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  1. I guess since people seem to like the Kerbopolis, i shall make a proper post, tough i propably won't be putting it up for download. It will take a few days before that will happen as im busy with school (work-training and entrance-exam). And while im at it, might as-well give an update on some other projects. I have done some more custom aircraft's and am planning on uploading all of them under one repository called "Kerbal Defence Initiative". Yes, the same place in witch i will be dropping all my ground forces as-well. Pretty much all the crafts posted there will have very short and simple descriptions, and the stuff there will also be uploaded one a time every now and then to reduce load as otherwise i would have to upload about a couple dozen thing at once and write all the descriptions for them. I have also done a couple new aircraft-carriers. The other one is a traditional aircraft-carrier with a fully working aircraft-elevator and hangar-deck that can support my latest carrier plane replicas. These carrier-planes are: Vought F4U Corsair. Grumman TBF Avenger. Curtiss SB2C Helldiver. The carrier also has about 700 parts and is quite a lot bigger than the K.S.S Freedom witch was good part count wise but was too small to support any real aircraft's. The other carrier will remain as a surprise, as it is quite different compared to all the other carriers that i've made so far. Oh, and i finally made that something special for the all new upcoming Tornado-7 and for the X-Tornado as-well. And that something special may appear on other aircraft's too. So yea, plenty of stuff coming soon.
  2. So, i was building another ship today, a 50% scale replica of the U.S.S Indianapolis CA-35. And just like the super-battleship that i was building some time ago, it got corrupted...Tough in a very interesting way. Usually when these things get corrupted, it's the same result, everything is broken and nothing can be salvaged. All around very odd, it's broken and not broken all at the same time . Because of that i don't know if i should make a proper post about it.
  3. Accidentally created something amazing while developing a new low part half-size catapult plane. Basically tweakscaled to 50% size to fit my new "half-scaled" battleships and cruisers. Looks like a regular little plane doesn't it . Well, be prepared to see something amazing . It may look pretty normal in this shot, but pay attention to the altimeter . Yep, it's underwater. It has the hidden ability to sink like a sub, and takeoff like a rocket from underwater . The takeoff is made possible by the crazy acceleration of the Lankaster engine. But the sinking tough, it's probably caused by weight and tweakscale not handling buoyancy too well, but that's just a guess.
  4. Thanks . I actually started using the upside-down fuel-cell thing a few months ago . You guys just haven't gotten to see it because i was absent from the spacecraft exchange for so many months.
  5. Thanks . Yea, i've been trying to add a little more color to my planes using communitron DTS's and fuel-cells.
  6. KTP-271 Raven And here is that Specialized cargo-plane i was talking about on the Zeppelin Staaken post. It is my second favorite custom design so far , right behind the mighty Vulture bomber. I wanted to give the aircraft a little history. The KTP-271 was visioned a few years before KW2 started. The designer/engineer behind the project envisioned a new "Solid supply-line" or whatever he called it, that was going to be filled with giant cargo-planes full of defensive armaments. The planes would also be built in a way that would guarantee that they would be able to land and deliver their cargo before they are completely destroyed. Basically like a heavy-bomber fleet that carried troops, fuel, ammo, and other supplies instead of bombs. And here is the result of that idea. In the end, the aircraft was manufactured in very small numbers. It was too expensive and the "Solid supply-line" idea just didn't strike. So, supplying of spare-parts, fuel and airmen to front-line airbases and airfields became it's primary task. Tough one of them became more special than others of it's kind. One of them had been upgraded with equipment from Lankaster bombers, to be used as a personal transport for Monty Kerman. The gondola on the underbelly was replaced with a radar that was taken from a wrecked Lankaster bomber. The lankaster engines where factory fresh. The "gun tunnel" in the rear of the plane was removed as-well, and a Quad-turret was installed into the rear to replace it. It also came from a wrecked Lankaster. The Kamerikan's also had their own versions that where installed with spare engines meant to be used on Thunderbolts and Korsairs. I wanted to make aircraft available to as many as possible, so that's why there are so many different versions with different engines. There are 4 versions in total: The KAX version witch is the original one i built a long time ago. A Firespitter version that i later on modified even more and turned it into the personal transport of Monty Kerman. An Airplane Plus version that is the same as the original with the exception of the new engines. And an SXT engined version that is also the same as the original. Unfortunetly, due to some weird bug, i had to delete the Firespitter version as it was completely broken . It would takeoff, and then the Kraken would hit and things went a bit weird, and ended up in either a crash or in parts escaping the solar system . Technical specs: (KAX version) Top speed: 78 m/s. (speed may vary between version). Stall speed: 30 m/s. Armaments: 3x 50.cal turret, 2x 30mm chaingun. Length: 40.2m Wingspan: 43.8m Height: 12.2m Mass: 121 tons Parts: 654 It should have plenty of fuel to compensate the slow speed so you can get pretty far . Takeoff distance is pretty big because of the relatively low angle in witch it sits on the runway . Action Groups: Action group 1 is for the landing flaps. Mods used: BD-armory on all versions and KAX, Airplane Plus or SXT depending on the version. Download link: (All in one package) https://www.dropbox.com/s/0g1i3h773r0zkqi/KTP-271 versions.zip?dl=0 And there it is for you, my idea of a proper cargo-plane. I hope you enjoy it .
