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  1. Great Job, i havent played KSP for a while but i am happy to see progress. now we only need a complete ISS parts mod (i know there are a lot different ones, they just dont fit 100% together) btw. @Trufiadok do you have a working MSS Gantry for this ?
  2. hey @allista could you perhaps post some explanations for AnisotropicPartResizer ? I have a model where the Hangar is added already (and working fine) but i am trying to add some resizing capability to it, i cant really figure out what the otpions mean exactly and how to use them properly: MODULE { name = AnisotropicPartResizer TechGroupID = Hangar specificMass = 20.4471786732, 40.94614, 0.0, 0.04 //weights: [ 0.332835326413, 0.666513561115, 0.0, 0.000651112472253 ] specificCost = 107191.44, 86202.4, 0.0, 600.0 //weights: [ 0.552550740786, 0.444356377501, 0.0, 0.00309288171212 ] sizeOnly = true size = 3 minSize = 3 }
  3. This is the perfect solution for End-Game interplanetary ships, although it would be better if it would be more modular - like split the assymetrical part in separate sections or even make symmetrical parts for the front, mid and rear truss works in 1.5.1 btw if anyone is wondering, didnt try with 1.6 yet
  4. oh, sorry, i was already falling asleep when writing this - i am actually referring to the Karibou Cockpit which is showing the complete IVA (completely without the outer Hull as the other person posted) when TransparentPods is installed. In VAB/SPH though, the view is correct (so you see the hull and the IVA through the transparent windows)
  5. Hello, just a small catch-up, was this ever adressed ? i can see the glitch as well with 1.5.1 and JSIATP
  6. aah, i get it, so the collision body for the new dockings port is only the ring, without the internal "hatch" part ?
  7. Hey @JPLRepo i was looking at the Contares mods and found something interesting in regards to the ranger docking port: @hraban created docking ports which have an invisible animation, which allows the collider to disappear and makes a crew hatch located under the dock port to work: maybe this would be possible for the Ranger Docking port ? i have added a tweak to the cfg itself: CoLOffset = 0.0, -0.4, 0.0 CoMOffset = 0.0, 0.4, 0.0 This helps with the VTOL
  8. hello @hraban i have just discovered the docking ports from your mod (somehoe all this time in KSP i didnt have any good look at Contares :D) Especially something which struck me as interesting is these parts: DN_1_09375b DN_1_1250b Are you able to explain how you implemented the Docking Port/Airlock switching functionality ? This is a constant "problem" with the Endurance mod maintained by @JPLRepo ("control from here" vs Crew Hatch functionality for the Ranger) Maybe if you would be able to explain how you did it in Contares, something like this could be done for the Endurance Rangers I can see that there is an animation but is it an invisible animation ? (or maybe there is a visible animation but i have something wrong installed and it's not visible for me :P) Great mod family you have here
  9. yes, that was it, additionally i created new bomb definitions and my DSEV is now running on NPU-750, NPU-1000 and NPU-1250 (although with 1000 and 1250, the Kerbals need to be frozen for the acceleration :D)
  10. working with the same problem now, did you find a solution perhaps ?
  11. Hey thanks guys, i already noticed it and fixed, sorry for not informing sooner YES YES YES