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  1. I always wanted to test and play RSS, but I was a bit demotivated by the need of huge rockets and longer burn times. Now, I can use this nice mod and play, for instance, with non equatorial launch base and have nice and realistic planet textures. Thank you guys!
  2. @dewinslow I guess you have made a skycrane with a KAS winch. In such a case, you must undock the skycrane and the rover before extending the cable. You can do this through the winch GUI or assign a key through the action group. Then, you can normally extend the winch cable.
  3. Seeing so many good people that have contributed a lot to KSP and this nice 1.2 update leaving the team is sad. But they have their reasons to depart and I respect that and wish all the best to them and I am really grateful for all their love, passion and all the work and time dedicated to this game. I hope some of them can still contribute to KSP through mods (and I will donate or already have donated) or they can contribute to or develop new games as KSP still the one that consumes most of my time allocated to gaming, but it is not the only one. Surely, since HarvesteR and other importa
  4. As always, thanks for the news. Happy to contribute to eliminate some bugs on this nice update. And of course, I hope @sal_vager gets well soon.
  5. Thank you for all the work for this kommunity. You will be missed. Godspeed Kasper!
  6. Oi pessoal! Já lia as coisas aqui no fórum há alguns anos e depois de um tempo resolvi criar uma conta. Um abraço e boas órbitas para todos!
  7. Thank you a lot, Felipe. KSP has become the Game for me. Many hours of fun, learning and the best game community that I've ever seen. Godspeed and success in your new endeavors and games.
  8. I do support and congratulate your decision in delaying the release of 1.1. Take your time to iron out all the bad bugs. Besides, many modders would be to much away during the end of the year holidays. So again, I think this delay is for the best.
  9. Thanks Yanfret for this awesome addon!
  10. Hi everyone. I've been lurking around since I bought KSP about one year ago. However, with the 1.0 release, I've thought it was about time to come to public and praise Squad, the modders for making such awesome game! The community also deserves a special thanks for making such good tutorials, videos and answering questions. Thank you all and kind regards from Brazil!
  11. I've been playing for bit less than one year, having accumulated about 300hs of my precious time, but I can clearly say with no doubt at all that this is the best game I've ever played in my more than 32 years of gaming experience. Thank you very much for all your effort, transparency and the way you have build such awesome game. I would like also to extend my compliments to all amazing modders that have contributed to making a great gaming experience even better! Thank you all very much and my best wishes in the future development of KSP and other games!
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