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  1. I've experienced a kraken style event on a space station around Kerbin. I can prevent it from happening by un-installing KJR. No other mod removals seem to impact this issue. This is a very long term sandbox save, with hundreds of missions and many landings, bases, and stations around the Kerbol System. What I don't understand is why I've never had this issue before. Is anyone else having any KJR next related issues?
  2. I'm having an issue where upon installation of Extraplanetary Launchpads for 1.4.5, it is placing all pods that are compatible with ELP into the ELP tab in the VAB/SPH. What would be causing that and how can I fix it? A few files I believe are related: ModuleManage Config Cache file: EL_MM.cfg: Thanks for any assistance!
  3. I'm using EPL 6.2.2. After installation, any parts used as a workshop by EPL now only show in the EPL tab in the VAB. How do I fix this?
  4. Has anyone had issues with the heatshields, in particular for 1.4.5.? Mine cause capsules to flip when re-entering the atmosphere. I don't have issues with stock or various heatshields from other mods.
  5. I'm using KSP 1.4.5, with Tidal Steam branch of Proc Parts, updated to 1.3.18. My issue: Proc Part heatshields cause capsules to flip like crazy in atmosphere. Stock shields don't do this. Suggestions?
  6. Would you ever consider making a pod for 5m? Would you accept any commission work for parts that everyone could enjoy? I'd seriously pay for some custom parts...
  7. Personally I'd love it if I could sponsor the creation of some larger pods... haha
  8. You are amazing Nertea. I'm so glad to have used your parts for years now!
  9. I've been away too long, I forgot that part had the other attachment node. Excuse my lunacy!
  10. What's the ideal setup for an orbital space station using MKS parts, in terms of build time and low material/specialized part usage? I'm doing a game where I have an orbital spaceyard and I build massive ships in LKO for greater colonization of the system.
  11. Well aware, been using this mod for awhile. If I remove the "hiding" off those parts though, can I get the EPL chain back, and still use MKS parts?
  12. It's more about the logistics chain to turn mined material into parts usable for building things. in EPL, it's ore > metal > rocket parts > finished product.
  13. Pretty annoying, considering how this limits the construction of larger stations and bases. I like mods that reduce the part count needed, not increase it