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  1. Fouglas FC-80

    Fouglas FC-80 A little history about the original one A lot of you are probably wondering why im saying "the old girl is back", that's because the aircraft that this recreates/modernizes is something i created before i even joined the forums And that would be the Fouglas FC-8, the first aircraft i ever created when the MK-3 Orbiter cockpit arrived. It is also the longest lasting aircraft ever, as it still exists and still works. Tough unfortunetly the very original version doesn't exist as it has been modified and modernized 3 times if i remember correctly (when the new landing-gears arrived, when the Goliath engines arrived...etc). I also have a special version of it that im using for a project IRL, witch brings back the old solid custom landing-gears and is all around made to look like the very original...with some few added touches of-course. You can see the very original version in the Steam screenie i provided. The choice to make that style of landing-gear for some reason felt like a fine choice in those days, but now it's a little silly of-course...well, unless you get them to work with IR that is, but we all know that's never gonna happen (way too heavy). I also used it to carry my Orbiter replica witch actually never went to space. So it's also my first SCA. So, nothing all that special as far as functionality goes, but i do still have a strong attachment to it. The new one Since it was the first craft i made with the new MK-3 parts, it made sense to give the aircraft the honor of being the first craft made with the new DLC parts. The original aircraft wasn't really created for any real purpose, it was a kind of multipurpose transport with a utility-bay behind the cockpit (SAS, radars, science...etc), a passenger area, and a cargo area at the back to drop stuff out of if you want (never ended up carrying stuff there). The new one still has the same fuselage (minus the improved tail and details), so the functions are the same, minus the cargo area because it's now blocked by the underbelly wing-mount thingy. I put up a relay dish, SAS modules and batteries in the utility-bay. Actually, the utility-bay was used as a canard bay on the original. Back then wings and control-surfaces could be hidden completely inside the fuselage as they didn't actually need to be exposed to air, and since we didn't have the offset tool back then, the easiest way to hide those canards was to place them inside a cargo-bay. I wanted to keep the looks very original. The fuselage and the lifting surfaces have about the same shape and size as the original design that i created years ago. There isn't much of a "biggest change" as pretty much everything has been improved with added detail, like the control surfaces, the underbelly sponsoon...or whatever it's called, shark-fin antenna's..etc. I also played around with stock lighting to try and make some of the signal/warning light's that you have in real aircraft. The big new thing that i made for this, is something that i call the Super-Wheesley. It's a configurable engine witch has been equipped with 4 wheesleys and 6 intakes. It's easy to configure because of the new lovely engineplates: It's also a sub-assembly so i can use it on any aircraft i like and adjust all the different stuff. I tested it with the Stearwing A300, with the two Goliaths it goes a little over 200 m/s, but with two of these Super Wheesleys that are sightly smaller, the A300 goes over 300 m/s. Tough there is part count, fuel economy and weight to consider, but the engine does carry it's own fuel tough. And here are some more pick to show off the aircraft a little better. One note: this aircraft's pitch authority and stall speed is worse than usual, but that's just because of the way the aircraft was designed. The wings are quite small compared to the size of the aircraft, and with the new stuff, it's heavier than before. I could have made the wings bigger, but didn't because i wanted to keep it like it was. Technical specs: Top speed: 260 m/s Stall speed: 55m/s Length: 50.8m Wingspan: 39.1m Height: 14.1m Mass: 138 tons Parts: 434 Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/soanlj9u0cpwkne/Fouglas FC-80.craft?dl=0 And here it is for you, a nice and modernized aircraft for no real purpose. I hope you enjoy it
  2. I noticed a little something while i was building the "new" Fouglas FC-80. I used a bunch of the new structural panels to make a custom livery of sorts. I was wondering that why the game lagged so much every-time i chose a new part or removed a part later on in the build. I was pretty sure that i can't be because my craft would have so many parts, or because the panels would have such a high poly-count, plus it only lagged when i was moving parts around Turns out the reason why my game slowed down a lot when removing and placing parts is this. There is such an overload of build nodes (9 per panel) that my game slows down quite considerably when the game loads them in/when they are loaded in. I know there probably isn't really a way to fix this (other than maby hiding them or making them toggle-able or something), but considering that how much it affects performance on my end, i don't even wanna know that how bad it would be for people who have more potatoe computers. Like me in the old days when i used a laptop that couldn't run bare-bones KSP at 60FPS and a mini-laptop that ran KSP at like max 25FPS. At any rate, consider this more of a heads-up, rather than a complaint.
