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  1. kapteenipirk

    F-15J "Masotan"

    F-15J What makes the F-15J a bit special is that it is a Japanise license built version of the good old Murican eagle. And this particular F-15 is even more special, but we'll get to that later. This build was originally supposed to be a 1:1 replica, but it ended up being quite a bit bigger as i wanted to stick with the engine design on this one...plus, i figured the size would give more room for detail, and would set this apart from the usual 1:1 replicas seen these days. I basically started by first building the engines, witch gave me a pretty good idea on how big the rest should be...tough not good enough as i had to extend the fuselage after it was already completed, as the wings didn't fit at all. Even tough the fuselage looks simpler, it was a lot trickier in a lot of areas than the Draken, minus the cockpit, witch is built pretty much the same way as the one on the Draken. All the lifting surfaces where pretty easy to do. Id say i nailed the look and detail pretty well, but unfortunately the flight side of this aren't as good. The aircraft is pretty slow in low altitude and is a bit unstable and quite a handful when it comes to landing. I suspect ive misaligned some few parts, that have then thrown the COM or COL by a hair. This can best be seen when you roll the aircraft, it likes to yaw quite a bit on it's own when doing that. The fact that the yaw on this one is over responsive doesn't help either. But there is one thing that has to be said, it has some really amazing STOL capabilities. As an extra bit of detail, i decided to use some very light tweackscaling and painting to finish the look, basically they are only used on the roundels, numbers and the airbrake. And since this is a special F-15J, i taught it deserved this extra detail. Here are is bunch of extra screenshot's Overall im very happy with the end result even tough it tends to have a mind of it's own mid flight. But, considering what makes this special, id say that seems about right. Now, some of you may have caught the clues, the name, the number, and those weird round details on the nose. Well, let me present to you, Masotan At first i was very intrigued by the Dragon Pilot, but didn't pay that much attention to it...but, recently i got too curious and decided to watch it, and boy did i enjoy it. After my first watch, i really wanted to give ago at creating Masotan himself Definitely not your normal KSP build, but despite that, id say it was a surprisingly amazing success, as i got him to fly in the first test flight. Even the more major changes/additions to realism didn't keep our friend grounded. I mean...i've always said that i can get pretty-much anything to fly in this game, but i definitely was not expecting that. The biggest worry for me was the lack of elevators, so in the firs version i added some canards at the back and made the sky colored to "hide" them. It worked, but i wanted to see if the canards would still give enough control if they where clipped inside the armor, weirdly it still worked just as fine. My other worry was a lack of wing area and lack of a rudder, but seems the armor filled those gaps quite nice...plus, Masotan isn't all that big nor heavy, so i guess there never really was anything to worry about. To make flight possible, i decided that i should simplify some of the elements in the armor, and that i should stuff proper engines in it. I actually started the build by first creating a model of Masotan without the armor on. I just used the F-15's nosecone as a thing to scale things from. As a bit of a bonus, i wanted to design Masotan to be as posable as possible with minimal editing needed. Minus a couple spots, everything rotates quite nicely without creating too many giant cracks. The pick above is an example of one of the poses i created using the base version. Just some rotating, and no offsetting of parts. And just for the heck of it, and to sort of complete the set. All the armor ready to be installed. Here are some more picks of Masotan buzzing around the KSC. Masotan has a lot of the same flight characteristics as the F-15J, it's a little unstable with OP Yaw, and it has amazing STOL capabilities. So, again not for a beginner pilot. Technical specks (F-15J): Top-speed: 125m/s. Stall-speed: 27m/s. Length: 27.3m Wingspan: 20.4m Height: 7.7m Mass: 48.1 tons Parts: 238 Mods used: Tweakscale and DCK for modded version. Technical specks (Masotan with armor/flight gear): Top-speed: 83m/s. Stall-speed: 28m/s. Length: 25.9m Wingspan: 23.1m Height: 10.9m Mass: 38.5 tons Parts: 328 Mods used: Tweakscale and DCK Download link (Pack with F-15J, Masotan, and Masotan with armor): https://www.dropbox.com/s/81m8lcw6u2usbx3/Masotan stuff (KSP).zip?dl=0 Download link (stock, only F-15J): https://www.dropbox.com/s/8k2ch9vhp3kmju5/F-15J _Masotan_ (stock).craft?dl=0 An there it is, one of my more unique builds, and one of the more fun ones, i hope you enjoy it . PS. sorry for the lack of a video, but i just wasn't in the mood, and it's also a little hard to do good commentary with a 3D printer going along pretty much next to me.
  2. kapteenipirk

