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  1. I absolutely love how squished up it looks like, it fits the Kerbal rendition of the Imperial Destroyer
  2. The download link seems to be private or dropbox now requires you to have an account in order to download anything
  3. Ooooh! I for one would like to see those watercrafts of yours!
  4. What mission would this be for? Seems like something out of Interstellar, which Laythe could closely relate to...
  5. The quality of this is so top notch. Props to the author, just, props *clap* *clap*
  6. Well, the ore tanks are full to provide downforce yes, because I assume that it would take weight to keep pressurized air in a can submerged, and that the mk1 crew cabin does seem like it really want to stay in the surface! So if we were to practically use a sub with that kind of system, we would need to spend resources on it, which adds fault to the design. I'd imagine using this in career mode would be more troublesome, if one were to be conservative of funds Ah, I see I see. If I were to give some tips, I would say that the wing parts aren't really necessary as a sub as tiny as that Mk1 capsule would be easily controlled by that medium-sized SAS module, Here's another one I built based on the Mk1 capsule (ignore the KLAW, that's just for show, and YES it does make the craft more floaty), where it doesn't require the ore tanks to submerge, but rather determination. By that I mean, you fire the engines and point downwards in order to submerge it, and if you cut the power it would freely float back to the surface. The flaws to this design however, is that as fuel gets consumed, the sub would inevitably be so light that it would just float back to the surface even with force from the jets, so there's that to account. I'm not so sure if the wing parts make the craft more floaty? Some testing would need to be done there...