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  1. Just THANK YOU for all that you continue to do... words cannot describe.
  2. GG's all around team! Can't wait to dive into this... - OzzyInSpace
  3. A quick note; I initially thought my install was missing some of the tanks that used to be in the interstellar mod; reading further back it seems this was intentional and cited as an attempt to reign in the part count. I will say that I do miss those tanks (all the variants that used to be included). I understand there are solutions now within the hex IFS stuff, but miss the solutions that were possible without having to use those. I absolutely love this mod (always have and always will), and love the fact that it causes me to put just as much time (if not more) into testing things as I do actually using them on various missions. While there has been some conversation around thinking about reintroducing them, I have to say that I'd certainly welcome that. - EDIT** Turns out ckan didn't install everything included/needed for the mod, which explains why I was missing so many things in my save. Removing it and installing it manually has now resolved those issues. Apologies...I feel rather dumb. As always, thanks for everything you continue to do for this mod/community! A loyal fan, OzzyInSpace
  4. I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for everything you do. This mod is such a must-have for does so many great things. I just can't express that thank you. That is all - OzzyInSpace
  5. If that's the case, then I wonder if the licensing allows for others to pick up the torch. (haven't looked yet, myself). RCS thrust plumes are a fairly easy thing to adjust, from my understanding. I'd be curious how difficult it would be to bring this up to spec again. Between mods like this and the old Laztek packs (from back in the beta days), I have such a longing desire for great looking SpaceX style crafts like these....
  6. Does anyone know if this is working in 1.5x? versions of KSP?
  7. Thank you, FreeThinker (and whoever else for contributing), for doing such a stellar job (see what I did there? ) on KSPIE - Much appreciated! This has always been a major go-to for my KSP builds. Love it!
  8. You can enable/disable those with the in-game settings of whatever spacecraft you're concerned (or not concerned *concernDoge Kappa) about; It's a simple check or uncheck to alert you to the various aspects (signal, power, etc..); unchecking those will then not bother to alert you when your craft reaches that trigger threshold. I think the Kerbalism in-game menu is the cfg or something along those lines? Regards, OzzyInSpace
  9. I'm so excited to incorporate this mod back into my new build. Thank you all for everything you do! - OzzyInSpace
  10. Thank you so so very much for all of the hard work that I KNOW goes into keeping all of this up to date. It's definitely appreciated!!
  11. Thinking about ya!

  12. I think you're failing to understand what this mod does. For instance, you can have a fully functional shuttle, with all the bells and whistles (retractable landing gear, lights, fuel and engines), all with about 6 parts. An Orion capsule; complete with parachutes, docking port, heat shield, lights, mono prop + thrusters; and all in one part. It does all of these types of things, and does them really well. Once I tried it... there is no going back; it's now become a must-have on my mod lists. Issue Report: One issue I found yesterday was the docking ports with parachutes in them; They don't deploy like they used to. I think the issue is that it's not registering it being at a safe speed (even though it clearly is); and with the parachute armed on re-entry. I tested this a handful of times yesterday, and found that the other parachutes do deploy (in the capsules and such), but the standalone parachutes in the docking ports don't. Not sure if this issue has already been brought up? Thanks in advance!