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  1. After seeing that, i couldn't help but give a go at creating my own miniature tank. And while im at it, why not create a transport plane to go with it. The Abrams is fully stock minus the paint/decals. The galaxy on the other-hand uses Airplane+. The Abrams was supposed to have a rotating turret, but i was a dumb dumb and built the turret on top of a rotor, not a servo (always get them mixed up, guess im too used to the cylindrical shape of the IR rotatrons i used so fequently). Other issue with the thing is the fact that in order for the rear cargo ramp/door to work (well...more for it to join clean with the fuselage), you need to use the manual slider to open and close it. This wouldn't be so bad if the manual slider didn't stop working every time you switch craft, witch is a bit necessary to load vehicles into it. Dunno if im gonna properly upload this, as it's more for looks/the fun of it, so im putting it here.
  2. Happy valentines day folks. K.S.S Hawk Finally had enough time continue the fleet project. The Hawk is an anti-air cruiser based on the Royal Navy's first heavy-cruiser, the H.M.S Hawkins. I might just take what ive built so far and upload them and add the rest later as it takes quite a while to build new stuff. Especially now with my current school project (went totally overboard...you'll see) I'll try to get that done during the one week ski holiday a week from now. I'll also try to get the Ark Royal done before that so i can make the tutorial for aircraft carriers. I also have a couple upgraded old navy planes in waiting to be uploaded as-well. So, something to look forward to then. As usual tough...don't hold your breath.
  3. Bristol Brabazon Launched in 1949, the Brabazon is a huge British luxury airliner designed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company. Named after the Brabazon committee and it's chairman Lord Brabazon of Tara who came up with the specification for the airliner. At 54m in length and with a 70m wingspan, it is the largest land-based aircraft built in Britain, and one of the largest aircraft of it's time. Passengers would be given ample luxuries in the form of, a, cocktail-bar, dining saloon, sleeping arrangement's and even a cinema. The engineering on the aircraft was pretty impressive as-well. Such as, tailoring every skin panel to be just the right thickness to save tons of weight in aluminium. Then there is the rather unusual arrangement of engines, 8 engines, each powering one of the 8 paired contra-rotating propellers.. Unfortunately, due to all those luxuries, the aircraft could only carry 100 passengers, as opposed to the 300 or so that was possible, witch drove away potential customers. In the end, no potential buyers for the aircraft could be found, and after just 1.5 prototypes (there was also the turbo-prop powered MKII, witch never got completed), the project was cancelled. It wasn't all for nothing tough, as all the infrastructure needed to construct and test the Brabazon would come in handy in the future (the infrastructure alone was about half the cost). For example: there was the new assembly-hall designed to allow final assembly to be done on 8 Brabazon's at a time, witch was the largest hangar in the world at the time, witch would then be used to build the Bristol Britannia. Also, a lot of the construction/design techniques would be useful in the design of new aircrafts of all types. And then there was the extended and widened runway at Filton. Here's some picks that will show you the interior and the engines. KSP version It was finally time for me to enter the realm of fairing based aircraft replicas. Designed to be not only well detailed, but also usable as a passenger aircraft. The Brabazon comes with: passenger-cabins inside the fuselage and doors in the nose that allow for unloading and loading of passengers. You will need to build some air-stairs to reach them tough. This was one of the first things i wanted to include in mine, as it's always such a shame seeing all these magnificent replicas not have the ability to carry anything. BG-powered landing-flaps that also act as sort of boost-flaps. With the help of the unintentional boost-flap capability, you can take-off from some pretty short distances. Basically the flaps, when lowered interrupt the thrust of the engines, allowing you to spool up the engines to 100% without moving an inch. Be careful tough as the thrust from the engines will brake the flaps at some point, so best to raise them as soon as the engines are at 100% thrust. Space needed to land the plane ain't that big either, tough you need to be careful as when the nose starts to dip, it takes quite a while to recover. When speed is maintained, the aircraft is very nice and smooth to fly, albeit a bit slow in the maneuverability sector, tough i think it's pretty fitting for an aircraft of this size. I haven't really done long-range flying that much so i can't speak for the range, but here's a couple shot's showing how far i got in my test flight. Technical specs: Top speed: 160m/s Stall speed: 65m/s Length: 57m Wingspan: 77.5m Height: 15.1m Mass: 226.8 tons Parts: 624 You can operate the landing-flaps from the Translate up and down axis group. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8gt7odsbifjo7h/Bristol Brabazon.craft?dl=0 And there it is for you, a replica of one of history's great white-elephants. I hope you enjoy it . PS: fun fact...or maby not, i was actually supposed to upload this months ago (bout few days after the move), i was about 90% done when my computer reset and i lost all progress, only now did i have the time and motivation to do this again.
