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  1. Not sure if this has been answered, I didn't have time to read through all 240 pgs of this thread, and I can't find any definitive answer with a Google search, can omnidirectional antennae connect to more than one target at a time? Or I guess can any of the antennae or dishes do that? For example if I want to make a relay satellite for keosynchronous orbit, would I need two omnidirectionals on each satellite (for the one above ksc, one to target the next satellite in the ring, one to target ksc) or would just one work?
  2. Great mod! Just throwing in my opinion here, I love the way it's set up now without having to complete massive momentum changes or wait for launch windows. It's something different from everything out there in that aspect, if you wanted something that didn't change your momentum you could just use one of the many warp drive mods that function that way. I think it adds a great gameplay mechanic with having to manually set up your entire network at appropriate altitudes for transfers. If you do change the mechanics to increase force to account for momentum changes then you should also add the ability to use the drives additively through action groups. But IMHO I like it the way it is now, since lower mass ships have lower gravitational forces applied at all altitudes thus requiring a good bit of thinking to get a network set up especially if you're doing resupply missions and have to optimize multiple variables (ship mass, cargo mass, fuel, beacon altitude, etc.)