  3. Any Train Simulator/model railroading geeks here?

    Kinda forgot about doing the update, but better late than never right. Anyways, here is what i was able to get done. The first day consisted of organizing the bits of track that i had into neat little stacks, i wanted to start building the track as-well, but it was like -10 to -15C on the balcony that evening. The next day i went out and built the track, it was again very cold and i had to go back inside to warm up my frozen hands 3 times. I decided to go with the "single large track with few sidings" idea, as the trains that i now have a very long, and there a few of them, so having a smaller double track didn't seem like the best idea, tough i may end up going for it in the future once i get more track. I didn't want to have just a boring oval as the main-track, so i put some straight-bits on the curves and made the right side straight go around the little TV-stand (or whatever it was supposed to be) instead of trough it like usual. The sidings now include the main 3 fork siding that has the big garage on the end of it, a siding next to it that is used as a cargo-loading track wit bunch of buildings around it, a bunch of small short sidings for parking locomotives (or maintenance cars, haven't decided yet), in to, and one under the little TV-stand (ran out of straight track, so i had to turn it into a snake). I still have some work as there's two small boxes full of lumber, street-signs, pallets...etc, that need to be placed. And there's also all the vehicles. If i get myself a summer/job im definitely gonna buy myself some more track so that i can do a double track with some sidings to park trains into. Im probably also gonna invest on some switch motors so that i don't have to walk around back and forth multiple times just to park a single train, tough at that point it would be nice to have a table so that i could effectively hide all the cables. At this point investing on a layout table isn't really necessary since the layout is in a place where nobody really goes, plus i want to maximize the available space, and having no need for around table access means i have more room for the track. And in-case you where wondering, no, im not trying to model anything specific with this layout, it's just a random collection of stuff from different era's that i've happened to find and stuff that i've found interesting. My parent's where both on holiday last week, so we went for a shopping trip to Tampere, while there, i got the chance to see that what the progress is on the locomotive repair. Apparently the spare part that's needed hasn't arrived yet.
  4. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    So, 1.4 is here and the making history DLC is a few days away, to celebrate that, i think it's time to go back to space for a change. I taught id start this space-project with a nice good-old fashioned lifter. And here is what the new lifter looks like. I's nothing too flashy, as long as it gets the job done, that's fine enough for me. Im currently in the process of building a space-station that im going to lift in to orbit with this thing. It was supposed to be a modernized recreation of something i built in my first 10h of KSP, the Spacelab, but now i have already started building modules to it that will turn this small multipurpose space-station in to a Kerbalized Hermes from The Martian. I tested the lifter to make sure that it could do this. I made it carry 1/2 jumbo-tanks worth of fuel to orbit, as i taught that the station probably wont be much heavier than that dummy payload. Well, i didn't actually take the payload to orbit, i was at 100km and noticed that i had about 50% fuel left in the core stage. It was late and i wanted to go to bed, so it was proof enough for me. I still have to do some tweaking as the Kraken likes to toy with the top of the rocket. I did some changes to the rocket after that test-flight (mainly removed a stage and replaced it with a mid sized fuel-tank to give the core stage more fuel), and the rocket apparently didn't like all of them. I currently have plans for a Mun landing (proper this time, not the usual broken on it's side like my first one), i would also love to send a rover or some kind of base there. I would also love to visit Duna and send a small base there. And i will also be for the first time learning ow to do orbital rendezvous so that i can start building bigger better space-stations, and some interplanetary ships that will carry all the stuff needed to explore and colonize other planets. It's gonna be a lot of work and i haven't really done this kind of stuff in the past (minus that one accidental Mun landing and me sending some junk to orbit), but with all these new shiny rocket parts, im gonna give it a shot . Wish me luck.
  5. Normally, i don't want to complain about anything that Squad does (as i never have before this), but i gotta say that i agree that the new engine-sounds need a change. It's not that their bad per-say, but they just don't fit the type of engines their given to. The new sound for the Juno engine fit's just fine as that's kinda what you would expect from a smaller engine. But as for the others, the Wheesley and the Goliath should go back to using the old engine sounds. While the Panther and the Whiplash, i was thinking something more in the line of this: (sorry for the bad frame-rate, but i didn't bother optimizing the settings for OBS as this is more about the sound) Something with more grunt and something that sounds like it has real power behind it...like the engine-sound of the Thunderhawk from JustCause3.
