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  1. Well, according to the order of a new GPU, it won't be here for a while. Turns out I should have been paying more attention before I ordered it to see there is a worldwide shortage and skyrocketing prices. So to keep things moving, I will be doing 1V1 videos this week in an informal trial session to showcase what we have so far. Please check the first post to make sure your craft is on the list. If it's not, let me know with a dl link or friendly rock through the window.
  2. New GPU is on the way, and the new official test date is Jan. 26th.
  3. Alright, after some slight modifications, (see: beating engineers with bamboo canes) the X-59-B is ready to enter. With air intakes...and some other...stuff. https://kerbalx.com/AlexClark/X-59-B The Tomcat II was modified to better compete, but I'm happier with the X-59-B for this competition.
  4. Now I took that as I had too many missiles, hence the X-59 having 0 missiles and 8 Vulcans. You cut me deep @exbyde, cut me real deep...
  5. I've used both AIM-9 and R60 extensively, on lots of aircraft. The main advantage of the R60 is the weight/size. I can pack the same punch with an R60, but load twice as many on a fighter VS the AIM-9. As far as actual performance, they work with the same accuracy and dependability. As @exbyde famously referred to my X-24, the "Missile Molester"
  6. Watching the forums and looking through posts is the closest thing I have to KSP right now. Thank you sir!
  7. If I can ever get KSP to load again to test, I'm sure that is the case. Since I moved everything to the rig at home, I've been having a lot of issues with Vessel Mover, BDA, structural failures, and loading screen freezes...
  8. I am quickly finding the same to be true. Although it's hard to test when I'm getting a stuck loading screen...
  9. They've been sent to a re-education cam...I mean facility for further evaluation.
  10. Err...ummm...engineers...didn't...I...have... I have no excuse. I threw it together in an hour. I'll make edits now...
  11. Update: Got everything moved to the home rig yesterday, including Game Data and craft files. Vessel Mover is randomly throwing craft into explosive orbit, or spawning with missing parts. Once I diag the problem and fix it, I'll get back on it. Keep up you own testing if you can!
  12. Gonna have to agree with the consensus on lasers being banned. But damn, that's thinking out of the box! I'm not sure if I should praise at the altar here, or just order a B61 strike. This is definitely getting an honorable mention! And for an update on the testing, home rig is up and running, will resume 1V1 testing now.
  13. I'll be putting in overtime tomorrow on testing, had a RAM slot die on the work rig today. Luckily the rig at home is the same model just stock. I'll be swapping components tomorrow morning and resume testing then.
  14. I'll bump my A-15 from the list to make room for you this round. Also, pick one of you AA platforms and I'll add it to the list there as well.
  15. Same here. I would do some videos of prelims, but CAD software is a heavy burden to bear at the moment.
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