  4. Been spending the weekend at my parents place. During this visit i decided to go with them for a little flea-market tour...i mean, could find something interesting. And this is what i found A pretty nice little display model of the Flying Scotsman locomotive. I paid 10 euro for it. Minus the dust, it's in perfect condition. Speaking of model-trains and the Flying Scotsman, i finally got the chance to see this awesome little series. And for those that want a closer look at what the Hornby OO Flying Scotsman has eaten. Oh, and some possibly bad news, it seems my Crocodile engine has developed yet another fault. When i was taking it for a run after some time again, i noticed the thing stalled almost completely after going like 1/4 lap on my layout, i taught it was just the track being dirty, or some piece of the track being loose, but looking at it closer, the running wheels on the other "bogie" are running fine, but the running wheels on the other bogie are barely moving. That suggest theirs some fault on the gear-box, like some worm-gear or other gear slipping or something. This wouldn't be so bad if the shop where i could get these fixed was still open for business. Thankfully thanks to school i have access to a metal 3D-printer and a workshop, so should be able to fix whatever fault comes. I still need to do some more investigation tough. I haven't even had the time to open the bodywork yet.
  5. Tornado-12 and M-400 "Typhoon" Happy new year folks. Man it's been busy ever since i started living on my own and went back to school, it's been hard to find the time to play KSP in the first place, let alone upload stuff to the forums, but now it's time to finally upload my first project from my new place, and what better to start things of with, than the latest incarnation of the project that started it all, the Tornado 5. I had been playing KSP around 500 hours when i made the Tornado 5. It was the first project i made that made me feel it was worthy of showing to the world is i taught it was quite cleverly built and looked and flew pretty nice. Even after over 7000 hours of KSP (according to steam) the Tornado-5 still remains the closest to my heart from all the probably hundreds of crafts ive made over the years (started playing late 2013). I made it my tradition to either build or majorly improve a Tornado aircraft after a major update, tough you haven't gotten to see it, i have actually kept up that tradition after Tornado-7 witch was the latest one i uploaded. The ones from 8 to 11 just didn't really feel right, or in the case of number 8, broke due to some unknown reason. As a bonus present, and to say sorry for taking so long... Evolution from 5 to now. Here's a little collection of all the mainline Tornado craft's from the first to the one before this, yes, this includes the ones i haven't shown before. And then we get to now. Tornado 12 When you look at all the previous versions, you can see from where lot of the design choices come from. Stuff like the lighting, twin-tail, remote-controlled turret, idea for a mother-ship...etc, take out the bits that you don't really like and add the bit's you really liked, while also adding something new and adding to the performance. It can be a surprisingly hard challenge after so many versions, as there's not much new to add and the performance just keeps getting better and better with each version. To give you an idea, this version almost also got dropped, but after creating a sort of 1,5 version, it started to feel just right. The "rocket engines for instance where not in the original, instead it had 4 juno engines. But, as it should be, the latest version is bigger and better than ever before with even better performance to boot. Here's some more picks Here's a little overview of the features in this one. Cockpit with seating for 3 and a canopy for protection. Decided it would be a good idea to add an extra seat as the aircraft was beginning to get so big. The cockpit includes a little computer type thingie in the rear-most seat, while the middle seat has