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  1. kapteenipirk

    World Of Tanks, World Of Warships, War Thunder.... Etc.

    I used to play WoT a lot when it was still a new thing (had only 3 countries with basic stuff). But i haven't really played it in years. I have come back to it a couple of times and played it for a few days (nostalgia, and to get away from WT bull****), but i can never enjoy it the way i did back then. Im quessing part of that is because of the fact that when i used to play it then, i knew what was going on i had a pretty good understanding of what all the tanks in the game where like (weaknesses, strengths), so i was rather good, but now, there's so many changes that i just get confused every time i come back to it. Plus, back then my skills where evolving at pretty much the same rate as for others, but now there are a lot more players with a lot more experience and skill around. The highest i got to was tier IV (panzer III/IV, back then it would have led me to the Panzer IV witch i wanted, but not anymore). I have a bunch of other vehicles from other countries around as-well, probably my favorite being the BT-2. Now for WT. My god what a load of unfair unbalanced bull**** it is, but i still keep playing it (over a 1000 hours on record). I dunno, i kinda want to go back to WoT all the time to escape all the above mentioned, and especially all those a**holes who bring the Sherman Jumbo into rank II battles. But, the game just plays so much better than WoT that i want to keep going, and when you get battles like the one where i killed 20 tanks all by myself, you want to try and replicate the results, but the amount of RNG and pure luck makes that impossible. So yea, tank battles in WT are pretty frustrating and rage inducing, but i feel that after all these hours of experience, it's beginning to get more fun again. Im currently enjoying rank 1.5 battles and basically researching the entirety of the rank III (US, British, German and Russian) tree before i go battle there. I feel it will allow me to skip all the "that one didn't go trough" and getting one shot killed by everything. But as for air-battles, get me in the Spitfire MK I and i'll shoot my way to the top-spot in no time. im pretty much keeping myself locked in rank 1.5 battles, but just like with the tanks, i have reached rank III already, i just don't wanna go there yet. Air-battles in general are fun and i usually get myself near the top in most matches, even with pure bombers (my goal is to master the art of manually aiming defensive turrets. I think my record is headshotting a pilot of a P-36 from 1.4-1.5 km with my Avengers turret). Recently i had a battle where i downed 4 aircraft with a single Sunderland, before i was so damaged that basically threw myself at the enemy hoping that i could ram one of them. My main countries for air-battles are, US, Britain and Germany, i also have a few Japanise planes, but i don't like them too much, as the bullets from their guns don't seem to exist in this universe half the time. And as for WoWs, one of my all time favorite games. Nothing to complain about, just pure fun, and pure success. Currently im moving on from tier VII to tier VIII (bought the KII...witch may have been a mistake. I also have the Richelieu witch is pure fun, and the NC, witch seem a bit fragile). With the KII, i also have a bunch of other premiums laying around (prob my favorites being the Atlanta and the Scharnhorst). I started playing WoWs shortly after it was released, and have been staying pretty active, so i have always been able to keep up with whats been going on witch helps a lot, as then you don't get any nasty surprises (spotting range when firing becoming the same as your firing range, and them adding a maximum speed at witch you can move inside smoke before you get spotted...stuff like that). I don't know why, but the thing i probably enjoy the most in the game, is good secondaries (really sucks that you can get them actually effective only at tier VII and above....well, given you have enough point's on your captain). Well, i guess i have to admit that im a bit disappointed with the fact that just how difficult it can be to get anything useful done in a CV, especially as i am a HUGE RTS buff, but, with the new carrier rework coming, that may change. I have a funny feel that with all the navy stuff ive put up on the forums, it won't come as much of a surprise to anyone that i like WoWs so much. And here's list of some of my favorites from each game/category. World of tanks: BT-2, LOLtractor, after that, i really dunno. Warthunder: Tank: M-16 MGMC, Wirbelwind/Gepard (the WWII one), Pz IV F1/F2, Stuart, T-28, T-34 STZ/57. Aircraft: Bristol Blenheim, Short Sunderland, Spitfire mk I, JU-88 A6, B-34 (the attacker version). World of Warships: Clemson, Lyon, Scharnhorst, Atlanta, Richelieu/Dunkerque.
  2. kapteenipirk

