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  1. Hey @Gabu what are you up to lately ? I am redownloading your mods and only wanted to say: please put links to all your mods into your signature
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assembly_of_the_International_Space_Station
  3. Hey @Trufiadok i can confirm, the docking rotation is now good
  4. Jasseji

    [1.4.5] Space Shuttle release 17.09.2018

    Hi, Thank you for bringing this back to life I second the oppinion, that the elevons should be split (if possible) Also one note, the OMS Engines lack a "Techrequired" Entry for career: TechRequired = advLanding Otherwise, great Job
  5. Grats on the kid and the new Job, i went through such a change myself (first kid, then new job including moving countries in Europe) the little Fella is now 2,5 years old and hearing "Nooooooo" drives me crazy as well
  6. kk, will test, rebuilding my station with habtech parts now so will se if it helps (partcount on CxA a bit high for my taste :D)
  7. @Trufiadok the Bug seems to be gone another Bug/Question: When aligning two parts using the VEE function, i find that to have the proper rotation of parts i need to force IKRC rotation to 270 Degrees. when docking same parts using MechJeb, the rotation is 0 Working as Designed or anything to look out for ?
  8. I found the best option to use Mechjeb Smart ASS and "Kill ROT" ok, will keep in mind that the option has to be turned off before scene change - it is only a small problem
  9. It would be very nice to have the Full IK for the Shuttle Arm but no rush
  10. @Trufiadok you're a good coder, of course the whole one BTW, did you have any issues that sometimes the IKRC Transforms dont appear no matter how often you reload the scene or switch scenes ("showTRF" option doesnt work at all i mean sometimes after a few scene changes, only a full game restart helps). It's a only a little inconvenience as i am restarting quite often (playing around with mod configs)
  11. ye, the shuttle RMS would be nice to have, also nice would be a working Gantry (to use as a Mobile Base System :P)
  12. it would be redistributing a part of Lazarus's work i think
  13. The license is still in effect unfortunately, no matter if he never comes back