  7. Nice to see my carrier going into some good use . Some nice planes here as-well , very similar to my own build style back in the day. BTW, how did you manage to get the carrier to stay together, as my own original just explodes as soon as the physics kick in.
  8. Thanks . I don't think it would be all that difficult to identify the Kongo class, mainly because of that uniquely placed catapult that is between the rear turrets. As for a firing solution, a torpedo or two near one of the main barbettes should result in a nice magazine detonation, or at-least it does in WoWs anyways.
  9. Desided id spend a few hours today and rebuild the K.S.S Bongo in a new improved form. It's basically been built in the same way as the Nelson, a replica with a personal touch. And here it basically is, tough it still needs some finishing touches. Here's some "Old VS New" pics. At first, i wanted to crate a similar scale recreation that would have been pretty-much identical to the original. But, after placing down a couple of parts, i realized it would be better if i just built it in the same scale/style in witch the Nelson was built. Compared to the original, the new one will have about 400-300 less parts once it's done , it will have a dummy catapult instead of a working one (the catapult i used on the original was 160 parts, plane included). It will also probably be even more effective in combat compared to the original, and will probably have better speed and maneuverability. But that remains to be seen. Personally i like the new one better. But what do you guys think, do you like the Kerbal scaled version better, or the newer smaller scale replica.
  10. Yeah, it's on by default, i just checked.
  11. I don't really know what the ease in physics means, but with hacked gravity you get discombobulation and a cloud of parts.
  12. K.S.S Nelson The K.S.S Nelson is a half scaled (about) replica of the HMS Nelson with a personal touch. I chose the ship because i just really liked the more unique look of the nelson. And i also had plans for other RN ships at the time, so why not. I was originally supposed to make it properly sized, but kinda misjudged the scale of the main turret, witch was the first thing i built. Also, the howitzers that it uses as it's main weapons, are quite small. But, i kinda really like this half scale thing, it allows me to make everything from the humble destroyer to the mighty super-battleships with less than 1000 parts. The Nelson was also supposed to be a proper replica, but since the real thing had one too many AA positions, i decided to just personalize the ships AA compliment. I also was originally supposed to use custom built secondary turrets on the thing, but the part saving part in me wanted to make things a bit more simple and just use rocket turrets instead. That is also the reason why the main turrets have no floor in them, it would have just been a waste of parts. All the gun-pits with the 50.cal turrets where supposed to have custom built dummy 20mm Oerlikon guns in them. Tough the Oerlikon gun may only have 10 parts, once you put down like ten of them, it starts to hurt the part count a lot. And here's pick of the guns that where removed. Just by eliminating those secondary turrets and those dummy Oerlikon guns, i saved a whopping 208 parts. Instruction for piloting the ship: Action group 1, main engines. Action groups 2 and 3, steering. A and D, rotation of main turrets and rangefinder. Technical specks. Armaments: Main: 3x turrets with 3 105mm howitzers. Secondary: 6x rocket turrets, 4x 30mm chain-gun. AA: 15x 50.cal turret, 4x 30mm chain-gun. Top speed: 37 m/s. Length: 94.7m. Width: 13.8m. Height: 18.5m. Parts: 744. Mass: 635 tons. Mods used: Infernal robotics and BD-armory. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2wyu92vhn83dos2/K_S_S Nelson.craft?dl=0 And there it is for you, the biggest R/C model you'll ever see. I hope you enjoy it . Link to main navy repository:
  13. K.S.S Hunter DD-22 The Hunter is the second of my "next generation" ships, this time being based on the German T-22 destroyer. The choice was pretty easy, since i really love the look of the T-22, and i had already made the torpedo-launchers (another leftover from the corrupted Königsberg replica). The torpedo-launchers aren't exactly too functional, but they work well enough if the enemy happens to be at a certain distance away from the ship. I originally designed them to be able to launch their rockets at the SPH from the default spawn position. Yes, i said rockets. Making torpedoes at this scale would have been pretty-much impossible, and they would have probably been extremely impractical too. The main turrets where a bit