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  1. I'm seeing the Woomerang Launch Site even tho "Allow other Launchsites" is off. Also getting a comm net signal from there even tho "Enable Extra Groundstations" is off. I might try removing my mods and see if it's still happens. Don't have anything that touches comms tho I think. Just wondering if anyone else noticed it. A quick google search turned up nothing. Career game, KSP version with Making History dlc
  2. Oh wow. You know what I just learned? That you can recover crafts into storage I've been recovering from the stock recover button and been getting the cost back. In some cases I wouldn't have minded getting the craft back. This code seems to do the trick for the airbrake. MODULE { name = FSairBrake targetAngle = 0 } Also I tried recovering crafts from the launchpad/runway and it seems to work ok for the launchpad. But for some reason when I use a recovered craft from the runway it starts up rotated towards the sky as if it would have been on the launchpad.
  3. Ah okay. I must have missed that it depends on the VAB level. I still have 11 days to go until the VAB is level 2. Thanks for the quick reply and the great mods you've made. Since I started my new game with Kerbal Construction Time, StageRecovery and Field Experience I've had a blast.
  4. I have spent points in the VAB upgrades so Rate 1 is 1BP/s, Rate 2 is 0.7BP/s. I have 1 point available. The button to get Rate 3 is not there, it just says Rate 3 0BP/s. Am I missing something? Shouldn't there be a button to allow me to upgrade Rate 3 with 0.2BP/s?
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