    need advice on chess pieces

    Personally, id propably use: King and queen: Spacestations (ISS as king and Mir as queen). Towers (rook): interstellar probes like the voyager Bishops: Shuttles Knight: Some crew vehicle like the new dragon or orion. Pawns: some small basic satellites Or King and queen: Jeb and val Towers (rook): launch pad with the launch-tower, or maby a miniature VAB. Bishops: aircraft of some sort Knights: some crew shuttle or crew-pod Pawns: probably just basic Kerbals The second option should be possible to create with very few parts and reasonably well together scaled stuff. Pad could be something like a coin-cell battery with a girder tower and maby some small details, shuttle and aircraft could be built around MK-0 tanks. But, those are just some ideas.
  3. I know im kinda braking my own rules by posting to the comments so quick, but i created something today that deserves it's own mention...i mean seriously, i think im in love. Plus, there's also a pretty awesome little design i did some time ago that i was supposed to include in this project, but didn't because of it having such a high part-count. Alright, let's start with the design that i absolutely freaking love. If your wondering, "hey, i think ive seen that before" you would be right, as this is the old SeaMaster...MK III in this case. I used to really like this aircraft when i originally created it, but back then it was a laggy mess that was a bit hard to operate with a mess of different engines powering it...but now, it's exactly the way i wanted it to be when i first imagined this Sunderalnd'ish sea-giant...it's easy to fly, has "4-engines" and can takeoff from water without the need of extra boosters . Pretty much the plane of my dreams. Well...why not just show you what it looked like back then. Those "4-engines" are actually a combination of 12 engines. I call this new engine the "Poseidon", with a thrust of about 1000 KN per engine, it's quite the beast. Basically it has a scaled up Wheelsey working as the engine cowling, a V22 Osprey engine ("Kitty") as the propeller, and a Goliath as the intake for cooling and stuff. One little fun bonus in this one is, that remember how Stukas had the signature...howl...or whatever you wanna call it when their diving...well, when you slow down for an attack run, the propellers will slightly over-heat and glow red, warning anyone to run while they still can, as this plane has 4 30mm cannons and 24 bombs/torpedoes in it's arsenal, along with 6 50.cal turrets . In order to get this to even happen in the first place, i had to do something i've never done before. In the retro pick of the craft you can see KAX engines...i haven't used KAX in a LOOONG time, so normally i would have had to rebuild this from scratch (MKII version had dissapeard somewhere), but since i care for this craft so much, i decided to use the old "open the craft file in notepad and remove the engines there" trick, and it worked, but some side-effects where bound to happen. So, here is what the thing looked after i got the craft opened, re-rooted and so that it can actually be edited More detail will be given on release. And now for the other sea-plane. This one was a solo project, so that's why it has so much detail and such a high part-count...it just wasn't designed to operate with other crafts around it. The design of this one is quite heavily based on the old British "Supermarine Stranraer", a twin engined bi-plane flying boat, that if i remember correctly, didn't do so well and was quite unpopular at first. But, i really like the design of it, and a lot of other bi-plane type sea-planes from the same era. This one carries the colors of the Search and Rescue squadron. Oh, and btw, i think that all the sea-planes in this project will be custom designs. I just have so many good ideas in my head, and i can still remember all the troubles i had with my old Catalina like sea-plane...missing engines and upside-down explains it pretty well .
  4. Sorry it took me this long to get some new stuff here, but i've been keeping myself so damn busy with model projects IRL that i just haven't had the time . As expected, the ship im working on right now is the Prairie based submarine-tender. I can tell you, that after going trough all my research material from the library, i have so many ideas for new ships, that soon im gonna have a fully fledged fleet or two with pretty-much everything a real fleet has (well...that has kinda been my goal from the start). Oh, and then there's also that book on modern navies ...i really should get all the ship names up on some notebook so that i can remember them (searching them on google and saving the picks might be a better idea tough). For this project tough, there aren't really any ships left in the USN arsenal, (scratch that, there are tons more) but there are always some Japanise ships that would fit. And just for the fun of it , and to prove ive done my research , why not show you some other possibilities for variety sake's (beware, as there's a lot of this stuff, but not all of them...basically USN, IJN, Kriegsmarine and Royal navy) So, lot's to choose from, even in this front. And there are plenty more to go on if your willing to dig deeper, look at other navies, and look at all the stuff before WWII. Something like the Taigei and the Tiyoda i will most likely make once i get to the enemy fleet side of things (basically Germany and Japan, and maby Italy), but that remains to be seen.
  5. kapteenipirk