    KNS Remastered designs

    The Kerbal Navy Shipyards project has now been running for like 2 years or more, and during that time, released or not, i have made about 40 different ships, and a pretty big pile of aircraft to go with them. So, as you might expect, im starting to get some feelings of nostalgia for some of the earlier designs, and a feeling of wanting to remaster them. And that is what this project is pretty much about, but instead of just recreating them with a lower part-count, why not do them real justice and properly rebuild them with proper detail and better looks than before, with possibly a lower part-count on the side. Original designs I taught it's important to show what the ye original design looked like, as it has been such a long time since i uploaded some of them, and cause it's always nice to have a point of comparison, between the old and new. K.S.S Krucible The ship that started the project, and undoubtedly the most nostalgic one of them all, not just because it was the first, but because it was quite innovative for the time. It is also one of the few completely custom designs. Sporting a full-hull, a lot of detail and functionality, and perhaps most important of all, reliability and ease of use. All my future ships have used a lot of the "innovations" in this ship, tough some of them have dropped off as the design have evolved/improved. Features like the full-hull and the life-boats have dropped off due to eating too many parts, and being largely unnecessary. Their nice for detail sake's, but when you want to do naval duels/battles, you don't want those kinds of part eating details. Overall design and weaponry was to be inline with what you would see on modern ships. Mainly the weaponry was based on the USN Ticonderoga class Guided Missile Cruisers Forion The fleets second AWACS/ship-hunter aircraft, and one of my more "innovative" designs...for the time. I decided to try something a little different and build a large aircraft with no MK-3 parts in it, so the quite new (at the time) Nasa tanks and fairings made up the fuselage instead. And i really really liked it, but it had one thing that always bothered me, the main wings. The design was to be based on the ship-hunter version of the Boeing 737. I wanted to also include an AWACS capability on the side. KHC-85 My first ever "hovercraft". Meant for carrying vehicles on land and on water. It was definitely one of the more fun projects. Sadly the project had some issues as at the time not all of the mods i wanted to use where updated, so some engines and steering related things where a bit wonky. The craft used at one point the angled rover-wheel "hover" technique. It worked fine on the tarmac, but in the grass the speed dropped to about 1,5 m/s, witch forced me to use landing-gears instead. One nice little extra that just sort of happened, is that the colors on the thing are pretty accurate without any paint, with the black skirt, grey deck and white superstructure. New versions K.S.S Krucible II The old girl is back, bigger and better than ever before...well...perhaps not back as this is a completely new craft that uses some design elements from the original. I wanted the new ship to be a even more original than before and a little closer to my favorite period of warships, WWII, in looks, hence the turret layout, the crane at the rear, rigging...that sort of stuff. But, the overall design and layout in a lot of places is similar to the original ship. With the ship being such a special one, i didn't really pay attention to the part-count this time, other than modifying the hull to use less parts, it has pretty much all the details that a ship needs. A huge thanks to all those who slapped a like on the little preview on the WIP post. And now to the showcase video. IMPORTANT: If there's anything you want me to change/improve on future vids, don't hesitate to tell me, as i want to make them enjoyable to you guys. (this was originally supposed to be uploaded on Christmas eve or Christmas day, but i didn't have enough time, hence why i said merry Christmas in the end there) And here are some more screenshot's for those that don't fancy watching the long video. Technical specs: Armaments: 4x Abrams turret, 3x Goalkeeper CIWS MK3, 2x Patriot system (currently empty), 8x Cruise missile in custom launchers. Top speed: 25 m/s Length: 108.6m Width: 18.3m Height: 28.6m Mass: 1,402 tons Parts: 759 As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ifg44nk402778n/K_S_S Krucible II.craft?dl=0 Mods used: BD-armory Forion-next Coming soon KHC-86 Coming soon I may or may not remaster some more crafts in the future. Mainly the K.S.S Bongo and K.S.S Freedom keep popping up in my mind and in these projects. But that's about it for this blast to the past of sorts, i hope you enjoy it , and i hope ill be getting the other crafts up soon.
  3. kapteenipirk

