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  1. kapteenipirk

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Thanks . I already have 4 rounded intakes clipped in the underbelly as "air-con intakes" like the ones you would see in real aircraft (lot smaller tough), then there's the "flap tracks" and engine mounts, so no shortage of hidden and clipped ones. But i never taught of using the engine-nacelles, definitely have to see about hiding some of those...hmm...i think i could probably replace the flat underbelly between the wings with all engine-nacelles and intakes. It's damn late, but i had to try before i forget about it after those two weeks, and here is the result. This is what the mess of intakes looked like. And this is what it looks like after the change. Looks pretty neat and tidy compared to the last solution if you ask me, and works like a charm too. Decided to use pre-coolers instead for their non fatness and cause they start working at a slower speed. Thanks for the tips buddy .
  2. kapteenipirk

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    @[email protected] Couldn't help but take some notes from your stock engine builds and create some of my own for the Fouglas FC-80. Their definitely not as flashy but i thing they look fine enough for me. Id say they look better than the old "Super Wheesleys" (4 "Wheesleys" and 6 circular intakes per engine) that it used before, but im not too happy about the lack of intakes problem created by the fairings. You can probably see the long line of ramp intakes on the leading edge of the wing, their is a whole host other intakes hidden all over as-well, and those can barely support the 12 "Wheesleys" that the aircraft has now. Here's some closeups of the engine. I wanted it to look like an engine-type from the era of the DC-8 and the old 707 types, basically longer and thinner than the newer engines. The other changes i did to the aircraft is basically just adding of radiator-panels and sciency bits to represent passenger and luggage-compartment doors and their hinges and handles. I did also try to bridge the gap between the fuselage stripe and the F on the tail a little better. Beyond that, there is really not much that can be done as far as improvements go, other than maby adding a custom cockpit, but considering the huge amount of lag i get in the editor because of the boat load of build nodes, i don't think that's gonna happen...Tough i could always make it as a separate thing and add it later as a subassembly...yea, i think i might do that, not now tough, as i will be away from my main PC for the next 2 weeks. Should give me enough time to think that what kind of a cockpit should i make.
  3. kapteenipirk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Ive been doing some updates and mods to some of my existing craft. I have a bunch of bigger projects in mind, but i just havent had the time (crazy considering im on holiday). And now im going away for most of the next two weeks, so projects will be on hold even longer. I wanted to show a couple paint-jobs i made for two aircraft that are going to appear in the "KNS Reloaded" post. A little "IJN special" paint-job for the Japanise heavy-fighter inspired Pheonix heavy fighter. The second one is a USN inspired one for the Sea-Fortress, a PBY Privateer based naval heavy-bomber The original non-painted ones had the new "Tempest" engines, but i had to change them cause they can't be painted yet. The next update for the KNS post will most likely include the flight demonstration video i was talking about, and will most likely include all the ready to build on hulls i have.
  4. kapteenipirk

    Distrusting mods

    Introduction of ad-revenue by Youtube + content-creator + viewers using ad-block = person wondering why he isn't making a living anymore. But im sure you already knew that .
  5. X-100 Superbird I started playing KSP in late 2013 and have now (according to Steam) clocked over 5000 hours of KSP witch is a pretty crazy amount, but considering i have been around this game for nearly 5 years, i guess it's not all that bad. I have to say the more amazing thing is the fact that just how well i can still remember a few of those early creations i made in the first like 10-50 hours of the game. These early creations include: My first ever atmospheric craft (a stubby little plane with a MK-3 fuselage, too many engines and not enough wings). My first ever space related creation (a single launch space-station called Spacelab). I actually still have an updated version of it laying around. My first ever plane that flew (an SR-71 style thing). My first ever replica craft (a Mig-21 with far too much weight on it). My first ever plane that i was able to land and take-off safely (a 707'ish quad engined plane). My first truly successful aircraft (this). From all of those early creations, the X-100 comes to mind the best as it was the first ever craft that felt it could do something more than just fly around. At first i didn't really have success with it, but after quite a lot of tweaking and adding of "hidden" canards later, i noticed the thing had transformed into quite a powerhouse of a plane. I of-course wanted to test this by installing a couple SRB missiles witch it carried no problems at all. Now after all the many changes, tweaks and fixes later, it still flies, actually even better than ever before. Amazingly enough, this one actually is the original craft, not some rebuild of it, tough it did take some rebuilding regardless as the craft looked like this when i opened it after all that time. With the help of the KerbalHistoricalInstitute mod i was able to open the thing, but unfortunately the part's that had changed model over the years all used those new models, so a lot of rebuilding was ahead. To make the rebuilding process as authentic as possible, i didn't use any of the "new" rotation and offset tools, not even the Q+WASD (didn't know about that at the time). I also took that screenshot as a sort of part-list to help me get the rebuilt one to be exactly like the original, tough because of all the aerodynamic tweaks and changes, some of the "hidden" canards where left out to make the thing look a little cleaner. All in all, it may be a little how you doing by modern standards, but i still love the old girl and i feel like i should do it justice properly and do a complete rebuild like i did with the Fouglas FC-8. Here are some few more picks showing the plane and it's SRB missiles in action Technical specs: Top speed: 373 m/s (without SRB missiles in low altitude) Stall speed: 55 m/s (without SRB missiles) Length: 33.6m Wingspan: 35.5m Height: 9.1m Parts: 156 Mass: 84.7 tons (with over 30 tons of SRB missiles) The Superbird is very fast, very smooth, but could propably use some more pitch authority. And there it is for you, a small look into the kinds of creations i started out with nearly 5 years ago. I hope you enjoyed looking at it . Oh, and in-case you where wondering that what got me into this, it was Hoc Gamig's "That's no moonbase" series that made me think "that looks like it could be fun to play".
  6. kapteenipirk

