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  1. Make it to the Mun using only solid fuel! Extra points if you go somewhere else cool:D. Only stock parts, info mods + beauty mods allowed.
  2. OMG I can't wait for this! Is there a mailing list or something so I could notified when it's released?
  3. Thanks for your entry, it was nothing short of amazing!
  4. One day the team at the KSC decided that they needed to re build the abandoned runway because of scientific reasons. No beach parties would be held there at all. Only science. Anyway they soon discovered that to build something, you need stuff to build it with. This is were you come in! Your challenge is to find the fastest way to transport a 72 ton payload (2 Rockomax Jumbo-64 fuel tanks) to the island and return. The Rules: Completely stock physics, drag models etc. (There will be a separate FAR leader board) Completely stock parts (Informative mods and visual mods are fine) Payload must be left at the island INTACT Vessel must remain completely intact apart from the payload Time runs from the moment you start your engines to the moment you come to a complete stop back at the Ksc runway Good luck! Stock Leader Board 1. t3hJimmer: 4 mins 10 seconds 2. The_bT: 5 mins 44 seconds 3. Foxster: 8 mins 34 seconds 4.- 5.- FAR Leader Board 1.- 2.- 3.- 4.- 5.-