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  1. The Ctrl+V thread!

  2. Weird terrain error on Google Earth

    Odd terrain error I found on Google Earth in eastern Oregon. The black line near the middle of the image is a railroad and the red line is just some unrelated direction data. The odd raised section seems to follow a river. And yes, I've been through here multiple times in real life and I know that this error is not accurate.
  3. The Ctrl+V thread!

    (K, let me know when back From an RP I was doing on messages on Amino.
  4. The Ctrl+V thread!

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzgpOwo4RtBzQnZhNDUtRnZzSUk Link to a drawing
  5. Hide from sick!

    I hide in the computer. Because i have a giant super computer built with modern technology but it's so powerful it needs a whole room.
  6. The Ctrl+V thread!

  7. 2017 Eclipse Pictures

    Hey everyone. I got to witness a very rare event today: the total solar eclipse that has been hyped up for months. I got a few pictures, this is the best one I can post before I get home from said eclipse.
  8. The Ctrl+V thread!

    The best song ever
  9. The Ctrl+V thread!

    *i grab one of Frisk's Unfinished copied sentence from a roleplay in a chat room on Amino. Let's not discuss where that sentence was going.
  10. Destroy a Space Mission

    The ship is so big, it collapses turns into a black hole under its own weight and destroys the whole solar system. I launch a boat... on Laythe so it still counts as a space mission.
  11. The Kerbal Mindset (provide quotes)

    "I'm stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean, because I tried landing here in a hypersonic-capable jet and smashed the engine apart upon landing." -An unnamed female Kerbonaut, yesterday in my main KSP save.
  12. The Ctrl+V thread!

    http://imgur.com/a/vngII A thing I'm making. WARNING: this album contains spoilers for Undertale which is why I chose not to embed it. Also it may or may not be kinda sad to read through. It's set in a post-genocide pacifist route.
  13. I have a train. Just run over all the zombies until fuel starts running low, in which case there's probably weapons in one of the train's 100+ cars to defend myself while I refuel the locomotives.
  14. The Ctrl+V thread!

    <a youtube video I made that I do not want to share here but I had the link copied for some reason>
  15. Rate that Sig

    6/10 Good pictures, but they're cut off.