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Yea, i think i may have an idea One of my old giant builds that never got released. Btw, i almost was about to guess from the original sneakpeek that it would be a JU-52, or something similar. Good thing i waited . On other news, i have been working on the K.S.S Krucible II post as much as time has allowed me, and it should be ready tomorrow...finally.
  4. Time for some new ships and some announcements regarding navy stuff. I added 3 new cruisers based on German and American light cruisers. Yes, the K-class has made a return, tough in a much lower part Kerbal form. So, feel free to install the sub-assemblies meant for the K-class into this one and the Nurnberg based one. I also took the time to finally shoot a satisfactory version of the Krucible II showcase video. I also shot a video of a new submarine that will appear in the Sub/sea-plane fleet section. And to top it all off, i also have a super-detailed ship replica i wanna show off. So, lot's will be coming this Christmas. And of-course, Merry Christmas everyone .
  5. kapteenipirk

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Just taught id give you guys an update on the video stuff, and other stuff in general. So, i was supposed to upload the triple showcase thingy like two weeks ago...well, it's been shot but needs to be edited. There is also another video on the works. But, when this will actually get done, i don't really know. I have work that involves 3D modelling (Rhino and Fusion360) and i also just got a 3D printer (FlashForge Finder 2.0, a cheap starter one that get's the job done. I will likely be getting a proper one like we had at school (Ultimaker 2 Extended +) at some point in the furture), so there's gonna be a lot of printing and 3D modelling on the side, and then there's all the other projects i would like to get done. Basically, just don't hold your breath, videos will be coming, but it might take a while. Same goes for other forum and KSP stuff.
  6. kapteenipirk

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    That one multinational jet people have been asking me to replicate. I dunno why i haven't done it yet, but im truly sorry.
  7. K.S.S Kerbin II Yes, the same crafty folk who built my navy have now started looking into space too. They are running these space operations under the "Kerbal Navy Orbital Shipyards" name. This is a project ive been meaning to do for a long time now, a series of replicas based on my Lego mini space fleet ive been building. I wanted to make a K.N.O.S post and put this ship and the others there, but knowing my motivation when it comes to space stuff, this will most likely end up being the first and the last one from this series, so better upload it separately. Yes, this ship is indeed a replica of sorts of a Lego moc of mine, that is part of a mini-fleet project i started years ago. So far i have 8 different ships built, tough unfortunately 6 of them had to be disassembled for me to have enough parts to make this model. The only other model that is still intact, is the frigate that started it all, witch unlike the others, is yellow, so none of it's parts are of any use on the other ships. The ships in the Lego project all use a lot of common features: Powerful plentiful engines. Pretty much all the ships in the project have a lot of engines on them, this allows for a quick entrance and a quick escape, it also makes the ships harder to knock out. Great maneuverability. Every ship is equipped with a set of froward rotatable thruster-banks that allow for better maneuverability. Varied armaments. To make sure that no ship feels powerless against a ship of a certain type. Frigates and all the way up have armaments that are effective against everything from a small fighter to a huge capital ship. Inventive life-pod system. To maximize amount of life-pods in as minimal a space, we invented a "life-pod cylinder" that basically allows the a new set of life-pods to be reloaded onto the tubes after the first set has launched. Docking ports. Not that special of a detail, but at this scale i think it's a neat little addition. Pick of the Lego model The KSP version differs from the Lego model in quite a few places, and i think probably looks a little better than the Lego version, especially around the engines, witch in the Lego version where a little thrown together. But i guess it's no surprise as KSP gives more freedom in design. I wanted to make the ship as 1:1 feeling as possible, so i wanted it to be BIG...really big, and it certainly is that, but looking at the bridge and the Kerbals in it, i feel the ship could be a bit bigger, but i wanted to stick with MK-3 parts, and that's as big as they get without custom configs. A closer look at the details and features that the ship has...and those that it would have if it was part of some movie or series or something like that. This ship falls into the "flagship-class" category, but is more of a 50/50 between a Carrier and Battle-cruiser, witch would make it more of a Combat carrier. Like the command cruiser's, this ship was originally designed as a more combat focused ship, in this case a full on carrier, with a huge hangar, fewer engines, and basic defensive weapons. These ships mostly operate on their own with a small escort, and serve as mobile command/observation posts that search and hold areas of interest, where space-stations/outpost's could be built . But when a large armada is needed, these ships will be the ones leading them. Technical specks Armaments: 2x ASM launchers with 8x launch tubes each 4x light ion-cannon and 8x light ion-cannon in twin case-mate mounts. 2x heavy ion-cannon in twin-turret. Length: 305m Width: 87m Height: 85m Mass: 26,121 tons Parts: 730 Range: Powered by infinite propellant cheat. Operating instruction Very simple: 1. place on runway, if it explodes, revert to launch and it shouldn't explode again. 2. then just use the cheat menu to put it into orbit, and also remember to put on the infinite propellant cheat as-well. Mod used: Tweackscale Download link: Unless you really want to And there it is for you, the flagship of my possibly expanding fleet. I hope you enjoy it .
  8. kapteenipirk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Wasn't done today. Here's a little something i wanted to show but didn't think was worth a proper post. The aircraft started it's life as a long-range heavy-bomber. I had built most of it when i taught that why not turn it into an airliner instead. I reused the idea of using the V-22 Osprey engines as propellers for a custom engine. I also this time succeeded in creating a pretty good looking custom-cockpit out of A+ cockpit's. The windows and doors also turned out surprisingly good. The aircraft is a bit slow and sluggish, but it does have a really long range. Here's a few more shots of the aircraft And that's pretty much it, another one of my "let's build something by basically just slapping some bit's together and seeing where it goes" type of crafts.
  9. kapteenipirk