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    I think it's finally time to post my run. I know i could do more mods and drive/fly better to get a better time, but i just don't have the time for that as there are too many things to do. So here is my official run. Flight has been recorded in screenshots (would be pretty boring to watch), but the drive is recorded in video form. Flight I had to do a couple quicksaves, the first one was just before i landed to turn my aircraft from paper-mashe to normal again (i believe DCK is responsible), and the second one was of-course at the start of the driving segment, just in case i got eaten by Kerbin again (happened to me about 5 times across all the drives with this and the racing truck). Drive My antenna ripped itself off, and i think my wheels buckled slightly during the flight (they felt a little weird). Most major bit of damage on that run (minus the obvious missing spoiler), was the main RTG's, witch i lost during the last training run as-well. And yes, that was the corpse of this very vehicle (from my last training run...the one i took a pick of) was littered inside Kerbin. The cargo-plane exploded in the back ground as-well. Somehow the terrain and/or placement of vehicles in the desert (once you go a certain way away) changes causing stuff to go slightly inside the terrain. I actually lost one of my runs to me switching accidentally to one of the bits of vehicle underground instead of my intact vehicle inside the cargo-bay...once i switched back, the plane was half underground...and you can guess what happened next. I have a bit of a feeling that physics range extender and terrain LOD changes are the issue here, but it's hard to say. Total drive/flight time: Flight: 26:28 Drive: 03:33-17:35 so 14:02 (clock reset when i decoupled the rover) Total: 40:30 Perhaps not that great of a time, but im happy i made it. I may have another try at some point, but it's most likely going to be just the drive segment.
  6. kapteenipirk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    This wasn't done today, but i was finally able to do what i did by complete accident years ago using the big 8 engined cargo-plane you get with B9 aerospace (was 8 engined back then) and a small shuttle using said mod. I basically put the aircraft to a course that would get it to a high altitude, i went away to do something while the aircraft was climbing, and when i came back, hey presto, the aircraft was at an altitude of about 25000m or something like that, basically high enough for me to release the shuttle and put it into orbit. My first serious attempt at this had me using this...or actually an older version of this that i lost because of those damn clone MK-0 tanks from the SXT mod. I didn't do any serious test's with this new version, as the old one was so incapable, and i didn't think this would be that much of an improvement. So, it was time to throw good looks out the window and bust out tweackscale, and here's the result of that. A bit of a mix between a flying-wing and the stock stratolaunch thingy. And this time, using this new plane, i actually got the damn shuttle into an orbit. Sorry, no picks of the flight itself, as i got the thing into orbit in the first flight, witch i expected to end in the sea or something. I taught id put this here as i lose interest in my space related stuff surprisingly quickly, even if it's successful stuff. Now it's time to see if i can get this into orbit as-well It's basically just a larger version of the other shuttle. My plan is to possibly use this larger shuttle put an new version of my first ever space-station into orbit, it was called spacelab, and i built it like 2 days after i got the game (getting close to 5555 hours now). But, i kinda feel im probably not gonna even touch this again, i dunno why, but i guess ive spent so much time in the atmosphere that i just can't get myself to leave it.
  7. Hmm, interesting stuff, might have to see about using that "ballast-tank" idea on some future design. Thanks for the info.
  8. Yes, i remember that one, as well as both of the U-Boats, and they where the inspiration/driving force that made want to do the "Wolf" submarine. But thanks for the reminder , will have to take a look...tough right now i have 3 large books about subs and WWII ships that i just got from the library i have to go trough. Not only for further research/idea sake, but because i just really enjoy reading about that sort of stuff. Should be able to get at-least a few good ideas from it, even tough my approach will most likely be very different.
  9. This time doing WIP stuff along with the usual stuff. I taught this would be good idea since im going to be releasing quite a bit of more interesting tech here, so i taught you guys would probably like to see that how it's made so that you can maby do something similar yourself. And of-course avoid doing the same mistakes i will inevitably do . The reason why this is a separate post, rather than me including this stuff in the KNS project witch this is still a part of, is because all of this stuff will be a little more connected to one-another. The submarine tender for instance, will have the ability to refuel the new sub im making...that sort of thing, so it only seemed correct to have them all under one roof where they can easily be found. WIP stuff (Gato-class) There's so much WIP stuff that putting all off it from every craft in one spoiler would be wayyyy to much, so each ship will now have their own spoiler. WIP stuff (Prairie based one) Completed crafts List of completed ships: Attack submarine K.S.S Great White III AWACS submarine K.S.S SeaScout List of stuff that that im planning on making. Let's start with what im going to likely do first, witch is the Submarine-fleet side of things. Will likely be named K.S.S Kato Edit: Since my new plan has me mix the Gato, Balao, and Piper, im gonna have to come up with a new name for it (something original), and the AWACS sub that im gonna build from it. Im thinking K.S.S Great White III for the regular one (was originally the name for a CV and then a BB witch are both gone now), And maby...i dunno K.S.S SeaScout...or something like that, for the AWACS sub. The submarine itself will be based on the US Gato-class of submarines. My plan for this one is to use tweackscale this time to simplify things, as the last time i made a sub, it was filled to the brim with dozens of ore-tank's, struts, control-surfaces...that sort of stuff, and it became a huge mess. Also, the Gato-class is quite big as-well. Main improvements over the old one will hopefully be: 1. A more reasonable part-count. lesson of today kids: DO NOT use tweackscale on anything if you want to make a working submarine. Looks like this part will actually happen...well...if my idea of using the new structural-tubes from the DLC with fairings as the hull actually works. Yep, the new hull idea works, and may just be THE way to build submarines, as it gives so many options in size and shape. 