  6. I happened to find this picture in my phone and wanted to show it to you guys. (the signature says 13.11.2014 Simo Kaartinen) It's a little 3D wireframe model of a BAE Hawk that i did from safety-wire during my 10 week work-training period at Patria Aviation. we put it up on the workplace cafeteria. I was originally supposed to make more than one, but ended up only making one as i had limited time and it was quite a bit of work to get one made. The project started when i made a 2.5D model of the Hawk in my spare time, and the guy who supervised my work (and pretty-much everyone who worked there) really liked it and gave me a pitch that i should try and make a 3D one as-well. I actually ended up doing a couple of 2.5D hawks for guys there who said they wanted to have one for home. I took the 2.5D hawk i made home, but i don't think it's around anymore, this kinda makes me wanna remake that 2.5D or even the 3D one. In-case you are wondering what i did there besides this super fun side-project, i can't really tell you as i had to sing an obligation of confidentiality, witch basically means hush hush and no pictures or you'll get banned from the lot and probably thrown to jail. Well, other than that i worked with Finnish air-force Hawk trainer-jets. And yes, i did really enjoy my time there and have more than a few fond memories of my time there .
  7. Thanks . And here's something for everyone. I completed the first addon for the truck, the log-cart with crane combo from Spintires. (didn't want to waste time time by having to pick up a log from the runway (like the painted one), so i just docked an extra one on top of the log pyramid). And im happy to say that it actually somewhat works. You can load and unload logs, but it's very VERY difficult and you have to do it in one drive or...well (IR parts like to "sink" every-time you go to the SPH or VAB and come back). The crane "sinks" so low that loading and unloading becomes impossible. The crane can barely lift a log without bending so low that loading becomes impossible. I could make a crane that can do that kind of lifting, but it would need to be quite a bit bigger, at witch point i might as-well just turn it into a crane truck. Oh, and i case your wondering, yes the log i put in the back didn't fall of after 5 meters of driving, it was actually like it had been glued in place, except when i drove at high speed over a large bumb (don't do that as the wheels of the trailer can end up flipping upside-down cause of the freely rotating plate in witch the wheels and their suspension is mounted). I will probably still do some more work on this one to try and make a version that works a little better, and until then i wont be releasing this one. Making the jib of the crane lighter would help, and maby adding some sort of a hidden counter-weight would also help.
  8. I made these tanks when my motivation for uploading stuff was quite low, so unfortunetly these fell trough the cracks. I felt like these ones are still worthy of a proper post, as the Leopard 1 replica still has some neat features and details, and the WW1 Mk I-V mixemup is still one of the most detailed things i've ever made. Leopard 1 The Leopard 1 replica may be months old now, but it's still the most detailed and feature filled of all my ground vehicle replicas. I wanted to build something that felt and drove like a real tank. I also wanted to test the idea of using MK0 fuel-tanks as shock-absorbers. So, the idea for a large fully detailed tank was born. The choise of tank was pretty easy, as the early production Leopard 1 is my favorite MBT from the real world, plus it was much simpler to replicate than any of the WW2 tanks that i had in mind (tough i kinda really want to make a Panzer III or IV now). The purpose of the suspension, and the reason i wanted to create it, was the overall fragility of the Ruggedized wheels, and the fact that far too many wheels lose their grip when going over hills and bumbs and whatever. It does make the ruggedized wheels almost indestructible, but it unfortunately doesn't help enough, as the drive sprockets and the hull will usually take the impact first. I also added a fully working turret with turret elevation and rotation powered by IR. The gun itself is just a BD-armory howitzer that has been hidden inside the hollow gun-barrel. The turret works pretty well for it's size, but it is quite wobbly, fortunately this doesn't affect anything too much as the howitzer can rotate a few degrees to compensate for the wobblyness. As extra detail, i made the mud-flaps so that they can flap around (not that realistically tough) and i also added a tank commander. It also added a "bendy" antenna with a little ornament at the end just for the fun of it, also i was curious to see if it would be possible to make a realistically behaving antenna. Let's just say that the antenna doesn't behave as it should. I also wanted to make sure in this one that the "engine", fuel, and ammo would be in their proper places. There's really not much else to say, so enjoy this test drive video i shot some time ago. Screenshots. Technical specks. Armament: 1x 105mm howitzer and 1x 30mm chaingun. Top speed: just watch the video as i honestly can't remember. Seems to be 20 m/s without the help of jets. Length: 17.3m Width: 6.3m Height: 6.6m Mass: 55.482t Parts: 569 Mods used: Infernal robotics, Tweakscale and BD armory. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ta19kuk957t6wgj/Leopard 1.craft?dl=0 MK-XV Male There isn't much to say about this one, so im gonna be breaf. I created this replica shortly after i had played the story missions in BF1. I had always liked the Rhomboid tank designs of WWI, but getting to drive around in the BlackBess really made me want to build my own in KSP. This one is as i said, a mixemup of all the designs from the MK-I all the way to the MK-V. The main hull shape is that of the MK-IV Tadpole (a failed attempt at increasing the MK-IV's trench crossing capabilities), with the features of the MK-V and the little cart wheel thingy of the MK-I (it's mounted on a stock bearing, so it can follow the tank properly). (I found it pretty funny that the tadpole had a proper mortar platform at the back with it's own storage rack for ammo). I created this one purely for looks and maximum detail, that means that it also has a full interior. It's fully stock minus the crew witch i created separately and later added into the thing as subassemblies. Shots of the interior. Technical specks. Armament: 2x dummy tank guns, 1x dummy mortar and 3x dummy MG. Top speed: somewhere around 12-15 m/s. Length: 29.8m Width: 10.2m Height: 6.9m Mass: 87.113t Parts: 969 Mods used: Tweakscale (crew-members only). Download link: Unless you really want to And there it is finally, two old but gold tanks. I hope you enjoy them .
