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  1. Holy CRAP these are some unbelievably beautiful cockpits. Please add cargo bays as well- they're mostly the reason I use SSTOs.
  2. Can I bother you folks for a quick Duna drift gif?
  3. Adding more voices to the horde asking for official RO support. I'm gonna try and run it anyways and see what happens with my RO install.
  4. Holy crap people actually replied to this topic. *looks at his notifications settings funny* I'd actually like to see if Van Disaster could run, or at least help run, this competition? My interests tend to oscillate wildly, and right now a BD AI competition would bore me stiff. And yeah, the F-12 was made to be beaten, basically.
  5. Alright, I'll go ahead and take a crack at it. Flagpole area's still a little rough 'cos I need the flag to finish that bit up, pinch/whorl can do a number on proportions. Anyways this something liek what you were thinking of? also eugh whats going on with the horizon...
  6. So proud of this thing. Wave-drag profile is less than 1 square meter when loaded with air-to-air ordinance. Supercruises like nothin'.
  7. Hello, and welcome to the new Ganymede Aerospace Security! Featuring all sorts of combat aircraft designed to satisfy the needs of only the pickiest proletariat politicians, we pride ourselves on aesthetics, capability, and low part count! OK, I may have lied. For now, we only have the one, the F-151 (or was it 515?) Golden Eagle. Here's the download link. More coming soon.
  8. ...Maybe y'all have too many parts packs.
  9. Hmm. I'll have to try this one out- I've never actually successfully redirected an asteroid before. And the way the probe works out in Hard, I can easily meet the mass limits, especially with a transfer stage. So.. yeah. Hard mode it is. Wish me luck! Update: Is the Materials Bay required on the probe? That's one heavy piece of equipment...
  10. I get the feeling we might be flooding the market.
  11. The Kerbal Alliance military, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to open yet another competition for the best BDArmory fighter design on the planet, disregarding the fact that the entire planet has been at peace for decades. Entrants are restricted, but barely, by what’s noted down in appendix one. Since the Kerbal Alliance is not a terribly pro-active organization, they’re probably never going to get around to determining the winner, so the competition is running in a “beat the best” format with challengers going up one-on-one against whatever beat the last champion, with both designs cont
  12. Yes, I know Bac9 had a blog entry on this very subject. Thing is, with the forum upgrade, that is now lost to history. So, once more for old time's sake: How do I import this decent set of parts I made into Unity?
  13. So you're making a single-part Centaur then? Thank you! Mind making a DEC variant too?
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