2. Working torpedo-tubes with torpedo's The tubes are gone, but it remain to be seen if the torpedoes work, or will they just detonate as soon as i release them. Yep, the torpedoes work, but ive only tested them while staying still, as i fear they will get eaten inside the nose if i fire them from the move. The torpedoes take a while to actually go anywhere BTW, probably to enable them to be dropped from aircraft...witch kinda sucks in this case, but in general, it's probably for the best. 3. much higher speed and bigger operating range (the old one was really slow under water...bout 11 m/s, and had fuel for like 12 minutes). The speed is definitely bigger and the range is longer, but it still ain't that great. To allow for a longer operating range, and maby even rearming it (rearming torpedo's will be impossible, but other weapons could possibly be rearmed by having a sort of ammo-pallet that could be docked/un-docked using a crane), im going to build a submarine tender. Edit: So, i did some more research by reading some books i borrowed from the library yesterday (mostly to satisfy my interest in the Gato-class, but also to maby get some new ideas), and it seems that the Gato-class was more popular than i taught, as it spawned two new classes that are based on the it, the Balao-class, and the Tench class. So looks like im instead going to make my own variation of the Gato-class. I also think im gonna make a second Gato like submarine, and turn it into a radar-surveillance sub just like some Gato's where in the cold-war days. Basically they did the same to the Gato as they did with the E-3 Sentry, just take an old craft and stuff an AWACS/AEW style radar and all the stuff needed for it inside. Im planning to give that version a different style of bridge, maby some sort of a radar-dome and im also gonna remove the torpedo-armaments from it...or something like that. With the new Gato-class and AWACS version of it, i taught id also do a smaller attack-sub...if the Gato-class is a success and not a repeat of the previous attempt. Probably gonna be named K.S.S Hammerhead. I think the British E-class should service that ambition just fine, tough i have a bit of a feeling that this small sub wont be so close to the original in the end. My main hope is to get this one to be more nimble and fast compared to the big Gato (it is about 40m shorter IRL). Dunno the name for it yet. She shall be named K.S.S Mule It will be based on the U.S.S Prairie, witch i believe was actually a tender for subs, or sea-planes, but im not sure (quick search later, seems it was actually a destroyer tender...so close enough i guess). I plan on installing a docking port on the deck of the sub, to witch i will be able to dock a refuelling line from this ship. It may be a bit overkill to have a ship of this size for that job, but hey, why not. Plus, it looks nice. And now to the sea-plane fleet of things. Dunno the name for this one yet either. Quite small isn't it, basically it's a converted old Clemson class destroyer. Basically this one will be there more for looks than variety. as the original was used for maintaining of marked landing areas and for ferrying of sea-plane crews, not for refueling or rearming like i originally taught. Mine will most likely have a bunch of fuel-tanks with lights and antennas that can be dropped in the sea as markers for...whatever it is that you need a marker for. For refueling of sea-planes, im planning on making something in the lines of this. Probably gonna be named K.S.S Pathfinder. Dunno what the ship in this picture is (some searching later, U.S.S Pocomoke, a sea-plane tender...lucky me), just happened to come across it and liked the look of it. Basically i just wanted a basic cargo-ship type thing that i will load with fuel and some sort of refueling cranes. I also feel that a ship like this would serve as a perfect platform for my aircraft-catapult and the possible recovery-crane for it. If the ship has enough space, and i can make the catapult large enough, i will most likely use my existing "Gladiator" as the catapult plane. It has some amazing STOL capabilities, so good in fact, that it can be landed on the VAB helipad. Just need to add some floats and it should be all good, tough it will never be that easy, as sea-planes, especially ones like this are very tricky to get right. As for the other sea-planes that the tenders will be tending to. I have decided to make all the sea-planes custom instead of basing them directly on real-life aircraft. But i will of-course be taking inspiration from different real-life designs. Edit: some of you may be wondering, that why aren't there anything used by the axis in this project...well, i felt it made sense to stay in the allied side of things for compatibility and because most of the stuff in the KNS project is USN based anyways, plus, most of my research/knowledge is centered around the US navy. I will most likely do some German and Japanise stuff in the future, as im seriously planning on making some naval stories with my ships (or maby even some short films), and for that i really need a rival navy, so don't worry, ive got plenty of that stuff coming in the future. So, should make for an interesting project. All the WIP stuff will go on it's own section and stay there (there's so much WIP stuff per craft, that every craft will have their own WIP Spoiler), while all the completed crafts have their own section. I was planning on removing stuff from the "List of stuff that that im planning on making" as i make these crafts, but now i kinda wanna keep it there, so i dunno, it might disappear...or not...or then i'll just put that stuff on their own WIP sections. And there you have it, a nice little growing project. I hope you enjoy following the progress . PS: i don't want to clog up the comments with constant updates, so be sure to comeback every now and then if you want to know what's going on (title will tell you the progress).
  10. Unfortunately IR powered turrets can't follow the cursor, but the BD-armory howitzer's in them do, and are allowed to move a bit, so you only have to move the turret about there to get a good shot. Yep, most of the hulls are nothing but MK-3 fuel-tanks, most of them being empty of-course. Pretty-much any other fuel-tank works well too...well, depending on the size of ship you want to make.
  11. Time for another update. This time i only added a single craft, a helicopter based on the Blackhawk. Taught it would be better to do it this way instead of amassing a huge pile of crafts that i have to upload all at once. And here's some more info on that really big aircraft-carrier i was planning on doing. The carrier itself is done, but there is a project IRL that is linked to it that i want to get done first, im making good progress with it, but it's a bit hard to find the motivation to it since it kinda came out of nowhere. I don't wanna give too much info, but i can tell you it's quite huge, and has a lot of extra detail added, without having that huge of a part-count.
  12. kapteenipirk