  9. I was supposed to upload some naval stuff this week...but my computer decided to reset itself and i lost all progress. So, while im getting myself re-motivated for that, i taught id put up something else to fill the quota. About the suspension stuff. What i have for you today, is a further development of my custom suspension idea that i created for the Dakar style racing trucks. This time instead of going for a pivoting axle with "springs" on the ends, i went for a more leaf-spring style suspension. I noticed when i did the original suspension module, that the thing that actually made the suspension work, was the tweakscaled MK0 fueltanks and not so much the toroidal stacks. Using that knowledge, i tested the springiness of the MK0 tanks by creating shock-absorbers from them for a Leopard 1 replica. They worked very nicely. So, if their springy enough to work as shocks, they should in theory be able to work as "leaf-springs". Best thing about this new suspension style is, that this time i didn't have to use IR. About the truck itself. I wanted to make this one a little more fully detailed,, so i used tweakscale on the body to make it a little more detailed and clean, i also used IR to make a working radiator-fan, steering wheel, and a bonnet/hood that can be opened to reveal the "full" engine-bay. My original plan was to make opening doors as-well and put a whole load of more detail on the engine-bay, but i taught it wasn't worth it. I started the build by first making the chassis, engine, exhaust and gearbox, then i wouldn't have to worry about weather i can fit all the detail i want or not. Tough there wasn't a huge worry of that as the engine is based on an engine design i've now used in three different vehicles. The design is heavily based on the 3-axle Russian trucks that you get to drive around in Spintires. Spintires actually was the one that made me want to build a proper truck that i could then later on customize with different addons Spintires style, and just something that's overall tough and reliable. And i gotta say, this one turned out to really be tough and reliable with plenty of power, tough some of that power will go away once the thing has to carry a full load on it's back and a trailer as-well. Here's a little demonstration video. You can't really see it too well, but the springs at the front are definitely working as intended, the ones on the rear are pretty much solid cause there's no load in the back...yet. Screenshots. Technical specks (no load). Top speed: 25-30 m/s. Length: 10.4m Width: 3.2m Height: 3.4m Mass: 12.286t Parts:252 Mods used: Infernal robotics and Tweakscale. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oe9dfznkzg6jnq5/RST-2209.craft?dl=0 Loads, trailers and whatever goes in the back. In the future i will be adding different kinds of addon's for the truck here. I have plans for a log carrying truck with a crane, some kind of utility version with fuel and spare-parts and maby even some kind of racing version. And there it is for you, a nice little truck for all kinds of tasks. I hope you enjoy it .