    Show Me Your SR 71 Builds!!!

    SR-71 builds eh, time bring out something really...REALLY old. This one is one of the first things i ever uploaded on the forums, so excuse the terrible grammar. Scratch that, ill just show you the picks instead. Dunno what the technical specs are, as i never put them up. Oh and i don't have the craft file anymore either, as i never put up that one either. You can thank me from 3 years ago for the lazyness. Fun fact: this one was the second ever RL aircraft i made a post about, the only crafts before this where the X-Tornado, Tornado-5 and the Boeing SST. I used a small paper model of the thing as reference to try and get the thing to look pretty much exact. It's all stock except for the cockpit and the wing-tip parts. And that's pretty much all the info i can give you about it.
  7. Thanks . No, there isn't one, but i might add one in the future.
  8. kapteenipirk

    Unique designs 2 [ITS BACK AGAIN]

    Ive got a few tricks up my sleeve that will make pretty much anything fly , even like a stunt-plane if you want. In this case it's a combination of the bi-plane design and the very powerful turboprops.
  9. kapteenipirk

    Unique designs 2 [ITS BACK AGAIN]

    Looking back at all the many crafts that i have made, id have to say that i don't think ive ever made anything as mad as the KHB-505 Falco. A heavy attacker/bomber based on the Italian Caproni C.A 5, a WWI Heavy bomber. It has enough armaments to take on just about anything, is also pretty darn maneuverable and is pretty fast too. It is part of a large series of custom designed aircrafts that i was supposed to release ages ago, but didn't because i just didn't have the motivation, and also the list of crafts belonging to that project was getting rather large. It can easily be identified as part of that project from it's livery. I put invasion stripes and checkered patterns on pretty-much all the crafts in that project, and this one with extra stuff in the form of a mouth and 505 written on the upper-wing. It used to be equipped with KAX engines, thatnkfully i happened to switch them to A+ ones as i haven't been using KAX for a long time. All in all, it's a pretty mad and weird design that to me belongs in a steampunk universe, but i guess that's why i love it so dearly.
  10. Time for the second update. I did some changes to some of the descriptions (not craft descriptions). A little quality of life addition in the form of a ship/aircraft list to make finding all the stuff that has been released so far a little easier. And i also added a completely new type of ship, the medical ship K.S.S Von Kerman. Next update will be put on hold for a while as now i have some other naval stuff to do in the form of the premium camo design contest that Wargaming is hosting for World of Warships (camo will be for tier VII cruiser U.S.S Helena), and i also have a really important entry exam (engineering stuff that will hopefully get me one step closer to my dream of becoming an aircraft designer in the real world) at the end of this month i need to prepare for. The next update will include some new ships and aircraft, and will most likely also include a big flight demonstration video that will include all the aircraft made so far.
  11. The first pack of crafts is here. I call it the Basics of air-superiority. This pack includes 7 aircraft and 2 ships. These should help you keep the waters and skies above and around any territory safe from invasion. Here's some extra picks, just for the heck of it. (Three carrier plane replicas all nicely lined up after their carrier tests). (Be careful when you use brakes). (The Firebird after an emergency landing due to a small...ahem...collision with a water-tower). Next up i think is going to be a bunch of battleships. But until that, have fun tearing up the skies with bullets and rockets ...or enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a little sunbathing on the deck of the Midway, whatever suits you best .
  12. kapteenipirk

    Any Train Simulator/model railroading geeks here?

