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  1. Basically yes. The radiators in KSPI work ok for waste heat but lack a way to move heat around. It doesn't work to just throw radiators on the vista engine for example. Heat pipes would be great to move that heat to some thing else.
  2. I haven't tried yet but any chance this works with KSP interstellar "waste heat"? I'm assuming it is only for "stock" heat but would be awesome if it could make the crossover.
  3. It could be very complex like that, yes. Or something that simply assumes your final design integrates a system to "move" heat around. Unfortunately I know nothing about modding other than how to use other people mods, so im not much use except to make suggestions.
  4. I understand it is not a bug. What I was saying is there should be a way to move heat around to radiators. Like a heat pump. Currently the only thing there is to reduce heat are radiators, and they a passive way to reduce heat. I think in reality ships with the kind of tech KSPI offers would have active cooling and heat pumps to move more heat away from heat generating parts to heat reducing parts. Parts would still heat up, but systems could be devised by the player to cool the vista, for example, which is basically useless to me know as it explodes doing what it excels at, long burns. And of
  5. Freethinker, something I would love to see is a way to pump heat/cooling around. Like a heat pump. A part may be necessary or when building a ship KSPI could just assume there is a heat pump system built in as part of the finished ship. The vista engine seems to overheat no matter what I do. I put four huge radiators on a small ship and still over heated it despite the radiators not reaching full temperature. Perhaps a crossover could be made between stock heat and waste heat as well. I just think realistically with the tech in kSPI active cooling and moving heat through ships should be a feat
  6. Can you do that? That's what I'm talking about. I'll go give it a rip.
  7. That's not what I was asking about. Asking for Mining. Not scooping from atmospheres.
  8. Hey freethinker, I've asked a couple times, sorry for being a pest, but any plans on somehow having the ability to mine liquid hydrogen? Like expanding the capability of the stock ISRU to turn ore into it? Otherwise the vista is great for single trips but not refueling and bouncing from place to place.
  9. Im really looking for ways to mine liquid hydrogen on planets for the vista engine. Much like how the stock drill and ISRU can produce stock liquid fuel. There is currently no way to refuel the interstellar tanks with liquid hydrogen. Any plans for this?
  10. So I was building this ship using the vista engine when I realized there is no way to refuel liquid hydrogen tanks by mining/ISRU. Is there anything in the works to make an ISRU converter or somehow do this? Any mods out there now for this anyone know?
  11. That's exactly what it was. Mac overwrites those folders. It takes a bit of effort but I just individually merged folders and now it works! Would be nice if the Boris .90 and KSPI extended folders were just merged before hand. Thanks for your help.
  12. So do i need to pick and choose the files that go into gamedata? When I download boris I have folders for open resource system, ORS resource pack, techmanager and warp plugin. When I downlaod KSPI extended I get the same folder names, but some of the content are different. In step 4 of the installation instructions, it says to let the files overwrite the boris ones. This means the boris .90 folders will be completely overwritten, not combined or anything.
  13. OK folks, I would love it if anyone has has this issue would help me out, I install KSPI extended just like in the instructions, install boris 0.90, install tweakscale, then overwrite with KSPI extended. I never get any parts in my game, no matter how many installs I do. I'm on a mac. yes I have the latest kSP, module manager and tried several fresh KSP installs with only KSPI extended, no other mods. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there some trick to the install? One thing that doesn't make sense is you have to install boris .90, then the files from KSPI extended overwrite all those boris
  14. it does seem that way. I'm using Mac OSX, I'm simply dragging the KSPI extended files into my gamedata folders and allowing them to overwrite the Boris 0.90 files. Been playing KSP a while and never had an issue with anything like this before. Thank you for responding so quickly btw.
  15. Module manager 2.6.3 installed. I even went back and downloaded a new KSP 1.0.2, installed KSPI extended and made sure module manager was installed. Nothing. Any other ideas? to be clear, the parts appear in the career tech tree, but I only get interstellar fuel tanks in the sandbox mode.
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