo. got some fresh rocket part supplies to the station and build a funky space plane...need to bring more engineers to the station,so far i got 9 only and 2 pilots for the "run ways".i really like neidon without a doubt my favorite gas giant thatmo landing on this bird,was "fun" after 5-6 failed landing attempts i realized that this is not the most ideal lander for thathmo because of its "aggressive" terrain that filled with slopes....but than the most derpy and amazing thing happen to me that can only happen in ksp,i hit the ground with 5ms,trying to do fancy landing and aim for my best,the lander hit the ground flipped a lil bit and i managed perfectly land with out any problems. only in ksp!so far away from mother kerbin! *sad music*
  7. got b9 mod last night,amazing mod
  8. i made another lifter for my 3.2 scale kerbin system not it the mood to do serious projects in ksp so i'm derping around just having fun..
  9. so if i get the mod for 1.0.5 i just replace the new dll file and the mod will work in 1.0.5?or is there something else i need to do?
  10. just follow the instructions,its a very simple tool,install it,and run it,when you open the menu you should point it on your gamedata folder.
  11. lately i really like derping around with lifters,i build this small humble rocket today for my dreamer,soyuz boosters FTW!
  12. yeap it was my 64 bit hack,never mind i just used 64 bit unfixer and it bypassed the epl block by the 64 bit,everything works like a charm now. anyway thank you for the help buddy.
  13. updated to the latest version of module manager still nothing,can it be the 64 bit version that i run?
  14. is there a chance you could upload the module manager 2.6.20 or send me the file please?i just don't use ckan,and for some reason it wasnt updated in the main thread of module manager edit: never mind sorry,i founda working build of 2.6.20