  10. Any Train Simulator/model railroading geeks here?

    Remember when i mentioned about wanting to customize the mail-cars and the baggage car that i had. Decided to give it a go since there wasn't really much to lose, as i got all those cars pretty darn cheap (15 each for the mail-cars and 20 for the baggage-car). And here they are. And here's the other side. The paint-job is fictional and uses whatever decals i happened to have laying around. In this case, the decals are from: a 1:72 Eurofighter Typhoon that i never finished, a 1:72 Man 5-ton that i painted but never applied the decals to, and some decals from old Warhammer 40k models that i gave away a long time ago. I wanted to make the paint-job look similar to that on regular Bundeswehr vehicles, hence the green, brown (more tan'ish/khaki'ish in this case) and black camo pattern. The UN logos i added just because i had a bunch of them around and because i taught they would make the cars look a little more interesting. Those Space wolf logos where added for the same "lets make it more interesting" reason...and because i just really like them. I also added some numbers on top of each car, as i wanted to make the paintjob so that it would sort of continue from one car to the next, with the exception of the baggage car witch i wanted to look a little different (bigger camo patches and different mirroring on the decals). So, with the numbers, i would always be able to put them in the right order. Oh, and as bonus detail, i painted all of the door handles and railings silver. I wanted to paint the little green baggage car as-well, but there was no way for me to remove the roof (didn't want to risk accidentally painting over it) without doing some damage (it was either glued in or was part of the body), unlike the ones on the 4-axle cars where they could just be popped off. I probably would not have started painting the cars if they wouldn't have come apart so well, as i was really paranoid about accidentally painting over something that i shouldn't have and ruining them for good. Tough i almost did in one aspect, the tabs that hold the roof in place are very brittle (probs because of their age) and even tough i tried to be as careful as i could, i ended up breaking some of them (wouldn't have been as bad if a bunch of them weren't broken already). I would have had to glue them back in place if enough of the tabs would have broken off, it wouldn't really be a problem unless i wanted to maby add some lights in the future. Im overall very happy with the end-result , tough i feel that the camopattern for cars 1 and 2 ended up looking too similar, plus the paint-job ain't exactly the smoothest one. And bonus good news, i got news that one of my cousins and hes family are coming to visit this weekend and he absolutely loves my layout, and since the weather is ok enough (still very cold), i can finally rebuild the layout and move that pile of stuff from my very crowded closet to the balcony. Im currently on the planning phase on weather i want it to be like i originally wanted (outer and inner track that are connected with a siding for a big train carage) or like the way it was before (single large track with multiple sidings). The reason why it was a single large track, was because i got quite a bit of extra space in the balcony and wanted to fill it with an extended outer track witch didn't leave me with enough track to make an inner one as-well. I will most likely just have one train running on it for now, and ill be taking the loco back inside after every run just to be sure that nothing goes wrong with it. So, time to release my inner train nerd and have some real fun this week .
  11. The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    When i can see an aircraft that im about about to replicate already completed in my head before ive even began (im currently imagining a complete Kerbal scale B-17). Also, when you've played for over 4500 hours (according to Steam) and you feel like you've only just begun.
  12. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    @EvenFlow Glad to see you got the carrier back to shape. Speaking of carriers, i taught id give a little update on whats going on with my navy. I will soon release what i call the Grand Naval Rearmament program, and it's huge. The list of stuff that will be included in it is: 3 carriers, a WWII style one, a modern one, and a more futuristic one. 2 Battleships. One will be a replacement for the old K.S.S Great White that broke due to an update. 2 WWII styled cruisers 1 modern multipurpose frigate. 1 Hydrofoil 2 Gunboats, a modern ASM (or cruise missiles in this case) carrying one and one PT boat. 6 carrier planes, replicas, kerbalized and custom. 2 Helicopters. So, 9 ships and 8 aircraft in total. I desided to back to the past to sort of say, as this time none of the new ships use my IR powered turrets, instead they have been made using the same stock with BD-armory guns style to make them a more shearable, simple, and functional (Autopilots lack of IR servo control would make naval duels a little one sided) Tough there is one big difference this time, part counts are at an all time low this time around. Especially with one of the carriers witch has around 500 parts while still being quite a bit bigger than the K.S.S Freedom. Unfortunately i had to use tweakscale to achieve that. But fear not, as there is a non tweakscale low part alternative for a carrier in there as well that isn't your traditional carrier. I'll try to get them uploaded this weekend.
  13. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Did the game by any chance crash when you clicked the save button. If so, that means the craft file didn't save fully and is now corrupted (happened to me a few times before, so i know the feeling) If you get lucky and the game saves enough of it, you might be able to save some chunks of it as subassemblies and add them to the new one (had to do that with my 1:1 An 225 witch got corrupted twice). But, most of the time it's a lost cause.
  14. Any Train Simulator/model railroading geeks here?

    The Crocodile engines where built in Switzerland long before WW2 (first ones where made in 1919, aka a year after WWI ended), so yes, the particular engine was most likely captured by the Germans at one point in the war, thus it carries the censored version of the symbol of the Third Reich.
  15. Any Train Simulator/model railroading geeks here?

    Thanks . Just have to wait maby 2-3 months and im good to go with setting up the full layout again.