no extras. The new engine has a large intake underneath to increase performance. Under the fuselage you can find the remote-controlled twin turret, and the small Chaos reactor that powers the aircraft (it's actually powered by fuel, so no need for cheats). The tail now sports an H shape. The rudders have been angled so that the "flames" from the engines do not burn them. The wing intakes have now been integrated in the leading edge. those lead to the "rocket-engines" (just a pair of wheesley's) that give the aircraft a higher top speed. Air-brakes have also been better and more realistically integrated this time. As always, i wanted the aircraft to feel as best as it possibly can, something that has amazing maneuverability and is backed up by great acceleration and stability, that basically allows you to do tight maneuvers without having to worry about falling out of the sky or going out of control. This aircraft definitely allows you do just that, no matter the situation, you will always be in control...given that you have at-least some speed, even that you won't need much of. IMPORTANT: Before taking-off click on the pilot and say control from here or your controls will be backwards, and for whatever reason, even with full brakes on, the aircraft will slide around at 1.3 m/s, so best to recover it as soon as you land, or create some barrier to stop it. Technical specs: Top speed: 140 m/s Stall speed: 20 m/s Armaments: 2x dummy auto-cannon in underbelly turret. Length: 15.6m Wingspan: 13.4m Height: 5.4m Mass: 25.6 tons Parts: 270 Miles M-400 "Typhoon" And now on to the big beast, the Typhoon, a flying workshop that can take the Tornado to where-ever its needed by giving it a nice piggyback ride. I wanted to create a sort of retro-future H-4 Hercules, as i felt for some reason that a modified giant flying boat just made more sense compared to the earlier Typhoon design. The aircraft ended up being quite close in size compared to the Hercules, even tough i pretty-much eyeballed the whole thing from start to finish. The fuselage ended up being fatter than id like tough, but i think it fits the sort of Sonic series aesthetic more, so it's fine. The wings also follow the same style, a bit too fat for my liking, but they match the fuselage better that way. The tornado would be carried on a catapult launch system on the aircraft's back. The catapult has little walkways to allow entry into the Tornado and ladders that lead into the Typhoons fuselage. Taught it'd look better to take a more "Shuttle Carrier Aircraft" type approach as opposed to the hangar-bay...or more bomb-bay style approach of the old Typhoon. Plus, i don't need to make the aircraft as large. I have done a working aircraft catapult system in the past, but i can tell you straight away it wouldn't work in this...no way. For instance, the aircraft i used on it was only half the size, maby even smaller than that as it had to fit my navy ships that are not life size, but instead more Kerbal sized (K.S.S Bongo is the first and only that had it). You can also see one of the 5 missile-defence lasers behind the inboard engine. The other two are where the rocket-boosters are and the fifth is in the tail of the aircraft. They should give nice all-around coverage. I had the idea for this sort of impenetrable anti-missile defence system pretty early on. I taught it would be more fitting than some missile-system or defensive MG's. Behind the catapult system you can find the 4 core chaos-reactor that powers the aircraft (one core per pair of engines). A bit of tech i came up with that i taught would fit quite nicely, basically a sort of mechanical substitute to a chaos emerald. You can also see the shuttle engines that allow taking off from water (you will need to put infinite propellant on to use them). I have always found the booster engines you can see on the original Tornado and the Sonic adventure/Sonic-X Tornado to be a nice little feature, and have included that on every of my own Tornado craft, so why not add them on this as-well. I gotta tell you, i