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  1. Question on Kolony growth. I have gotten everything setup, seen the "birthday" set to 120 days-ish, and I timewarped and a Kerbal was birthed. Am I to assume this only works when in scene and not in background simulation? This base was around many years as I was doing other things and no other births occured. I changed mine with this patch @PART[Kosntruction_Workshop_250]:Final { %MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart] { %InventorySlots = 25 %packedVolumeLimit = 52000 } } Note that the ":FINAL" from the patch in KSP\GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\Konstruction\Patches\EVAConstructionTweaks.cfg may need to be removed for this to work right, I had some dueling "FINALS" going on
  2. @DocNappers Good to see this moving forward, you all have done some excellent work updating the Armor and Ammo mechanics among so many other things.
  3. First off, hope you get better soon man, health first. I was thinking some of the mechanics you have come up with are great candidates for integration into BDA in general, the napalm, bomb damage mechanics for nuclear, could be worked in to make it easier for mod makers to create more bomb types. One of my goals was to actually get scaled bomb mechanics built in, the damage is there but visually they are just small and large. I would like to tie it to TNT power and allow for adding modifiers (like nuclear) If you are open to it and I can get a copy of the source we could integrate those ideas and I would help back port the changes to your parts for compatibility.
  4. I recompiled for 1.4.5 but I need to find those changes that Doc made - AFAIK it should work (from my debug tests) if the Doc's version works for you continue to use that I'll need to sync up Doc's branch with some Git foo later
  5. 1.4.5 Recompile up on Spacedock and Github - CKAN should refresh whenever it does its thing
  6. @linuxgurugamer you ever get this all sorted, google searching led me here having a similar issue. I only want a certain calc to run when the part is changed by tweakscale
  7. True, mainly these Gforce settings are for pure drone craft to allow you to stretch reality
  8. @GDJ @Nightguard FYI the Max G force has been upped in the AI setting allowing for up to 45g
  9. Hey gents, I heard a rumor 1.4.5 is coming soon - once I figure out how to make this work for 1.4.x will push out a release
  10. The issues is not very clear but what Ferram fixed was the ignore misbehaving causing the freeze if multiPartAttachNodeReinforcement = 0 The fix was put in awhile back and is in current code. We may need to update the ignore file if any module names have changed The config.xml has the following lines <string name="exemptPartType0">MuMechToggle</string> <string name="exemptPartType1">MuMechServo</string>
  11. I was looking into RasterProp monitor integration (which would allow for this) but it was much more difficult than I expected. - Open issue here https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/issues/45
  12. The short answer is sort-of not really As you can see from JR's post above some things do work however, other things do not (namely the AI is not designed to function with RCS or fly in space) The team has been kicking around ideas and incrementally making improvements - its is not a dedicated sprint right now, just something we toy with occasionally You can see here : https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A"Space+Combat" the issues that are related. This is not a comprehensive list of all things that need to be done in order for proper space combat though.
  13. BDynamics is handled by linuxgurugamer For some context some mods were taken over by other devs - this team supports BDArmory, VesselMover, BDMK22 - Adjustable Landing gear moved to Kerbal Foundries I am sure I am missing something but a quick search will usually point you in the right direction
  14. @Rudolf Meier Good to see someone picking this mod up again. I wanted to suggest turning on Git issues to track bug reports, sometimes things get lost in the threads. I wanted to report that I am seeing an issue with "Engage Limits" I can only set the value on the right hand side button then the limit gets "stuck" at 0 for an inverted Rotatron Basic // On another note, I see others still referencing KJR issues - I had worked with ferram in this issue to use the ignore list to get around those problems https://github.com/ferram4/Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement/issues/14
  15. Been out due to a flood in my place - just getting back online now and getting up to speed on things. Gonna be about a week or so before I get all this sorted
  16. Yeah, this has been tough to balance. I'll start with the 20mm issue : Root cause here is the balancing of ballistics - we are using real world formulas to calculate ballistic energy , translating those values to from joules/mega joules forced us to scale the numbers to reasonable values. The TLDR; on this was I had to use a scale or I would be dealing with hitpoints in the 100,000 range for small parts. That would be very difficult to balance, so in balancing the high end calibers the lower ends (below 30mm) suffered greatly. To fix this I have changed the bullet type to HighExplosive and given it more power. There is also a _per Weapon_ modifier `bulletDmgMult` that modders can use to adjust their weapons to their liking if they do not like the behavior of the bullet calcs. This same scaling issue on hitpoints became apparent as this formula uses an approximation for density however, some parts are not scaled correctly for mass and size thus screwing up density. Example, the panther engine, its very small and heavy, it should be 3x longer which would balance out the density calculation. I had am accounting for some of these hitpoint anomalies here : https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/blob/dev/BDArmory/Distribution/GameData/BDArmory/MMPatches/000000_HitpointModule_PartFixes.cfg Further suggestions on proper numbers are welcome. On to the AA missiles - this one is a bugger because "real world" AA missiles use a blast fragmentation warhead that does its damage using shrapnel rather than the force of the explosive. BDA does not have that effect built into it yet, we are currently only doing damage by the blast approximated by TNT force. To approximate this we use the detonation distance and put in enough TNT mass to mimic the effect. Blast Fragmentation / Shrapnel is something we want to add later, but it will have to wait until the new Unity gets implemented, we are already pushing the performance limits with the current calculations we have now. It does sound like we need to up the TNT mass on some of the AA missiles if they are not doing the expected damage. If you want to test some variants yourself all you need to do is edit the part config MODULE { name = BDExplosivePart tntMass = 25 }
  17. That should not be happening, see if this build still gives you issues and do a complete refresh install. If you still got problems send me your logs. Also if this is with your weapons send me an updated pack to your stuff for testing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/604oreas65t4sk9/BDArmory. Can you pop me a git issue so I don't forget should be something I can get in for you , I just need to review the boost / cruise phase routines
  18. Still am, just been a bit sick for awhile, also trying to finish this next release on BDA I will get this and my other personal mods some love soon, real life got me a bit tied up
  19. Decision has been made to turn this off for flight for now due to the performance lag (FX will sill be on for landed or splashed) There will also be a few options in settings.cfg MAX_FIRES_PER_VESSEL = 10 FIRELIFETIME_IN_SECONDS = 90 Will be posting an update soon
  20. as mentioned by @XOC2008 mentioned the main hurdle is the coordinate systems change for the PQS (from planet to orbit) Some mods have handled it, say mechjeb landing , but I am unsure as to the resolution or coordinate translation. The TLDR; is its a lot of work This issue is one I started to discuss some GPS feature updates https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/issues/240
  21. Not really sure on that one @SpannerMonkey(smce) would have to chime in on the turret part design aspect first
  22. This dev version should work with Pre-Release BDA 1.1 if you are using that - https://www.dropbox.com/s/54s7i9s2vtk2hy9/HullBreach. So in of itself no - but the explosions created _could_ slow things down say if a very large boat sank with lots of parts. But that is kind of the point, to clean up parts after a boat is destroyed and show the effect. Spanner just released another update with tweaks to SeaWater amounts. Can you tell me which parts you are using or give me a link to your craft file. Also be sure to clear your MM Cache and part database file when updating SM Mods, we make lots of changes to MM configs that sometimes need refreshing.
  23. Something I would like to have eventually. I did just add a feature recently that allows you to manually select the GPS target per missile. The rest of the mechanic as you described will take much more time to implement.
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