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  1. 3440x1440 isnt THAT big. 1080p resolutions are a thing of the Past and more and more 1440p is the go-to standard in gaming
  2. Hence i can understand some people who expected more from KSP2 EA than KSP1 EA. The argument "but KSP1 had even more bugs at the start" doesnt seem to be really valid
  3. Yes, but, how much did KSP1 EA Cost on Day 1 ?
  4. what about kerbal-friendly Interface, maybe they prefer it that way ? you Racists
  5. Exactly this, i played around with Unity a bit but before i even thought about installing it, i did simple cfg tweaks, which was some kind of "modding" for myself. So for me the "entry into modding" was to do some cfg tweaks, MM patches and then only installing Unity for trying to make parts (although i failed miserably ) If everyone has to install Unity to even consider getting into modding, then it's maybe "(pro) modder friendly" but not "start with modding - friendly"
  6. i run Call of Duty on Ultra settings with ~40fps on my RTX3070 and in 5120x1440, KSP doesnt run higher than 25fps even if i reduce to 3440x1440, so no, it doesnt "eat up resources as AAA on max" it eats up more with lower quality @VITAS is it possible to add a distinction on SpaceDock for ModLoader ? like category BePinEx and SpaceWarp ?
  7. we have PitchForKs and Torches
  8. But will it require installing Unity and packaging asset bundles each time ?
  9. it very much seems that point 3. is the biggest hurdle and might kill a big part of the Modding community - as in, a lot of modders did rely in KSP1 on people testing their mods and tweaking the cfg's to try out different options - this would mean that now everyone who wants to contribute to mod testing or bug fixing will have to install Unity which a lot people wont do , so less testers, less incentivie for modders to actually do something because they dont have the time/assets to test everything out themselves. Quick Example: 1. Part behaves strange on some trajectory 2. edit cfg to change drag/mass/whatever value 3. Rinse and repeat point 2. until 4. applies 4. Part behaves correctly 5. Issue found and adressed by the modder in next release (or if modder is unavailable, cfg tweak is posted on forum for everyone to implement if they wish) Above could be done by anyone with access to Notepad, having the need to install Unity will kill a lot of such troubleshooting Edit: i dont say that cfg's were good but they were easily accessible is what i mean
  10. i'd personally go for what @linuxgurugamer uses and recommends as he's the one with most mods on maintenance for KSP1
  11. True, but no more quick Notepad tweaks is what they meant
  12. i think that's included in BDB and somewhere benjee said he wont copy it
  13. Ok, i tried something like this (from Kerbin SOI): set config:ipu to 2000. runoncepath("0:/rsvp/main"). local options is lexicon("create_maneuver_nodes", "both", "verbose", true, "max_time_of_flight", 150000000, "earliest_departure", 1000000, "search_duration", 5000). rsvp:goto(AlphaCentauriBarycenter, options). it gives me this: Best Result Departure: Year 1 Day 10 00:04:06 Arrival: Year 17 Day 138 02:44:06 Delta-v: 5449389 LEXICON of 2 items: [ ["value"] = "success"] = ["value"] = False [ ["value"] = "problems"] = LEXICON of 1 items: [ ["value"] = 401] = ["value"] = "Unexpected encounter 'Kerbin => Sun', expected 'Kerbin => Sun = > AlphaCentauriBarycenter'" If i try to do it from Sun Soi: Search offset: Year 1 Day 47 01:46:40 Departure: Year 1 Day 47 02:51:11 Arrival: Year 17 Day 175 05:31:11 Delta-v: 5459850 Invocations: 33 Best Result Departure: Year 1 Day 47 02:51:11 Arrival: Year 17 Day 175 05:31:11 Delta-v: 5459850 LEXICON of 2 items: [ ["value"] = "success"] = ["value"] = False [ ["value"] = "problems"] = LEXICON of 1 items: [ ["value"] = 401] = ["value"] = "Unexpected encounter 'Sun', expected 'Sun => AlphaCentauriBaryc enter'" Program ended.
  14. yes, i will try it Is there a way to actually set a scpeific DV in the config ? i.e. i want a burn of 0.01c, i do not care about lowest DV possible, only for some tool to calculate the maneuver nodes given that i have a spceific Dv i want to use for the transfer
  15. Nice one, could this in theory be also used for Interstellar transfers ? I am looking for some solution to properly calculate a transfer with an acceleration to 0.01c and then slow down at target (with a Daedalus Engine). For the moment i am doing it by hand, which means always course corrections and wasting Fuel, looking for a way to optimise this.
  16. Hey, what mods do you have ? I have the exact same error since i added these mods: SpaceTuxLibrary Persistent Rotation BetterTimewarp Kerbalism (with default config) KPBS StageRecovery OPM Transfer Window Planner Distant Object Enhancements While i didnt chck which one of those mods is causing it, i deleted the Stellarator and the game was able to Load, i might test later on but i am not really using the Stellarator anyway
  17. I managed to rip them out actually but decided to redo them, started with the docking ports but if you want to do the Texturing then feel free I am redoing the parts mostly due to low polycount, will see how it will turn out
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