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  1. Those planets all look amazingly beautiful! You seem to put a lot of effort into nailing details, something that really pays of. Of the screenshots of the purple/pink gas giant I liked the third texture best, it looks the most realistic:) Feedback on the second set of gas giant textures (pink one): #1: Looks very good, my favorite. #2: Chaotic, but not too much. Looks interesting. #3: Something feels off about that one. Looks to uniform while at the same time being random. #4: I like this approach as well, but still doesn't beat #1!
  2. This thread is very quiet at the moment... How you doing Proot? e: Not meant as a "when is release" question.
  3. Oops, thanks for the heads up! Didn't post any links because several useful results show up when searching "1.0.4" in the thread (search function top right, below the page numbers for anyone wondering )
  4. No. Pro-tip: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/search.php?searchid=6421012 Instuctions to make it work can be found.
  5. I think it will be released as 1.1 compatible. You see it is not just an update, it is a complete rework. The old version can be made to work with 1.0.4, instructions can be found in this thread. (search).
  6. Welcome back! Just curious what your end goals with Kerbin are. Do you plan to make it look like Earth from space (as in same amount of clouds and similar colors), or just pretty on its own?
  7. Could this be of interest? Has 6 manned cockpits. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/77894-WIP-D12-Aerotech-A-B9-Aerospace-Expansion-(Beta1)
  8. I was thinking a visual change only. Like how the RCS thrusters had a "toggle shielding" option. S2 fuselage and S2W are the ones which could benefit the most from having an option to remove the shielding (for building interplanetary vehicles, rovers and bases etc.).
  9. Just a suggestion: if it is not too much work is it possible to make the heat shielding on (some) parts toggleable? I've always enjoyed the parts of this pack very much and I think this gives them better versatility. Especially the S2 fuselage is good for building bases and other structures.
  10. This is awesome! Love the parts (clever design that they can be packed as a 2.5 meter payload). And the IVAs are glorious, I appreciate those very much. Thank you! Edit: as a suggestion: Raster prop monitor support! Probably suggested earlier in the thread, if so then please discard. And know that I'm extremely hyped to play with this when I get home
  11. wow! I look very much forward to exploring the planets! really cool shots THX-1138! Here are some of my fav screenshots using the old pack http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/45375528347046018/923D7D094BD0BF9702C650218D36C77FDCED13C7/ (didnt work to make this one show up like the others) SSTO Pale Green Dot thanks for your work proot, it is really appreciated.
  12. Have you updated the individual mods in the pack? I think it is possible to make it it work in 1.0 but not if you just install it as usual. Edit: what westy said. It didnt show up before I posted. Also, I think the sun lens flare dosent work properly.
  13. Awesome. Looking forward to see how they turn out, especially Eve (cause the old one was pretty much perfect IMO). Drop a pic if you feel like it!