was pretty sure that taking off, or even landing on the water would be impossible with this thing...but... To my suprise, it did actually work. I mean, i have great confidence in my engineering prowess, and i consider myself to be quite good at creating sea-planes/flying-boats, but it was that exact experience/confidence that made me feel that i was in over my head with this one, considering how much of a trouble they can be, even after all this time. Tough to be honest, if i could make a full sized aircraft carrier fly, then i sure as heck should be able to get a H-4 Hercules type craft off the water. But as impressive as that all sounds, and as great as it look on the surface, i still wouldn't classify it as a total success. For one, as i mentioned earlier, in order to take-off from water you need the "infinite propellant" cheat to be turned on, secondly, thanks to the auto-strut tool not being there anymore for some reason, the aircraft is very wobbly and fragile as "ye-old" struts can only do so much, so the "no crash-damage" and "unbreakable joint's" cheats need to be turned on. Even when the cheats are turned on, the tweakscaled rudders are so powerful you can easily rip them off and say goodbye to the aircraft. It is also advisable to wait till you run out of runway before you pull-up, as the aircraft will explode otherwise. I can't really say much about the flight characteristics of this aircraft as the test flight i did was very short, and i flew very carefully the whole time. I can however say with pretty good confidence given my experience, that if it wasn't so damn fragile, it would probably be pretty amazing for an aircraft of it's size. So, if you are gonna fly this thing, be careful, and be gentle. All in all im still pretty happy with the end result. Im definitely more happy with it than i was with the Old typhoon that i felt was a bit i dunno... and this time i put some actual effort in to the thing, creating a proper custom cockpit and fuselage. Anyways, the Typhoon was always meant to be a bit of a thing on the side while the Tornado is the main star, so im more happy with using cheats and doing some scaling of parts. Technical specs: Top speed: around 100 m/s Stall speed: i dunno Armaments: 5x laser turret. Length: 79.8m Wingspan: 96.0m Height: 19.1m Mass: 721 tons Parts: 779 Mods used: Tornado 12: Airplane+ (DCK and Nebula decals where used for the paint-job, but as ever, you won't need those, as the textures will revert to stock if DCK is missing, and the decals have been removed before release) M-400: Airplane+ and tweackscale. Download link: Tornado 12: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1xxka6e1a1y256a/Tornado-12 (painted).craft?dl=0 M-400: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9tkd9oukpz3cytv/Miles M-400 _Typhoon_.craft?dl=0 And there it is for you, the latest incarnation of the craft that started it all and a huge sea-plane to carry it around with. I hope you enjoy it .
  6. KMBT-200 Leopard My idea for the perfect Main Battle Tank based on the German Leopard. I tried making the Leopard as much like a real MBT as possible by giving the thing not only a realistic look but also more or less realistic spaced-armor and realistic placement of modules. The front-armor is 2 layers of spaced structural plates. the front-side armor is also strengthened with I-beam armor and double-layered front-skirts. Dunno if the grip-strips are durable or not, but you'd think so given their function. You can find the engine, "radiators", "transmission", magazine, "fuel-tank" protected by internal-armor, and the drivers-seat. (i switched the gunners position to the top-hatch) The turrets features even more armor. In the turret you can find the second magazine, the "radio-station", main-gun, optics, defensive machine-gun, smoke-launchers and the commanders and gunners positions. I tried to make sure that the lowest layer of spaced armor is the one the rest of the parts attach to, so it actually gives extra protection. Before i forget, Q and E are used to rotate the turret.
