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  1. It was late 2013, Youtube was recommending me a series called "THAT'S NO MOON! Base" by HOC gaming, and i decided to have a little peek as it looked very interesting, with bases and spaceships and even a truck mounted Kerbal cannon. After that i decided to by the game as it looked really fun, and after 7 years and over 7500 hours (not even kidding) of game-play later according to Steam, i can say it was the best decision i ever made...well...as far as video-games are concerned at-least. Below is a post i made a while back, witch will give you a little look into some of my early creation (before i even had 100 hours clocked).
  2. It's been months since i got anything relating to this project done, but during this summer i really got things going, and have a ton of new stuff now. While in the past i was concentrating solely on stuff relating to this specific diorama i have now broadened my spectrum quite a bit and have aguired a bunch off stuff that i can use in this and other dioramas as-well. Since my plan has always been to make sure none of the miniatures are getting glued to the diorama base, why not broaden the selection models to give myself the opportunity to create a multitude of dioramas with this set of models. Plus, i just really really like building models of this stuff anyways , so even if it doesn't end up in a diorama, it doesn't matter. Don't know if i told it yet, but the main reason i went with choice of not gluing stuff to the base, is so i can store the models on a shelf or a box, and have the literal table sized base be stored up against a wall. Plus, i cant lie, i still like to play around with my models from time to time. One of the things i liked to do the most as a kid, was have a bunch of these 1/72 scale models around my computer desk, so every-time i had to wait for something to load or install, i could stage little tabletop battles with these soldiers and tanks. Now my desk is so stuffed up with other junk, i cant really do that anymore. Anyways, here's all the new stuff. Couple of nice Italeri Battlesets full of lovely goodies . And to go with those, a couple proper captured KV's. And here's all the new model i got built during this summer. A Panther Ausf-A, Tiger II Ausf-B, Sturer Emil, T34-85, a couple B1-Bis and FT-17 tanks and a couple more PAK-40 AT-guns. The Panther, Tiger and T34 models are to receive special decals and commanders, that's why there blank at the moment. The special decals/commanders will be from a series ive come to like very much. More on that later. The PAK-40 guns i got more for the sake of getting more gun-crews, as i felt i was a bit lacking in that area. The B1-Bis and FT-17 tanks where built more cause there some of my all time favorite tanks, and also because i felt they could make for some really interesting pieces for a future diorama (the grey FT-17 was apparently used by the Luftwaffe, so could fit in an airfield diorama...for example). The T34 is something i acquired a long time ago, but never got around to building. I might paint the Russian tanks from the Malinava set in the same special camo, but that remains to be seen. I had an idea to take the T34 from the Malinava set and build it in a more destroyed kind of state (track broken, couple shell holes, hatches open), but since it's one of those simple fast build models, that's not really going to work. Oh, i also have a few tanks i 3D-printed witch ill likely be showing here as-well, one of them being...ehm...rather large and armed with naval guns. Ahh, just so many lovely models .
  3. Interesting, every-time ive tried to use an image whose canvas isn't in the 2:1 ratio, the game has stretched it to that. I think we could give that a go and see what the end result is. Thanks . Update for everyone: just finished editing the national markings side of the decal pack (over 90 decals), just need to rename them and ill be ready to put them in-game and then release them. I'll probably work on the tank-numbers next.
  4. Yea, feels like a weights been lifted. Thanks .
  5. Time for a little update. I went ahead and did a little extra searching around for some additional decals, and believe it or not, i now have near 400 new decals waiting to be edited so they work. Most of that stuff comes straight from War Thunder. So, be patient, as it's going to take some time for me to get trough all of them, especially now that school is starting. I will of-course segment it to smaller packs. First thing im gonna focus on, is the rest of the national markings.
