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  1. well, thank you for all of your hard work! been one of my must have mods for years now
  2. FAR actually makes spaceplanes (especially of the cargo carrying variety) MUCH easier. still, it sure satisfying when you release that big orange tank next to your station/fuel depot from a ssto that you'll pilot back to the KSC runway
  3. heres some pics . i used tweakscale for the fuel tanks but everything else is transmogrified
  4. to give you an idea of what i'm talking about: 2.5m mod tanks (fuel tanks plus in this case) resize to the (i assume) nominal 4 meter diameter, but their volumes don't scale whereas stock tanks don't get transmogrified (i used tweak scale here to bring it up to 4 meters) and hence have the correct internal volume mind you, my install is ofc modded out the wazoo. it does seem to be working fine for other stock parts, as you can see by the command pod values below thrust values seem to be fine (close enough at least), will let u know more once i put this sucker in orbit
  5. ok... havent launched anything yet but i did notice some inconsistencies with stock tanks and fuel tanks added by mods, i'll need to look into it a bit more tho. pics incoming as soon as i do get to orbit though! you bet
  6. giving this a try now! looks promising :) im assuming this doesnt have the optional extensions mentioned in the OP? (im using this on a 10x rescale with smurff btw)
  7. just chiming in to say this is extremely well done and has been one of the essential mods i use for the last few patch/update cycles. thanks for sharing, i know free time is in short supply for students (well, if you actually do your homework and study that is :P)
  8. Thanks alot for all your hard work, toadicus! Your mods have given me alot of fun over the versions of KSP and years i've been playing, this one in particular being a go to one for me! Good to see its found a new caretaker.
  9. Well, I don't see roverdude's name on there...
  10. that feeling when someone comes up with a thing that you didn't even know you needed before you learned about it. I have a habit of making big ships , and the last one i did had a catastrophic failure during its escape burn because of the darn docking ports holding it together! in short, this looks amazing. thank you!!! gonna give this a try now
  11. So hype!!!! I decided to install the prerelease on my laptop and its quite playable with some graphics settings turned down (intel gma 4500 chipset and a dual core 1.8 ghz core2 duo).
  12. I've been having similar errors. crashing with virtual function calls etc, as well as having rockets that float upwards on the launchpad at 0.2 m/s regardless of thrust.
  13. just would like to express my gratitude! having mostly functional pwings this soon after release is quite nice!
  14. Just curious. Are you waiting to release the 777 part update until 1.1? Looks great!