of a head scratch, as i wanted to give them proper detail, but i also wanted them to make from as few parts as possible. What made this harder, was the fact that the turrets are open, with armor around them. So, would i give them proper detail and do the entire gun with all the seats, scopes, drivegears, etc. Or, do i jsut leave them empty on the inside. I desided to go for a low detail inside, with some bare essentials. Rest of the destroyer has been built in a similar fashion, all the essential details, and nothing more. The Hunter ended up being more realistically sized because of the torp-tubes and the main turrets that are pretty much 1:1 sized. It's pretty-much cruiser sized because of it. Here is a little demonstration video showing the DD in action. (Sorry, didn't notice i had muted the sounds on my recording software ). Instruction for piloting the ship: Action group 1, main engines. Action groups 2 and 3, steering. A and D, rotation of main turrets and rangefinder. Q and E, rotation of torpedo-launchers. Technical specks. Armaments: Main: 3x turrets with a 105mm howitzer. Secondary: 2x triple torpedo-launchers AA: 2x 50.cal turret, 4x 30mm chaingun. Top speed: 35 m/s. Length: 80.7m. Width: 9.8m. Height: 18.3m. Parts: 607. Mass: 496 tons. NOTE: The Ship has a tendency of turning to the left on it's own, so remember to stay in control at all times. Mods used: Infernal robotics and BD-armory. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3yi2wwjd779x6ws/K_S_S Hunter DD-22.craft?dl=0 (I removed the experimental tweakscaled flag from the ships rear mast.) I hope you enjoy it . Link to main navy repository:
  14. K.S.S Bongo The first new generation ship of my navy, equipped with all the newest toys: It is the first to be equipped with new custom built IR powered turrets. It is also the first ship to be equipped with the new aircraft catapult that i originally developed for the Königsberg replica witch got corrupted due to a crash. Since i had already made a battleship based on the Missouri witch is my favorite warship, it made sense to base the second battleship on my second favorite one, The IJN Kongo. I basically built the entire thing out of memory. To save some time, i used the same hull that i had originally created for the K.S.S Great White II. I think the ship turned out pretty great overall. Here is a bit of a demonstration video witch shows the main turrets and the catapult in action. Making the turrets was pretty simple and straight forward. The Catapult tough, that took a lot of work. First i had to figure out how to make the float-plane itself work. It liked to flip on it's back during landing on water a lot before i was able to tweak it enough to make it able to land safely. The takeoff is usually the hardest part, but not this time, as the floatplane can takeoff from water with no player input whatsoever . Finally, there was the hardest part, making it work as a catapult plane. Tough the idea may be simple, it's hard to do it in KSP, as the catapult likes to wobble all around the place. Strutting wont help, as that will just lock up all the IR parts. So, timing is key. if you wait till the end and release, it will slam nose first in to the ground, and release it too soon, and it will flip and crash. I still don't really know the optimal timing, as it seems to be based on lag. But, there are a couple of things that you need to remember: 1. the engine needs to be at full thrust before launch. 2. remember to quick-save. Technical specks. Armaments: Main: 4x turrets with two 105mm howitzers. Secondary: 10x Oerlikon Millenium turret. AA: 2x Goalkeeper MK2, 12x 30mm chaingun. Length: 138.8m. Width: 13.3m. Height: 26.0m. Parts: 1069. Mass: 1281 tons. This time there won't be a download link as the newest update has killed the mighty Bongo before it ever got the chance to do any missions. And there it is, the first look into a new kind of shipbuilding style. I hope you enjoy it . Link to main navy repository:
  15. Hmm, im a bit afraid that the fix won't be a easy as applying some few struts. As with the new Firflash and MD-11 replicas that i made, no matter how many struts i added, the results where still explosive. But, i have to give it a shot. Thanks Jim . Edit: looks like i found the source of the problem. The Bridge doesn't seem to want to be there. Second edit: Yea, as i taught, the struts did nothing. It's like shooting in the dark after this. And as i said, i may even be impossible to fix. So, i think it would be easier to just rebuild the thing from scratch. Would give a good chance to improve it and make it a little more light on the part count. I may even make it in the same style/scale as the K.S.S Nelson.