  7. Progress continues with the completion of the A4/V2 rocket. The launch-platform of the rocket was a bit of a pain and the rockets paint-job took some doing cause i chose green as my base color, instead of brown witch cowers 80-90% of it. I was planning on hiding this rocket somewhere in the diorama, but i haven't really come up with a good idea how. I was also planning on maby building some kind of a launch site as the base is big enough, but for that id like to have a couple more of these rockets and the proper transport trailers for them before i did that...witch would be a bit expensive and hard to get. Plus, i think it would add a little too much to the diorama. Other crazy stuff that i just taught of that i could add if i wanted to: V-1 flying-bomb launch site. Secret command bunker. Armored-train. The BP-42 is an armored train ive always wanted a model of. Even more choises. Not really an armored train, but if i wanted to go with my idea of having a rail-car with my V2 in it, here's some idea for that. Flak tower with quad-20mm flak-guns and twin-120mm flak-guns. Ok, perhaps a BIT too big, but something like that Maus tanks instead of King-tigers and Panthers. Hmm, a secret command bunker with a V2 rocket launch site next to it protected by some small flak-towers and prototype tanks, that sounds like a pretty fun idea for a sort of what if 1946 diorama. Anyways, the possibilities are endless, especially now as i have the ability to 3D-design and 3D-print anything i wish. Little bonus present. Decided to redo a model i built years ago. The one i built years ago has no paint or decals on it.
  8. Merry Christmas folks. Time for another update. While im spending time with my parents, taught id continue the diorama project. My original plan was to just take the stuff that was undone, but decided i should take all the models instead and at the end of it clear the table and use it to plan the layout of the entire diorama. Progress this time is the completion of the small buildings and some of the accessories. The barrels and some of the other stuff needs some patching up. Im currently working on the A4/V2 rocket. Im pretty sure by now that im not gonna include it in the diorama. It's still nice to have on it's own anyways. After that it's just the two tank models and i'll be able to start planning the diorama so i can get working on the display base.
  9. KTT-61100 "Rex" Desided to swap from military livery to Nasa livery. This new monster has been designed to act as a mobile mission-control-center and rocket refuel/repair vehicle. The truck has the airlock module, mission-control center and the small power-plant. The airlock doors come with keypads, retinal scanners and a couple remote-control cameras/50.cal turrets to make sure security is air-tight. Two more turrets can be found on the fuel-trailer. To give a little more leg-room for the operators, the sides of the mission-control-center extend. Air-conditioning, coffee-machine and snacks are included. While the trailer has a storage that can carry 7 cargo crates, and 2 large fuel-tanks that should carry enough fuel to fully refuel a medium sized rocket. The cargo-module comes with a crane...that SOMEBODY forgot to secure... There are plenty of other small details we could mention, but we haven't had our coffee yet...so maby later. Putting the engines in the rear is a bit of a risk, but i really hated the roof-mounted engines of the previous one, so i feel it's worth it. Also, the sheer amount of parts on this thing is causing a bit too much lag, but i really wanted to give the thing as much detail and life as i could. I think the part-count is around 800-900. I can say for sure it'll be very interesting racing with this thing...and very slow as i'll be surprised if can get myself to drive this thing faster than 30 m/s. What makes it especially interesting, is that i won't really have any time for practice since ill be leaving in Sunday to spend Christmas and new-year with my parent's.
  10. Thanks . Yea, i think the "canvas" turned out pretty well. So, i built the Sd.Ah 116 trailer for the Famo and took it out on a test drive...turns out it made the damn thing near undriveable. Basically the thing kept veering to left or right all the time (became worse the faster i drove), so that's out the window. The Famo on it's own really doesn't make it for me, so... It's back baby. Tought it would be worth to bring it back since i liked it so much, and since most of it is already built in form of the crane-truck whose chassis i used to make this. Plus, it wouldn't take as long to build anyways since i can basically just do what i did on the previous one. Decided i should complete the chassis of the vehicle before i start working on the bodywork, as this time the trailer is so big that i was afraid driveability on this one too would be absolutely horrible. Turns out it's quite the opposite. Thanks to all those wheels, the acceleration is really nice and stopping distance is pretty nice and short (didn't edit the brakes at all), and maneuverability is to a level that it can easily navigate the tight bends and narrow roads of the R&D center. My plan is to make the truck have the power-station and comms center part of the mobile HQ, while the trailer is dedicated to fuel, engines and storage.