    SAS Tortouga - Warrior Class Strike Craft

    In the top with all the writing tools, there's an eye symbol (aka spoiler), just click it and it will create a drop-down thingy that you can place stuff inside in. When you create a post or edit one, they will stay open on default (can be a little annoying when you have 30+ crafts in a single post), but when your done with the post, they will all close down, creating a nice short well organized post...well, depends on your view of well organized.
  13. kapteenipirk

    SAS Tortouga - Warrior Class Strike Craft

    Simplest answer is fuel-tanks (empty ones are more preferable). If you want some ideas, check out my KNS post (link is in the signature). Id guess the Cleveland hull this one is built on has some fuel-tanks hidden inside the hull to help keep the thing afloat...tough wings alone will create a somewhat decently floating hull on their own. Oh...and btw, welcome to the forums @BuxtonHouse. That's a pretty nice looking ship, reminds me of something the French would build.
  14. kapteenipirk

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Saw some of the times posted, and decided to spend some extra time to try and get a better time as i know that it can be done. Here's a pick showing my latest effort I started from the runway without going to the start flag, so about 2 minutes prob should be taken from my final time. My time was 12.15, so about 10 minutes is what it would have taken if i started from the flag. That's about 1/3 taken away from my original time witch was about 15min if i remember correctly. I modded the vehicle a bit before the run, namely by making the wheels double wide and stiffening the custom suspension. I still need to do some more tinkering on the vehicle to make it even better. One of the things that needs fixing, is the RTG's that exploded during that run, meaning i had no power to the wheels. After that, i dunno, i guess it's just a matter of fixing issues as they come. It will be quite difficult to reach that 6 minute mark with this one, as it uses more...how should is say...realistic engineering (no offense to anyone)...well, minus the jet-engines of-course. Oh, and here's the new transport, witch should allow me to get to the start-point...or at-least close to it, in less than 20 minutes. (yeah, the paint-job is a little "gotta represent yo", but why not. Plus, i didn't really like the way it looked with the red-yellow and black paintjob of the "Storm")