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Alright, all the remastered KNS crafts are done, i also as a bonus did a small update on the old "Fornet". I also did an update on the SeaRaider, but it looked a little too goofy so i dropped it. So here's a little preview, as im just way too exited with the result i got with the crafts, especially the new K.S.S Krucible II. Now bigger, better and more well detailed than ever before. It shares a lot of design elements with the original, but thankfully no the part count, witch in this bigger version is a little lower. And now for some other GOOD NEWS!...or just news really. Im gonna be taking a leap from written stuff into proper videos. For that i got a proper mic and web-cam that should hopefully help me produce some quality stuff. The first vid should hopefully happen this weekend. It's going to include a group test/in-depth look into the new remastered KNS crafts. And yes, if im brave enough, you'll get to see me ugly mug for the first time .
  10. kapteenipirk

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Just to show you that i haven't forgotten about it yet, here's the first catapult plane, ready and tested...tough not with a catapult yet. Based on the catapult version of the Japanise A6M Zero/zeke, this plane will act as the fleets catapult fighter, while the scout plane for the fleet will most likely be based on the American Kingfisher. The plane is quite simple to reduce weight and part-count. It's a little tricky to control, and taking off from water requires a lot of precision, but that's to be expected as these types of sea-planes are really...REALLY hard to get right. Here's some more picks of the test flight. Now the big question is this, will it ever work as a catapult plane. I have done it before, Buuuut... Where talking about a plane that was a lot smaller. and back then i taught that was pretty-much the limit of what can be done. While im working on that, i went trough some of my old screenshots, and decided it was time to take some of the designs from the original KNS post, and redo them better than ever before. Should be fun and should also be pretty interesting.
  11. kapteenipirk