  11. Russian light-fleet Its been too long, but here they finally are, Some more Russian ships. Included in this pack are: Mirka class frigate. Armed with a couple rocket-turrets and a couple millenium's. It is the smallest Russian ship to have a search-radar. Should be perfect for recon missions. Tarantul class missile-corvette. Armed with a millenium, a couple 30mm cannons and 4 cruise-missiles. Pretty much the perfect big-ship killer. Shershen class torpedo-boat. Armed with a couple twin 30mm cannons and 4 torpedoes. Can be used to protect larger ships by providing extra AA/CIWS capability. Part-counts for these are somewhere around 180-220. With the addition of making these new ships, im propably gonna go trough all the previous ships and do a few mods to them. I plan on building some more small ships for the allied side of things as-well as there's really only one i built, and it's honestly a bit poor. Im propably gonna build a couple frigates and a couple corvettes/gun-boats.
  12. Well.....looks like i won't be joining the race with the mobile HQ, as the thing just got totally corrupted...basically to a point where all i get is an empty hangar and an error message when i try to open it. Let's just say that one of the bit's i tried to remove from it bugged out in a very interesting way. Instead of giving up, i went and...ehm...borrowed a little something from the local armor museum. Installing of a radio and a laptop and some decals later, should do the job. Still need to build the sd.ah.116 tank transporter trailer to go with it. Dunno what to carry with it yet.
  13. Planning on turning this into a 3D printable model similar to the "Barnstormer" cropduster. KTP-715 Falcon (whoops, forgot to remove the RAF stripes from the tail when i changed the roundels to US ones) Wanted to create something in style of the Super Constellation and the DC-6. It's part of the same family of protected transport planes as the Raven, and was actually created around a modified version of it's custom cockpit. This particular aircraft has been outfitted as a navy Airborne Early Warning aircraft. Im putting this here, as i don't know if im gonna be properly releasing this one.
  14. Ok, these new brakes are pretty insane!! On an other note, tought it'd be a fun idea to make a special version of the SeaFortress with prewar US navy colors.
  15. Thanks . I'll definitely take some footage during the actual race. Oh, and it's 18 wheeler no more. Decided to make it even more ridiculous with the addition of a 4-axle fuel-trailer. To be honest, i actually have a feeling i will need that extra fuel.
  16. Finally, time for a proper update on this project . During all this time i have gotten hands on a few new models that will make an appearance, and with the acquiring of my own 3D printer last December i opened up a whole load of new possibilities/ideas. The overall plan is still the same, but there a few additions to it now. First tough, let's get the interesting bit out of the way, the staff for the base and the Leopold. The guys on the lower left corner came with the Leopold (only used 50% of the ones that came with it). The ones on the middle and the upper left corner are from the German engineers set (used about 70% of the figures on the set) And the ones on the right are from the Afrikakorps set (used about 35% of the figures that came with that set). I decided not to use any of the Airfix figures as they are a bit crusty compared to the others. It was a solid 10 or so hours of painting. the total amount of figures painted on that one go was i think 52. Tough im pretty sure not all of them are gonna get used. The minelayers/sweepers/goliath operators where made more because i really liked them. I did have the idea of placing a small mine field on the end of the road...but...my plan was also to place some tanks and soldiers on it (as if they where going to the front lines). And here is all the new stuff. There are the battlefield buildings/accessories i was waiting to arrive at the time, the Panther D that i may or may not use, a Tiger II to go with the Panther, a V2 rocket and a couple 3D printed Famo's for our engineers. I did 3D print some other vehicles as well, but i don't feel like using them, as they do tend to stick out. Plus i feel like it would have overcrowded the diorama. Like this Opel blitz for example (rescaled from 1/200) The Famo models will replace the Sdkfz.6 as it's kinda starting to fall apart, and it doesn't really fit the theme of the diorama. The Panther and the Tiger II will be placed on the road with some soldiers (yes, the Sturer Emil is out). The V-2 rocket (if im gonna use it in the end) will likely