  6. BF-109 G-6 "Mersu" It's been what feels like forever (about 3 years as it turns out...), but here it finally is, the UCS Bf-109, the plane most of you wanted to see me build next after the UCS Hurricane. To give you a short story of what happened, during all this time. After the UCS Hurricane and asking you guys that what you'd like to see me build in this style, i built the UCS HE-111, as i taught it was the most interesting of all the suggestions. The Heinkel 111 turned out pretty badly in the end, it simply wouldn't fly, and the video along with it was pretty terrible...that basically totally killed my motivation for this project. a long time later i started building the UCS BF-109 as i really wanted to keep my promise of building some more of these, i got pretty far with it, but my motivation died again. After some time later, i realized this wouldn't work, if i was to fulfill my promise, i needed to make some changes. And this the result of that change, instead of building a super-scaled super part hungry plane that barely flew, i should instead make these UCS builds in 1:1 scale. To try and keep in spirit of the original parameters, what these new UCS builds offer, is a more or less miniaturized version of the UCS builds...with some simplifications of-course, but the overall build style and details is mostly there, in a more manageable and fun package this time. The builds will still have very high part-counts for something so small, and will still have performance limitations, but it's better than what we had before. The old build ( for comparison) Like i mentioned, the new build is a more or less miniaturized version of the old UCS build. I wanted to make sure that none of the essential details would be lost in translation to the original, in some places it was quite easy, and in others it was quite hard as things went pretty tiny in some places, most notably the cockpit interior. I wanted to make sure pretty-much every gauge, every light and button is found on the dashboard. The engine-bay has also been fitted with pretty-much all the details, minus some of the small piping. Exterior markings, while semi-fictional, should also be pretty accurate. Pretty-much every angle of the aircraft i tried to replicate as close to the original as possible, to get me closer and closer to creating a truly photo-realistic replica some day. I made this before the stock decals where added to the game, i could have switched the part-built ones to the Finnish decals i made/found, but i decided to stick with the part-built ones as that's how i made the in the original. I decided pretty early on that even tough i taught of making the wings and landing-gear a little more photo-realistically by using tons of smaller panels and custom-built landing-gears, i should use a more simple and functional way of building them instead. It's pretty funny to think now, but one of bigger challenges of this build was strutting the thing. While it's easy to scale down and miniaturize most of the bits, struts will always stay the same, and at this scale, they can seem pretty big and intrusive. It took some doing to effectively hide them in the best way possible. Performance wise, id say things are pretty good in terms of overall flight characteristics, but i think it could really use some more speed and sharper controls...but, i feel what we have, is about as good as it gets, considering it's not that easy to shift the weight and add engine-power on this one. Technical specs: Top speed: 70-80 m/s. Armaments: 3x 50.cal machine-gun Length: 9.0m Wingspan: 9.9m Height: 3.3m Mass: 6 tons Parts: 556 Mods: Tweakscale, BD-armory, DCK Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jczsqhfw1mv5tuj/BF-109 G-6 (FIN).craft?dl=0 And there it is...finally after 3 years, the mighty BF-109 G-6 in Finnish camo.
  7. Man, so many millions of things to do and so little time. Haven't really had any time to play ksp in the first place let alone time to upload stuff, hopefully that will change soon, so i can get to uploading the British fleet side of the WWII KNS project thingy, as there's some pretty exiting stuff going to be included in it. There's also the UCS BF-109 that is ready to be uploaded. Just really feel like prioritising my time on all the many model projects that need to be completed. Be prepared to get an update on the diorama project soon. Speaking of models, here's a little something im planning on turning into a 3D-papermodel. Dunno if im gonna get around to it tough, as it's not going to be easy, nor do i have too much time for that. Weather or not that happens, the aircraft should make one hell of an addition to the US fleet side of things. And here's something i don't really know if gonna upload it. A more or less replica of the German Land-Wasser-Schlepper II (land-water-tractor) witch ended up being pretty sluggish on land and water, as-well as having little to no use. I just found it really fascinating and wanted to create something similar.