    Im glad you did. Pretty perfect timing too. Ive got an update on the secondary tracks, and something special. I went on my parents summer cottage with my mom (my dad's in America at the moment) and decided to try and see if it would be a better place for the Bachmann (Murica track) and manual train track ("Toy train" track). I don't really like to go there as it's not really my kind of thing, and i tend to go little crazy if if there's nothing to do. Bringing the tracks there is my attempt at making the place feel more like home and a place where i actually feel like going to (it is a good place for me to get away from videogames and correct my totally broken sleeping rhythms). They both fit in the lower section of the bunk-bed in the little mini cottage next to the main one. The mini one is there just for sleeping at and nothing else. While was there, i also worked on another train project. Or should i say i continued it there as the design work for it was done at home. And this project has to do with something from my early childhood. When i was like 3-5 years old, we got a huge bunch old old Lego from one of our cousins. It included a few complete sets, but most of the stuff was what happened to left of some sets, I have later been doing some searching to try and find what sets those parts belonged to. That stuff was all the way from the early 80's to early 90's. In that lot was two sets that i loved, the Skull eye schooner (witch, like many of my lego sets, i had to give away before the move, as they simply would not have fit anywhere in our new, MUCH smaller apartment...well, at-least not with all the other more important hobbies i have), and set 7745, high speed express train, from the 12V train era. It was never complete (one of the train-bases, a bunch of the train-wheels and couplers, the transformer and speed-controller, and all the cables where missing), but i still loved the look of it and made many many trains with the parts from that set. Now that i know a little more about that and other 12V train sets, i really, REALLY want a complete set of it, but unfortunately they cost hundreds on ebay (the good ones with all the stuff still there at-least). So, i want the thing complete, but don't want to spend hundreds...why not make it out of paper. And that's what i did. I started by checking if my AutoCad Student license had expired or not, turns out it hadn't (i was pretty sure our teacher said it would last 3 years, and im pretty sure it has been a lot more than 3 years since i got the license). I used AutoCad on my Finnish armored train paper-model before, so i knew i could design the model with it in no time. There was the matter of coloring tough, the Armored train i made was black and white cause i didn't really know how to get it colored nicely (was pretty sure there wasn't a way to color stuff with AutoCad). If i was gonna do a Lego train model, it needs to be colored. Thankfully there was a form of hatch that could be used to put solid color, so coloring of the model was possible. and here is the result. On the left is the real-deal, it's all i have left of the set. On the right is the paper thing, witch is the locomotive, while the Lego one is the rear driving carriage. I have designed and printed the rest of the train, i just need to build it. The "stickers" i was able to recreate with line drawing and text tools, so no playing around with images of the stickers was needed. I tried to make the model a little more simple while still being very authentic looking. I already have plans for recreating the Intercity train and some kind of a freight train from the 12V era. As for the 9V era...maby, RC/infra-red...nah, and Power functions...just feels wrong. I want to concentrate on classic sets that are a little hard to get, not on doing the same as Lepin but with paper. I don't have a clear plan on weather im going to keep this as a personal project, or weather i should release it and put it up on somewhere like the Papermodelers forum.
  13. kapteenipirk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    WOW, now that has to be the most spectacular discombobulation ever. Im guessing you had "no crash damage on", as i was expecting it to look more like this. The aftermath is in the spoiler. That's a 170m long seaplane-tender exploding all at once after a collision with a piddly little fuel-tank (it's a really old pick).
  14. Time to seriously update my navy project by making an all new post that will hopefully be better than the old one that was kept barely together with rolls of duct-tape and WD-40. Kerbal Navy Shipyard Reloaded The KNS has been designing and building ships for over a year now. Our catalog has included, Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, and a whole host of other ships. Over that time we have taken a huge effort to try and come up with the most economical designs (reduced part-count) possible while still producing interesting and good to look at designs. We wanted to up our standards high and keep our catalogues a little more clear and clean, we also had a lot of our ship disabled due to unknown issues, we didn't want that broken stuff hanging around. Including our fully built designs, we have now started an initiative to promote other shipyards to design their own ships by using fully built hulls towed from our shipyards to their dry-docks so that they can be equipped with pretty-much whatever they can come-up with. Yes, now you can make your own ships using my tried and tested hulls that have all the necessary engines and action-groups all figured out. Basically, the KNS is an ongoing project to