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  1. I managed to rip them out actually but decided to redo them, started with the docking ports but if you want to do the Texturing then feel free I am redoing the parts mostly due to low polycount, will see how it will turn out
  2. the Models/Meshes arent the issue here, i cant even open any IVA's, basically nothing is working in Unity as i remember it from a few years back if you're ok with Texturing, i can try to pump out some models, the shapes arent that complicated.
  3. yup, would love to fiddle with this in Unity but last time i had it working was in 2016, recently tho i cant get it to open any part Great thing
  4. yes, exactly! I wonder if that would work if the Control Node of the Docking Port itself would be angled too (i dont know if that is possible at all) so basically when you are aligned in line with the ship and docking port Base then any docking indicator would show you that you are properly zeroed Quick mockup in Paint https://imgur.com/RQeuraT
  5. Is it possible maybe to make the transform of the docking node angled on the RangerDock Part ? so the alignment isnt displayed perpendicular to the ports but at an angle, hence DPAI and dockingcam would show the alingment by being proper despite the Pitch being at 30Deg ? I dont know if that question is clear, i can draw later what i mean (or i'll Discord you when you have the Time)
  6. hey sorry but what config do you refer to ? i have RP and the Endurance but still am missing any RCS on the Ranger
  7. tbh there is no good solution for that, putting a docking port on the node in the back blocks the Crew Hatch so that's not a good way. Actually i've put a flat docking port to the bottom of the Ranger and use it with other ships as the angled docking was too annoying
  8. indeed, sicky-slick. I did reduce the RCS Thrust for the rangers by a lot in the configs or otherwise it was a hell to control but i am still missing any RCS plumes on it - what RP configs were you guys talking about ?
  9. it's a question of visual style, MKS has containers for everything, yes, but if you run a station with SSPE parts then you need to MM the resources in manually
  10. "Problem" with MKS Konfabricator is that it requires additional New Resources which would need to be added to Existing Cargo parts (they arent part of CRP), if you want to use Konfabricator, you also need to switch your vessel production to the MKS workshops (or have both systems running), which again changes the resource requirements
  11. yes, i know but launching a Workshop while you are designing a vessel in VAB is quicker than going to Tracking Station, loading orbital station and going back to VAB to check it (especially if the Station has 200+ Parts)
  12. yes on first (although some items only require matkits and sp and some only alloys, matkits, sp, not everything requires all resources) there is no UI in VAB, need to launch a Workshop to the pad and check in the construction windows
  13. Wait, there are Beans in those Ration packs ???? !!!!
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