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  1. For anyone having problems with stability in MechJeb on the Block II Shuttle, i found that disabling the gimbals completely on the boosters helps - only leave pitch Gimbal on the SSME's and Roll control on the Small CERV wings - then wait as long as possible after Booster Separation before enabling the Main Engine Gimbals - flight was totally stable this way with only slight deviation at the End
  2. ye, i used the .craft files from laztek with some cfg corrections, although the scale is different (Laztek parts are smaller)
  3. Jasseji

    [1.5.1+] FTL Drive Continued

    wow, i am not even going to browse through that - respect
  4. Jasseji

    [1.5.1+] FTL Drive Continued

    @linuxgurugamer do ypu actually keep a list of all the mods you're maintaining ?
  5. running to try out
  6. After coming back to kerbal, i always DL this to check out and i have to say @Pak this is getting better and better - especially the Block 2 stuff - the shuttle is super stable in Flight both Launch and return - good job !!! (only missing IVA but i think i could remedy this if i get Unity installed again :D)
  7. I always find that using Filter Extensions is a must in such cases - it reads the part by folder and sorts it in "Manufacturers" filter. Also, i remember that one time there were problems in Career, might try it in Sandbox first to see if they load
  8. Jasseji

    W.i.P. 1.4.3 Venture Star X 33

    cant wait for release
  9. Thank you ! btw, you should put the links to all the CC mods into your sig - hard to find everything sometimes
  10. Hey Gabu, great work, any chance for some craft files tho ?
  11. Did you actually check if it's working ?
  12. @Gabu Beautiful parts, love them I was also wondering what the Doors are for Do you plan to add a Habitat Module as well ? The Vacuuming Animation is soo cool I second the idea about a central node for landing them somehow, also i believe the Solar Panels have a bit too big of a Volume (for KIS), i dont know if this can be tweaked somehow - or increase the Inventory of the Inflatables so you can fit solar panels inside. I will be fiddling with USI configs for this
  13. Cheers, we cant wait
  14. there shouldnt be, it's just a model with no functions - are you sure you are placing them correctly ?
  15. Jasseji

    A.R.E.S. Program (reloaded)

    @StarStreak2109 could you perhaps tell where you got those fairings for the M42 from ?