  8. I'll see about adding those to the pack when i get back home (bout 2 weeks).
  9. Roundel/decal pack Being a model builder since i was about 6-7 years old, i have really learnt to appreciate the impact something as simple as a roundel can have in the looks of a model airplane, or in this case a KSP build. So a long time ago i installed a couple decal mods and started to decorate my aircraft to make them a little more exiting. And i couldn't be happier about the fact that now it's possible to do that in stock...yes it may be more limited than Nebula decals, witch is the mod i have been using for years now, but it's still pretty fantastic. So, i went ahead and modified and pretty heavily updated my existing list of custom decals so that they work with the new stock decal parts. Here is the list so far. DISCLAIMER: None of these decals (except for the RAF tail-stripes) where made by me, i just pulled them off the internet and edited them to make them work, so credit goes to the original creators. Your basic list of roundels from a bunch of different countries that saw action in WWII: Britain, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Poland, China, Japan and Finland. I also included some modern roundels as-well to use in your shiny new jets. Now that i have a better grasp of the mess know as Gimp, i will likely be adding quite a few new decals as time goes on as i want this pack to be as nice and diverse as possible, with all kinds of military related decals, all the way from basic roundels to nose art, squadron markings, code letters/numbers, inscriptions, stuff like that. Make this a sort of one stop shop for this kind of stuff, or something similar. Help in achieving this would be greatly appreciated. So, if you have any decals of this type and would be willing to share them, please feel free to send them my way and i will add them as part of this pack and will of-course give full credit to whoever shared it. Instructions: What you need to do to make these work, is to first locate your KSP folder (Steam - Steamapps - Common - KerbalSpaceProgram, for steam users) and there locate the Flags folder (Gamedata - Squad - Flags) and copy the decals there. NOTE: All the flags get slightly stretched for some reason (round decals become more elliptical) even tough ive made sure each and every decal has the same 2:1 proportions as the official flags, so things are gonna look a little wrong. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p5l0s6bg9nqqoyu/Roundel_decal pack 1.zip?dl=0 And there you have it, a bunch of lovely decals to decorate your plane with. I hope you enjoy them .
  10. I know not everyone is going to like this change, but it has become pretty obvious for me that the UCS project as i stands, is way too much for me, a ton of work for something that's likely to crash the game during assembly and something that isn't very fun to fly. Finding any motivation to continue that, has been impossible. So, i made the choice to change the scale of my BF-109 G-6 and future UCS aircraft to 1:1 so i can end up with something fun an functional while still retaining all the detail trough the magic of tweackscale, witch i had to use anyways in the landing-gears. Here's the new engine. And for comparison, here's the old big one (before it was painted). Tough the new one is missing some of the tinier details, i think it looks overall nicer and cleaner compared to the old. I may still add some of those smaller details in later. Oh, and one pretty big reason i decided to switch scale was some of the requests i got...i mean...imagine trying to build a C-130 or a Concorde in the same scale as the old one.
  11. Thanks . Now that im here, might as-well give you a rundown on what was wrong with the "crocodile". At-first i was afraid there might be a more serious mechanical fault with the other gearbox or something, turns out it was a little more harmless...or, at-least i should have been. The way the locomotive works basically, is that the motor is located in the middle cab of the locomotive witch is then connected to the two "bogies" via thick rubber-bands, acting as sort of transfer belts. Turns out one of the rubber-bands had come off the pulley-wheel or whatever it's called...so, a pretty simple fix. Unfotunately, shortly after i had put it back in place, it came off again... Dunno if im gonna bother fixing it anymore, as it's propably just gonna keep on happening. I also haven't been able to aquire anything new for my layout. But i do have plans to design and print some greeblies and doodads for my customized mail-cars to make them look a little more like the kinds of cars i was planning them to be (radio-car, command-car...that sort of thing). I also have plans to design and print some rail-cars of my own. I have these really old quite beaten twin-axle cars i would like to turn into fictional anti-aircraft cars of some sort, would also like to maby make some sort of a radar car as-well. In keeping with the German theme, i'll probably either equip the cars with Roland systems or the same sort of Oerlikon KDA systems as the Flakpanzer Gepard. Should make the military train a little more interesting and fun to look at.
  12. Despite all the millions of other things to do, ive managed to get the British side of the naval project very close to completion, just need to build at-least 1 destroyer and a couple gun-boats/pt-boats, and it's ready for release. There will be lots more ships and aircraft added in later, but for now, the package is pretty complete, the rest is more for the sake of variety. Remember when i set a bar for myself that i would try and make every one of my carrier planes able to land on the VAB helipad. I managed something even better with the fleets latest fighter, the mighty Hurricane. Landing on the VAB helipad is just too easy . As one might expect, it took a LOT of tries, but in the end i nailed it.