be placed on a rail-car witch i will likely 3D design/print myself (will likely replace the HO stuff with custom stuff) Here's a small list of all the stuff that i plan on 3D-printing: Famo with crane, and Famo with spade (already printed). I wanted to give my engineers some engineering vehicles, as i wanted the base to have a sort of still needs some finishing touches kinda feel where some stuff is still under construction (still digging a gun-pit for one of the PAK 40's, in the progress of setting up the radio mast...that sort of stuff) Stone fences. The Italeri one's wouldn't have been nearly enough, plus i kinda messed up the paint job on em. Plus, i feel stone one's will fit better overall. AA gun pit. Feel like i need to print one of those concrete dugouts/nests for my 88mm Flak gun. Custom rail-cars. Really feel like i should take the time and create the perfect 1/72 rolling stock for this diorama instead of using stuff from my model-railroad. Ruined buildings. Decided i wanted to add an "extra layer" to the diorama in the for a row of destroyed buildings across the road. One of the ruined buildings is a possible place for one of the AT-guns. One idea that i also had, witch i decided to drop as i taught it was a bit much and didn't really make sense. That was the idea of printing a concrete AT bunker to protect the base. And that's about it for this first update on the project. As far as the models themselves go, im pretty happy with the selection i got, and feel that the acquiring phase is complete and now it's just a matter of printing/completing the models i have acquired after witch comes the making of the base for the diorama. I don't plan on gluing any of the models to the base as i still want the option of using them elsewhere, and it helps storage, as i can just remove the models and then put the base up against the wall, witch in this case is pretty important as the base WILL be the size of a small table. Expect another update soon.
  17. Oh boy oh boy, another Dakar race . Feel like taking things to the next level this time with something a little more ridiculous since their doesn't seem to be a need to airlift things to the starting point this time. For an 18 (actually 36 plus a few landing-gears) wheel mobile HQ it's quite capable. Still needs a few tweaks tough. Racing in this one will be a little more slow and steady. I drove at around 25-30m/s during that test drive (had the thrust at maby 5%), but i think i can propably drive a bit faster without things exploding. The idea was to really only use the jet-engines to help it climb hills, turns out i may have over done it. With a couple more engines i would have reached the very top of that mountain... ...i tried to get up by angling myself a little better...turn's out it wasn't such a good idea when your on a 50 or something degree slope. I don't know what it is about me and wanting to do these Dakar races at night, but here we are again, driving up a mountain in a huge truck in the dead of night...not something you see or hear everyday.
  18. Haven't really had a good chance yet since large ships and submarines require so much thrust (the small sub has a dozen Wheesley's) (was thinking of adding some for decoration, but was afraid they would block the thrust of the rear engines). But, if and when i do some small torpedo boat's or gunboat's, i'll definitely have to give them a go.
  19. Finally got some more time again to continue the navy project. With the addition of new stuff, i taught id bring back something i was supposed to release ages ago. K-class submarine "Barracuda" It's more or less based on a small British submarine, so should fit the bill nice enough. And here's something new as-well KTB-Spearfish
  20. Yep, i have indeed. Example: I personally don't like em as much. The lack of engine-sounds being the number-one reason. Somehow i don't think that even the BG engines would have helped, since i had 4 TU-96 engines and 8 panthers on afterburners at one point, and even that wasn't enough. Even now it actually has 8 of the B-29 engines on it, and they can only get it going like 18 m/s on water. But, it's a good suggestion, and it did give me an idea. EDIT: My idea was that i should try and shed some weight and add a little more lift to the Shetland to try and get it to take-off from water without rocket-engines. I removed most of the structural fuselages from the roof and replaced them with wings instead. I also added a small second layer to the main wings and removed some of the fuel from the underside of the fuselage to try and add a bit of extra boyuancy. And voila, the thing takes-off with the help of only 4 Panther engines.