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  1. I have some higher quality sounds and some programming knowledge, so I could help out with improving this mod
  2. Do you know if it would stay in place if I moved the bases?
  3. So this happens to KerbinSide with 64K. I'm using the latest version of 64K and SigmaDimensions 0.5
  4. I don't know if this has been asked before, but could you add an MM config in SigmaDimensions to adjust Kerbal Konstructs' statics?
  5. @AlphaAsh What attribute in the configs for the statics controls altitude ASL?
  6. One use would be to be using KScale2, and the KerbinSide buildings are offset, so using the KK editor to move them, and save those positions. EDIT: I've dug through SigmaDimensions, and there appears to be a formula I could follow to get the correct positions of the buildings.
  7. Is there some way to have KK override any configs that are installed with the settings changed in the site editor thing?
  8. I'm not sure. You might be on your own with that.
  9. @AlphaAsh Do you know of any 64K compatibility configs for KerbinSide?
  10. How does one have MM execute math in relation to variables in configs it's editing?
  11. The one from NF needs scaling, not just an offset. @sumghai, I'd be at least pleased if you could give me/us models that can easily be scaled and edited for certain needs so that I could try myself.
  12. Sumghai, I was wondering if you could find a way to make SDHI compatibility packs for different 2.5m capsules, such as the one from Near Future, the one from Lithobrake Technologies, etc. Possibly use a mesh switch on the parts that change?