  13. Looking really good. The Catalina is definitely one of my all time favorites as-well. For those that are looking for something a little more "economical", i present you my PBY-5A catalina. Getting this one to work properly as a sea-plane, took a LOT of tweaking and head scratching, but eventually i got it to take-off from water. Right now im pretty happy with the amount of naval aircraft ive done for the RAF side of things. As for ships, ive started work on the Ark Royal, after that i would like to get a couple destroyers and a couple gun-boats/corvettes done (candidates so far: Tribal class, Battle class, E-class, Flower class, Fairmile D, Vosper MBT). Now that i have a little more tome to pay KSP, i would like to deliver a full package of stuff. One new addition to the WWII navy pack that im gonna likely add, is a Tips and tricks/how to build tutorial series on some of the different craft types, especially sea-planes and submarines, as those are pretty tricky to get done right.
  14. Just saw some news on steam that got me the most exited ive ever been in years. The C&C remasters are available for pre-purchase. And so far it seems to be pretty fantastic, remastered soundtrack, updated graphics and only minor additions/tweaks to gameplay/ui, basically the original Tiberian Dawn and Read Alert 1, but better. The C&C games is one of the biggest parts of my childhood and are something i play pretty frequently even today and their soundtracks are something i listen to even more often than that (doing that right now). So, what better to celebrate these news, than... "Behold, the Shogun Battleship" My vision of it anyways. I decided to take the Shogun Battleship and make it more "realistic". My original plan was to make one of the staples of the series, the mighty Mammoth Tank, but i taught this occasion needed something a bit bigger and more impressive. Like i mentioned, i wanted to make the Shogun Battleship a little more "realistic", this meant adding stuff like Anti-Air guns/missiles, lifeboats, doors, radars, and other small details, and downsizing the main battery guns to a more realistic size. The guns are still like 500mm guns, witch is a bit ridiculous, but at-least it's a little more sane. The Shogun Battleship is one of my favorite units out of all the C&C games and Red alert 3 is one of the ones i play the most. Say what you want about the amount of cheesecake, but other than the recourse system, i think it's pretty great. I have actually been meaning to do a replica of the Shogun Battleship a long time ago, but never got around to doing it. I dunno why, but i guess i never had a full picture of what the model looks like up close, and how to transfer it into something functional, well detailed and properly sized (compared to real-life or KNS ship). I think i nailed the other two parts pretty well, but functionality tough, let's just say there's a reason there isn't a shot of it in the water. This build ended up being one of my biggest builds so far. It's about 180m in length, 50m wide and near 35m tall and has near 1900 parts. I can't remember even a single build from the top of my head that would have had that many, i think the closets ive ever gotten was around 1500 parts with the 1:1 AN-225 and the Kerbinprise (1:1 Enterprise). I decided that since this is such a special occasion for me personally, i should go all out with the build and put in all the details and make it BIG. This was with cheats on. Then again, im kinda surprised i got the thing to stay together in the first place, as the construction is very complex and fragile. Im not gonna be putting a download link or any further details, as there is a high chance im gonna redo this in more KNS style and upload it there. I think the main reason is pretty obvious, but it's not the only one. For one, the main battery guns are just for looks and don't work, and it has a slight corruption on it as a result of a game crash (it's a very small part, but it likes to destroy quite a big part of the rear hull. You can actually see the damage on the shot where im approaching the water). Oh, and there's also the huge lag that i have not experienced that bad since the test flight of the AN-225. Overall im still pretty happy, as i think the Shogun Battleship just looks awesome, witch i think still makes this worthy of a proper post. I believe you could probably get this to work if you used vessel mover or something similar to teleport it to the water, but i like to do all my ship launches legit (or at-least semi-legit, basically with no-crash damage and unbrekable joints on), so it's just guess work at this point. And there it is for you, one of my giant builds that didn't work out so well. I hope you enjoyed taking a look .