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  1. How did I not notice this sooner?! This is incredible! (also, Ebott and Frisk - Nice. Nice references!)
  2. Stuff you'd say to 5 year younger you.

    Note to myself in early 2013: BECOME A RAILFAN TWO YEARS BEFORE YOU OTHERWISE WOULD HAVE! CATCH THE SD90S BEFORE THEY'RE GONE! Even though I didn't have a real HD camera until December 2013...
  3. Aurora: Into The Ocean This story is based on the game Subnautica. I found a craft file on KerbalX for the Aurora from said game, so I decided to make my own version of the start of the game. Also, yes, the captain's name is Chara, because that's just what I named this specific kerbal in this save. ------- "This is the Aurora to KSC. We're approaching Kerbin's atmosphere. Estimated time to landing, 5 minutes." Chara turns and looks at her navigation panel. We're going way too fast for Kerbin re-entry... "Everyone, this is your captain speaking! We're coming in towards Kerbin too fast - an estimated 3600 meters per second according to my speedometer! I'm going to eject myself out the back of the ship with my escape pod! Hold on tight!" She quickly gets out of her cupola module inside the ship and runs down the corridor to her personal escape pod. It was not much - merely a small lander pod attached to an RCS tank with some thrusters. It only worked in zero G, but it'd have to do. And the ship wasn't in the atmosphere yet - once it was, Chara could no longer use the escape pod. "Undocking in 3. 2. 1." The pod undocks from the port inside the ship. Chara skillfully maneuvers the pod out of one of the holes in the back using the RCS thrusters. She keeps herself within viewing distance of the Aurora in order to maintain radio contact, but stays far enough away to be safe. "This is captain Dreemurr of the Aurora. We're coming in too hot. I have ejected myself from the ship in my escape pod. This will be a wild ride. Please, get a rescue team out there as soon as possible," Chara shouts over the mic before all radio contact fizzles out, as the ships begin to enter the atmosphere. The Aurora... it's out of control! It's spinning wildly! Being more aerodynamic, the pod descends quickly through the atmosphere. As soon as the parachutes deploy, Chara looks up at the Aurora. But, she no longer sees one piece. Instead... It's... it's coming apart... I mean, I'm glad I got out of there, but.... I can't believe this is happening- REI, WHY DIDN'T YOU INSTALL ADEQUATE DECELERATION THRUSTERS?! As the escape pod approaches within 500 meters of the ocean, Chara braces for impact as the parachutes fully deploy. Meanwhile... The Aurora successfully splashes down without being fully destroyed, the only damage being what it had sustained during the descent, except some loose parts snapped off. *Four Hours Later* Chara wakes up to find her pod floating in the ocean. Well, I'll be. I... actually survived! GPS pings show the Aurora - or what's left - to be roughly fourteen kilometers away. At least the rescue crews will have an easy job... END ----------- Hey everyone. Sorry, my writing is terrible, I'm better at doing roleplays on Amino than I am at writing stories. The other day, I found that Aurora craft file on KerbalX, and chose to have fun recreating the Aurora's crash at the start of Subnautica. Many screenshots were taken, but these were just my favorites. I wrote the story around the screenshots. Again, I know the writing is terrible. But, it's 9 PM on a school night, and I just can't think right now. After all, the most important part of this is the screenshots! Oh yeah, the craft file can be found here: https://kerbalx.com/Lockatello/Aurora-Beta The escape pod and corridors (the metal plating seen in some shots) were my personal modifications.
  4. The Ctrl+V thread!

  5. The Ctrl+V thread!

  6. Don't Click This

    Just going to get this reply in here before the thread is relocked- oh wait...
  7. Really Really Really Tall Building

    2049: ....Something indescribable. 2050: You feel like you're entering the future. 2051: Hmm? A little white dog with the power to control the universe? Odd. 2052: Doesn't it feel like you're nearing greatness? 2053: You're in a rush, but this floor is full of golden flowers. 2054: Two away. From what? Who knows. 2055: You feel a robotic presence above. 2056: You stumble across A.E.G.I.S. It's been shut down for a while due to a test subject named Mel, who escaped in the elevator.
  8. The Ctrl+V thread!

  9. The Ctrl+V thread!

  10. The Ctrl+V thread!

  11. Star Wars Episode VIII (8) the Last Jedi Discussion

    To be honest, I really enjoyed it. It just struck me as odd that... C-3PO somehow has his golden arm back, after he had the red one in TFA. Then again, maybe they just built another golden arm.
  12. what do you do in your free time?

    In this order: Watching YouTube videos Roleplaying on Amino (don't ask... please) Playing Train Simulator (or TS12), Minecraft, KSP, or GTA V Listening to the Undertale OST as well as songs from its AUs Everything else
  13. The Ctrl+V thread!

    Burnett, John G. “Birthday Story.” Received by Burnett's Children, 11 Dec. 1890. Was writing a thing for my history class.
  14. Really Really Really Tall Building

    2005: A KE (Kerbal Electric) ES44AC.
  15. The Ctrl+V thread!

    [decided to remove the soundcloud link because some people left... certain comments...]