    F-27 "Friendship" replica

    Time to continue the stock replica side of things again...well, not fully stock this time, but 95%. The only modded parts are the engines and the helicopter cockpit inside that i taught would give a nice IVA. I taught about continuing with fighter replicas, but nah, lets make something a little different this time. The F-27 is probably the aircraft that is the closest to my heart, not my absolute favorite, but the one i care about the most. The reason for that, is the fact that this aircraft was the primary focus of all our maintenance practices and systems testing. We tested landing-flaps, landing-gears, cockpit stuff...all kinds of things. I can still remember when i first saw this aircraft, i said it was one of the more nice looking aircraft's ive seen, and then i just got a bunch of weird looks from the others. So, since i did the Draken, witch was also a part of this special group, i taught it was only appropriate to continue along those lines, and replicate the F-27 once more. Yes, i have replicated this aircraft 3 times before, once using B9 parts, once using mostly stock parts, once using a ton of mods, and now using 95% stock parts. The replication process for this aircraft was a little more laid-back on this one in certain areas, the engines are definitely too large, and this is not 1:1...but it is pretty well scaled to the Kerbals. I taught it was more important to find a scale that would produce a really realistic and clean fuselage shape, witch in the F-27 is nowhere near round. I did some part saving on this one by leaving some detail off from areas that you normally don't look at, mainly the underbelly and the underside of the wings. No, you cannot carry any passengers with this one, i did think about adding some cabins inside and some landercan doors, but the doors where too large, so there wouldn't have been any way to get in or out of the aircraft. I did think about doing a full interior for this one, but it just seemed like something for a future larger more heavily modded version, with opening doors, working cockpit controls, open cabin windows...stuff like that. But, it remains to be seen if im going to do a fifth replica of this thing. Just like with the Draken, here's some comparison shots. And here are the actual aircraft we did work to I decided not to add a flight demonstration video, as this is a little more what you would expect from an aircraft like this, no loop de loops, you can go upside down but you need a lot of altitude, so no fancy tricks alright. But one thing that has to be said, is that this aircraft has pretty fantastic acceleration due to me having to place 8 engines on this one. Technical specks: Top-speed: 112m/s. Stall-speed: 42m/s. Length: 18m Wingspan: 20.4m Height: 14.8 Mass: 43.8 tons Parts: 238 Mods used: Airplane+ Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3g70obrrnmgpxi/F-27 Friendship.craft?dl=0 And there it is for you, a lovely little replica of an aircraft i care oh so deeply about. I hope you enjoy it .
  12. kapteenipirk

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Honestly looks like the tail of some dragon or something.
  13. Let's hope so. Im really afraid im going to completely cheeks up the terrain due to a lack of experience and proper tools in that field. And thanks btw . Thanks . Man, i really need to continue the 1/35 Tamiya Nashorn i have laying around. Motivation kinda died out as i ran out of paint TWO times during the painting phase (I like to paint the parts first, then build the model), first i had used all my dark yellow on two other Tamiya kits, and the second time i ran out after i had about 95% of the model painted. It wouldn't have been that bad if not for the fact that the closet place where i could get that paint is a 110 km away. just waiting....and waiting...and waiting to get a damn can of spray-paint. The Nashorn is one of my favorite military vehicles and so was a must have .
  14. kapteenipirk

    Kriegslocomotive BR 52 (static display model)

    Alright, the model version of the BR-52 is done, and here is a link to the post i made about it, and the diorama it will be a part of.
  15. And here it is, as promised, the showcase of my BR-52 model, and the diorama project it is going to be a part of. This is going to be a semi-fictional diorama of a small German outpost next to a main-line track somewhere near the Russian front in like 1944...or something like that. I don't yet have any drawn out plans, but i have pretty clear plans in my head for this. Basically there is going to be a main-line track (two tracks next to one-another), with a pretty big open area next to it, with a couple ruined buildings (workshop and house) and small wooden structures (guard house, watch tower), with a road running behind them. The basic idea is that this used to be a small workshop with the owners house next to it, witch was then bombed at some point, and has now been taken over by the advancing Germans, who converted the house in to a command-post, the workshop into a supply-depot, and then built a couple extra structures to turn it into a proper out-post. Now this outpost serves as a home for the railway-gun "Leopold". List/pictures of all the models so far. Complete To be built/aquired List of all the models and their manufacturers (unless noted, all stuff is 1/72 scale). For the diorama base on this one, i plan on first cutting a piece of thick plywood as the structural base, and then adding some foam on top, witch will then be carved into the terrain. This will be my first time doing so, so i don't yet have clear idea on how to get the terrain to look like actual terrain, but im sure the library and the internet have more than enough tutorials to help me get there. And that's pretty much it for now, more updates will come some day. Now im very busy and will most likely be entering a job-life soon, so time for these projects will be cut a bit short, so it may take some time before the next update appears. So, i hope you enjoyed this look into this huge project of mine .