create an entire fleet of ships from the smallest gunboat to the largest aircraft-carriers and battleships. At first, i created ships that where more made to look good. After some time i started making ships with custom IR powered turrets that added to the realism and detail of ships, turns out these designs weren't very popular, so i decided to start shifting focus to more lower part designs with basic BD-armory guns, basically designs that are more like the original ones but with lower part-counts, with the unfortunate expense of detail. The aim is to bring the part-counts low enough that these ships can then be used for larger naval battles without turning them into a lag-fest. This aim of lower part-counts is to enable the creation of naval battles in a small scale. List of ships and aircraft A list of all the ships and aircraft currently added and their types to help you find them a little easier. Ships: Aircraft carrier K.S.S Midway Anti-Air cruiser K.S.S FlySwat Medical ship K.S.S Von Kerman Aircraft: Carrier based fighter Fought F4U Corsair Carrier based fighter KF-101 Gladiator Carrier based fighter KF-18 Wasp Carrier based dive bomber KDB-2 Helldiver Carrier based torpedo bomber KTB-17 Avenger. Land based attacker KF-102 FireBird Land based AWACS Aircraft K-3 Sentry List of mods used in this project Note: All decals from all the crafts will be removed before release, so you don't need a mod for those. I use Nebula Decals to add them. Tutorials/instructions While i get the tutorial videos/missions figured out, here's some basic instructions: Getting to water: Big ships: The best way to get to water safely is to put the main engines and your right side turning engines to full, once you reach a speed of about 10m/s, turn your main engines off and just wait till the ship is off the runway, then it's just a matter of slowly crawling to the water. Small ships: For small ships that use control surfaces for turning, the procedure is pretty-much still the same, tough this time you have to go a bit faster to get some air around those rudders. Ship controls: Big ships: Action-group 1: main engines (forward). Action-Group 2: right side turning engines (turning left). Action-Group 3: left side turning engines (turning right). Small ships: For small ships, it should just be press space-bar and use WASD to control. Tips and tricks for carrier operations From when i started the KNS project, i have built 7 aircraft-carriers, and have gotten a good amount of experience on carrier operations. The first and the most unfortunate thing is elevators. Because of an issue with Infernal Robotics, all IR parts tend to "sink" a little everytime you go to the hangar and back for example. Because of this aircraft elevators in all of my carriers have an unfortunately short lifespan. Another unfortunate thing has to do with the flight decks. Small gaps tend to form into the flight decks of my carriers. For medium and up landing-gears they don't matter, but small landing-gears tend to fall into these gaps. If your small landing-gears fall into gaps in the flight decks or you find yourself in a situation that you cant turn around normally, just retract you gears, put one of your engines on reverse and voila (works for the twin-engined fighters i have), you can turn on the spot. Just make sure you don't put a single large drop-tank or something like that under your fuselage or it will become more difficult to turn. For single engined aircraft, turning on the spot is sometimes possible by first retracting all gears, then deploying one of the main gears, this should make the wingtip a pivot-point and the aircraft should turn when you apply a bit of power. Takeoff and landing on my carrier happens just like it does on the KSC runway, the only difference is length and width of the runway. Dry-dock The dry-dock is where we build our ships, it's also where we store the ready made hulls so that they can quickly be delivered to the correct customers. We also have warehouses full of naval guns of different types, rangefinders,AA-guns...and many other ship systems. Naval guns (main, secondary and AA) Gun-control systems Aircraft handling equipment Misc stuff Hulls Design office The design office is where we design our own ships and eventually show them off to all our potential customers. Aircraft carriers Battleships Light/Heavy/AA-Cruisers (basically WW2 and before) Missile destroyers/cruisers/frigates (basically more modern ships) Submersibles Support-ships (cargo/transport ships, refuelling/munitions transport ships,medical ships) Small ships (gunboats, mine-layers, landing crafts) Destroyers (the torpedo launching ones, not the modern missile ships) Air-Arm As our Air-Arms aircraft' where later released with ships, it didn't make much sense anymore to keep it separate. Carrier aircraft AWACS/AEW aircraft Other ground based aircraft And there it is for you, a nice little restart to the ever-growing navy project. I hope you enjoy it . Oh, and be sure to follow as a ton of stuff is going to be coming here, old and new.
  15. kapteenipirk

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Alright, 1.4.x version of BD-armory has been released, so now it's the moment of truth and time to see what's become of me navy. And GOOD NEWS, all the crafts that have BD-armory stuff still works just fine (minus missing tracers that may be because of a setting of some kind), so looks like i can release the Grand Naval Expansion after-all. (I use stealth rounds in War Thunder all the time so im actually kinda happy that i have no tracers at all). Im just so happy and surprised that they all still work .